Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Crypt Keeper of The 5th District Orange County

159 year old Patricia Bates, a republican member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, representing the 5th District since 2007, but was mayor of Laguna Niguel in 1989, puts out a newsletter every friday, the below is some of of the newsletter from 2 fridays ago. (QUIT THAT SNORING!)

The 5th is a district of over 600,000 constituents, and includes the cities of: Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Rancho Santa Margarita, and parts of Newport Beach, as well as the communities of Coto de Caza, Ladera Ranch, Las Flores, and Wagon Wheel.


"Welcome to this edition of the Fifth District Report, an electronic newsletter keeping you updated about the events taking place in Orange County and in the Fifth District."

Community Facilities Districts and Assessment Districts

"The Community Facilities District Act (AKA Mello-Roos) is a law which was enacted by the California Legislature in 1982.
The name Mello-Roos comes from its co-authors, Senator Henry Mello (Monterey area) and Assemblyman Mike Roos (Los Angeles). (2 DEMOCRATIC DICKS- OBVIOUSLY)

The Act enabled Community Facilities Districts (CFDs) to be established by local government agencies as a means of obtaining community funding.
The services funded by Mello-Roos may include a wide range of infrastructure projects and services, including streets, water, sewage and drainage, electricity, schools, parks, and police protection to newly developing areas."

In other words, all you California taxpayers out there, a special tax is collected on certain communities (usually newer, recently built ones) for
salaries, pensions and assorted perks for the no good politicians of these "newly developed communities" disguised as "projects, water, sewage, drainage,electricity, schools, parks, and police protection"

These things, I'm ALREADY paying for in my regular property taxes and my salary-but these whores want more-so they charge a "mellos roos" named after 2 crooked politicians from 1982 who were pissed off that proposition 13 passed in 1978, which meant property taxes couldn't be raised so they had to think of other ways to squeeze money out of taxpayers. Ergo Mellos-Roos.

I don't know about you, but if I fart too hard my electricity blows out, as far as "projects/water/sewage/drainage/schools/parks,and police protection"
"WTF????" Where? What? When? Whatcha talkin bout, Willis?

It's high time this Mellos-Roos shit is looked at again and hopefully repealed.

Evidently, this old geezer-ette either doesnt have the energy to represent us whipper snappers in this matter or feels real good about Mellos Roos, afterall, she doesn't want to lose her pension at this point (paid for by District 5 Taxpayers in a mellos-roos development), in other words, she doesn't give a fat rat about all those 600,000 constituents she represents.

BTW-I did see Pat Bates in person recently at a meet/greet (She arrived late in full wig dress, and yes, she is old-all that was missing were those giant welder sunglasses),
I asked her what she did all day and her reply was-she's in meetings all day. (I felt my shoe coming off-I fought the urge to heave it... cause I'm a lady).

Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 2010: Ridley-Thomas is Sachole of the Month!

Never being one for a tarnished image, and certainly no stranger to ugly, meaningless wastes of city dollars, Mark Ridley-Thomas has once again made his way in to the local news.  This time for approving an investigation of LA County worker leaks to the Los Angeles Times concerning a story the Times won't let slip off the radar.

In the report it states children died despite the fact being monitored by LA County due to previous reports of abuse and neglect.

Ridley-Thomas and partners (minus Zev Yaroslavsky) may have violated the law for setting forth a probe to find out where the leaks originated.  The Cherry-Wood loving supervisor, who already gets a lot of love from local radio shows, seems to agree with the notion that it is more important to investigate who leaked the story then dedicating money and energy into finding who dropped the ball while trying to make sure children in jeopardy did/do not die.  Search through those emails, Sachole of the month!

Ridley-Thomas has the courage to stand up to people who want to expose his deeds for what they are at face value, and tell them all to go to hell.  He is also willing to pay people like Tavis Smiley to help repair, inflate and bulge his reputation at the cost of taxpayers.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Due Thursday: LAUSD Teacher's Comments for Database results

More union thuggery has surfaced as the LA Times has continued to weather threats from the teacher's union for LAUSD over concerns about the release of a database that shows the sad and pathetic results from 6,000 elementary school teacher's performances as teachers.  A.J. Duffy has ordered a boycott of the Times because he feels this is an intrusion of some kind.  He is the leader of the 40,000 teachers strong union, your typical babbledork full of sausage.  He doesn't want the results from the teachers taxpayers pay for to be revealed.  Too bad the outraged parents are sick of this dickhead and the shitty performance of the LAUSD.

The teachers have until Thursday, noon, to look at their individual results and leave comments if they desire.  Note to teachers - if you don't like it, too fucking bad.

Duffy claims this is not justice.  Neither is a failed school district that can show decent scores in one room, and flipped numbers from the meatloaf lady's class right down the hall.  As a former teacher, be certain there is no community between teachers (or very limited and just as clique'd as they were in your days in school...), and LAUSD doesn't have a bad reputation without reason.  Parents, former students and teachers all say the same thing, and it rarely has positive points. 

The data can't be ignored any longer.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Whitman and Her Inner Circle People

This harpy needs a ton of handlers, yes handlers, like shes a fucking circus bear.
well, she sort of is.

This morning on the Bill Handel Show/KFI am radio,Communications Director/ Campaign Strategist, Tucker Bounds from Camp Bipolar (Meg), was a guest on his show, and he actually told Handel that there's "no perception" that Meg is being two-faced. WTF?

Bill asked him, TWICE, my favorite question that I've been trying to get an answer to from SOMEBODY since she said it a couple weeks ago...

"Meg went on late night TV and said that the bill SB1070 was ok for Arizona, but it wouldn't work for California, cause California is too big, what did she mean by that?"

Well, Fucker, I mean Tucker, dodged that question, once again it wasn't answered, instead he incited some spun spiel that didn't make sense and changed the subject.
Way to avoid the question.

Anyway, this loser-or rather, paid worker for Meg, kept trying to slam Jerry Brown (not a fan of him, but really, Meg, that's just sad for you) and spew out more campaign rah rah for idiot Meg-st er, all the time insisting that the show she did with John and Ken, the other day, was so wonderful and nobody he talked to was even the least bit worried about anything she said on the show that she evidently went on in order to set the "record" straight.

Which she didn't do... as far as I'm concern, and, BTW, Tucker, and all you other handlers.... Meg did indeed come across as a two faced, lying, know nothing, who was one of those bosses who likely tortured the people that worked under her at EBAY and didn't know anybody's name.

I was yelling at the radio, this morning. I almost flung my shoe at it.

You can find the interview on KFI/Bill Handel this morning on the 7:30am segment, in case you want to hear for yourself.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kudos To Bell

Bell is a small working-class city about 10 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. It's also largely Hispanic and poor. Of its 40,000 residents, a quarter live below the poverty line. The median household income is $37,130 and it is about 2 square miles.

I've never been to Bell. It's one of those anonymous towns you fly by on the freeway.

Despite its poverty and a dire economy, Bell's top officials were paying themselves like bankers.
In fact, some of the biggest municipal salaries in the nation.

City Manager No Neck, Robert "the rat" Rizzo, whose nickname needs no further explanation, was pulling in nearly $800,000 a year-twice what Obama makes.

Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia received more than $375,000 a year.

Police Chief Randy Adams, who Rizzo hired last year to clean up the department, made $457,000-50% more than what LAPD Chief Charlie Beck makes to police-city of 3 million. (Adams' previous employment was with the Glendale Police Department, an organization with its own fun history of police brutality and corruption.)

Rizzo's name has also surfaced in a lawsuit filed by a former Bell police sergeant involving everything from sexual harassment of a city employee to voter fraud involving Bell police officers allegedly giving residents ballots and telling them how to vote in a 2009 city council election. And of casting ballots for dead people. Cool! The L.A. County D.A.'s office has been looking into that since March.

And there's- Mayor Oscar Hernandez, Vice Mayor Teresa Jacobo and four of five city council members. All of whom were receiving nearly $100,000 a year for part-time work.
Not bad, particularly since part of their salaries came from serving on boards or commissions that typically met during city council meetings that lasted only a few minutes.

As it happens, my favorite quote of the Bell scandal comes courtesy of council member Luis Artiga, a pastor.
Artiga told the LA Times that when he saw his first paycheck, he believed it was "a miracle from God."

Meanwhile, the city was cutting $9-an-hour jobs and police and park and recreation services.

I know what you're thinking. That's outrageous! How could they get away with this?

In November 2005, to skirt a state law limiting municipal officials' salaries, Bell held an election in which residents voted to become a charter city. Well, some residents anyway. Out of 10,000 registered voters, fewer than 400 cast ballots.

Last week, all this was revealed in a series of stories in the LA Times. When the citizens of Bell heard about the astronomical salaries, they were understandably surprised and pissed.
And that's when things got interesting. Instead of acting like the poor meek immigrants that Rizzo and his cronies clearly thought they would, they launched a rebellion and demanded that these crooks resign.

Which is precisely what Rizzo, Spaccia and Adams did.

Though they still could get hefty pensions. That is, if the dizzying number of investigations into the city's finances don't get in the way.
Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, the demonic I mean democratic nominee for governor, though you'd hardly know it as he talks to no one about it, emerged to say he had subpoenaed hundreds of documents in relation to the fat salaries.

Meanwhile, after a lively city council meeting this week, Bell's mayor promised to forgo his salary and council members agreed to a 90 percent pay cut. Meaning they'll now get what they deserve: $310.63 every two weeks.

Still, Bell's citizens didn't get what they wanted.

"I will resign my salary, but I will not resign to my position," said Vice Mayor Teresa Jacobo, in another great ass quote. "I am here to stand by my people."

I'm sure the people were elated to hear that.

There is one good guy in this scandal. City Council member Lorenzo Velez, who had no idea his colleagues had such lavish salaries and convinced them that it might be wise to slash them. He also convinced the mayor to apologize.

Hang in there, I'm sure there are going to be more revelations to come.

But a big virtual hug to everyone in Bell who fought and are still fighting to rid themselves of this demonic possession-and hopefully others will follow suit.

Makes me many other cities is this happening to right now?
and how come the California governor doesnt know all the California city managers, and anybody involved with city public service, salaries?