Thursday, August 30, 2012

Judging a Sachole Book by It's Cover

Oy. Two things I'm sensitive to are the smells of fresh brewed coffee and a Sachole, my friend, has a Sachole exhibiting Sacholist behavior in her town of Anaheim, running for City Council 2012, that she filed suit to stop. The recent 9 days of protests and riotings sparked by the shooting death by police of Manuel Diaz have triggered assorted crybabies, bigots and opportunists to play the race card by claiming the city of Anaheim purposely doesn't have hispanics in government offices, citing there are no Latinos on the council... and four of the five council members live in the posh and ritzy, Anaheim Hills, according to the Orange County Register. One of those opportunists/Sachole's is Steve Lodge-that's right, Steve Lodge, as he's been known professionally for years, all of a sudden as a guy who's running for Anaheim City Council - the place with no latinos on the Council, decides he's all proud of his heritage and ethnicity and is going to use an ancient surname that he's never used before-CHAVEZ, and intends to put it on the ballot. Steven Chavez Lodge. Look, it is a potential "big deal" because Loretta Sanchez changed her last name from Brixey to Sanchez after failing to gain a seat on the Anaheim City Council in 1994, in a successful 1996 congressional campaign-and she's a sack of hole if ever there was one. More recently, former Capistrano School Board member Ken Maddox adopted his wife's surname, Lopez, to further his political ambitions of Sacholery. Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley said that candidates don't need to use their legal names on the ballot; they must only show that their ballot name is how they are known in the community, even if it is a nickname. Yeah, let's see how many people he hasn't bribed will say "Steve Lodge" and not "Steve Chavez Lodge".