Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Profiles In Douchebaggery

After Gov. Arnold Schnitzel's final State of the State speech in early January, he and Darrell Steinbutthole wallowed in self-congratulation despite the obvious inabilities to even balance the budget. I've learned that such delusional mutual congratulation is not an isolated incident, but the norm for the Sacholes.

As the picture above depicts, here is a recent example of circle jerking: The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum bestowed its John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award to four California legislative leaders who attempted to fix the state's never-ending budget crisis by embracing a budget that raised taxes on all Californians - despite the recession and people losing their jobs/homes.

Granted, the JFK library is in Boston, but its press release quoting Caroline Kennedy (cousin of Schwarzenegger's wife, Maria Shriver-what a coincidence) captured the self-congratulatory tone common in Sacramento:

"Faced with the most difficult choices and a budget crisis of unprecedented magnitude, these legislative leaders had the courage to negotiate a compromise that they felt was in the public's best interest. They did so knowing they would suffer the wrath of their constituents, powerful interest groups, and their own party members. The members of the Profile in Courage Award Committee (Arnold and Maria) chose to herald this story of political courage and bipartisan compromise with the hope that it will inspire other elected officials facing similar challenges to stand up with courage, to cross party lines, and to do whatever is necessary to better serve the public interest."

Heres my Twitter update, OMG!!!!

The honorees are state Sen. Dave Cogdill and Ass-man Mike Villines, both Republicans, and Sen. Steinberg and Ass-woman Karen Bass, both Democrats. (but all are liars, thieves, whores and cheats)

The two Republicans were ousted from their party leadership roles for violating the GOP's stance against tax increases, so perhaps that could be described in some ways as showing a bit of courage, although I would never use the word courage to describe doing the wrong thing. And besides, its not like they lost their homes or money.

California has ridiculously high tax rates, and its government is wildly awry in waste, yet Cogdill and Villines thought it better to take more money from the people who work hard and pay the bills than to challenge their allies in the state bureaucracies.

Maybe someone can explain this to me, but it's not clear how courageous it was for the two Democrats to endorse the tax increases, given that the state's Democratic Party is committed to few things other than raising taxes in order to pay for a state government that spends more than it takes in.

The state began issuing high-interest IOUs to vendors in lieu of payment. In 2010, California's budget problems still go largely unresolved. California has been officially ranked dead last among the 50 states on fiscal health according to the PEW (good name for it) association.

No elected officials here are interested in tough choices. They like to give puffed up speeches and rub/oil each other on the butts while talking about all their courage and tough-mindedness.
Anthony Adams of Hesperia, another tax-supporting Republican, use the word courage to describe his own vote. He purposely dodged a recall effort and announced that he won't seek re-election, this way, at least he has a story to tell himself and his grandkids to justify his moronic budget vote.

Lets not forget, former Speaker, Karen "Buzz cut" Bass as she gave new meaning to the word courage when, as the Los Angeles Times reported, "In one of her last acts as speaker of the state Assembly, Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) quietly doled out 10 percent pay raises and promotions to 20 of her staff members."
She did this against a backdrop of state worker furloughs and budget deficits. But if one defines courage as merely doing something that will anger many people, as the JFK folks seem to do, then former Speaker Bass had courage.

And the new speaker, John A. Perez, well, he has courage, too, in case you were worried about a courage deficit during this change of power.
The Sacramento Bee reported that Perez "handed out pay increases or promotions totaling nearly $132,000 per year the day he was sworn in this month, including a $65,000 raise to his chief of staff."

Hey where's my award? for having the courage to not mail all of them some of my feces?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Two Greedy, Stupid, Thieving Business Owners (that also happen to run a pot dispensary)

Steven Kall, 55, and Anne Adams, 47 are two greedy thieves paying for their blatant disregard for the law and for ripping off people on so many levels it's ridiculous.  Kall and Adams are co-owners of the Golden State Collective in Granada Hills, which deals in the selling of medical marijuana.

Apparently, they were under the assumption they could run a little shop in the North Valley, make 10 grand a month - and not raise any suspicions.  To support the trigger in demand, they siphoned off electricity via an illegal electrical by-pass they installed at a grow house they rented in Granada Hills. 

Unfortunately the headlines will all read headlines that read "Marijuana Dispensary ... (fill in the blank)" which does the industry a dis-service, generally speaking.  Pot shops are called dispensaries for a reason. They serve a purpose to fulfill a local need, though they should have set limits on their earnings regardless of the demand if they had a need to steal electricity and grow approx. 1,100+ plants.  A reasonable business plan would be to open two dispensaries and divide earnings among them, or simply sell what they could afford to produce.  Balance the sheets, analyze, be smart - or else you too will end up like these two morons - caught stealing in the name of greed.  Stealing from the DWP is plain stupid, but when you consider all the pressure they are under in these rough economic times, it's clear Kall and Adams simply did not do their homework.  Most likely, they are still living in the 80s. 

After harvesting these plants in an illegal pot-house, and after stealing all the power it takes to grow the plants, they then sell to their customers at an astronomical profit.  Would it really be that much of a profit killer to pay your fucking utility bill?  I'm sure they were justifying another way, such as selling REALLY fat 1/8ths, not. 

On one hand you almost want to respect their desire to maximize their profits - as you would do the same as any other widget dealer on earth - but this is just a case of dumb business pioneers misrepresented/sold as "those evil potheads" in the media.  Great job, you two bumbling idiots.

Friday, May 14, 2010

As Promised - May Heats Up Battle Between Whitman/Poizner

It was a matter of time before the battle of Nevermore turned ugly.  Now republican gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner have officially put on the gloves.  Meg's of course in the green corner (symbolism represents $$, not policy) and Poizner, apparently, is in the far left corner.
In a counter-attack, Whitman is attempting a power-move to stave off Poizner's recent resurgence in the polls.  Poizner, the California Insurance Commissioner, in a video by Team Meg got stamped LIBBY for his 100% Planned Parenthood rating, his hatred of Bushian policy, and other general liberal tendencies (pro-tax, pro-union and donated to Democrats).

Wow, going from a 50 point lead to a 10 point lead can sure bring out the exaggerations!

Poizner countered with proper reasoning, and by addressing all the claims with legitimate disputes showed mettle.   None of the claims seemed to actually have much validation behind them, but with her unlimited funds, this will be just the beginning of the barrage.  Sounds kinda sick, but enough of these types of zingers,and she'll earn a whole lotta believers.  On the other hand, Poizner could also earn respect with his "dark-horse" running (everyone loves a great come-from-behind story) though the landscape of political analysis has changed to more methodological, systematic, point on system which ultimately can do both in if they get caught up in slinging too much shit at one another.  With only himself to run against on the other side of the ticket, Jerry Brown won't be facing public scrutiny for months while these two are getting their clothes all muddy.

In another swift move by Emeg, her campaign chairman, former governor Pete Wilson, came out swinging against illegal immigration to counter Poizner's claims that Meg disapproved of Arizona's recent immigration law.

It's time people - time to get out the bullshit detectors because it's coming strong this season.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Costa Mesa and Lake Forest Hate Pot

Today a federal judge allowed Costa Mesa and Lake Forest (a city which boasts no forest and no real lake) to continue to ban marijuana.

Four defendants filed a lawsuit claiming the ban restricts their rights to public services, but for some unknown reason (oh, yeah - OC is supposed to be conservative!!!) the federal judge decided it would be in the best interest for pot to remain "mysterious", or "potentially dangerous" or worse yet "ineffective towards alleviating medical problems."

Why would the feds make this type of decision?  Lobbying perhaps?  I guess Lake Forest felt they were rich enough to not end potheads leaving it's city proper to go get a license a few cities over.  Yeah, keep OC righteous for lobbying purposes because come election time - you'll see the highly conservative, boring, annoying evangelical politicians posting up in these cities and throw their arms up in wild celebration of keeping the devil weed as far away as possible!!!  YeAHHHHH!!  Sing along time!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

SacHole of the Month-May

That award (without question) goes to Abel Maldonado for his "comedic" appearance on the Stephen Colbert Show on 4/30/10- Note how Stephen was gentle with the Lt Governor of California as even Stephen Colbert recognized that he was talking to a retarded guy.

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California's Proposition 14 - Abel Maldonado
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(The segment with Maldonado begins at 2:33)