Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arnold Addicted to Being a Sachole

Will this guy ever please just go away ?

Stay in Brentwood.  Smoke your stooogggggiiiieeeesss. Continue sucking on Fabian Nunez' cock, oil him up real good, you bastard.

And the power elites, will keep the Arnold machine in tow.  because they owe him favors-especially Anthony Adams and, well, they are just stupid-period. fin.

"He acknowledged the sorry state of the California’s budget, and his approval ratings that had plummeted to below those of Gray Davis, whom he unseated in a recall election.
Schwarzenegger said if he’d known how hard California would be hit by the recession, he would have started cutting state spending much earlier."

Earlier?  SEVEN years.  The budget woes were nothing new.  Yet he spent like a crack-whore on a bender.  

Shit, the only thing he was addicted to, was all the attention he was getting, fucking stage Nazi.

(say this in your best Arnold mock voice) "I didnt have enough time to stop the legislator spending" I guess 7 years wasn't enough time. poor Schnitzel