Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 2010: Ridley-Thomas is Sachole of the Month!

Never being one for a tarnished image, and certainly no stranger to ugly, meaningless wastes of city dollars, Mark Ridley-Thomas has once again made his way in to the local news.  This time for approving an investigation of LA County worker leaks to the Los Angeles Times concerning a story the Times won't let slip off the radar.

In the report it states children died despite the fact being monitored by LA County due to previous reports of abuse and neglect.

Ridley-Thomas and partners (minus Zev Yaroslavsky) may have violated the law for setting forth a probe to find out where the leaks originated.  The Cherry-Wood loving supervisor, who already gets a lot of love from local radio shows, seems to agree with the notion that it is more important to investigate who leaked the story then dedicating money and energy into finding who dropped the ball while trying to make sure children in jeopardy did/do not die.  Search through those emails, Sachole of the month!

Ridley-Thomas has the courage to stand up to people who want to expose his deeds for what they are at face value, and tell them all to go to hell.  He is also willing to pay people like Tavis Smiley to help repair, inflate and bulge his reputation at the cost of taxpayers.

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