Monday, July 19, 2010


Running on the republican ticket for Governor of California-Thomas Jefferson lookalike, Meg Whitman went on public record, on a radio show last year giving her reasons why she'd be oh so awesome, as the new governor of California.

One of those stances had to do with how tough the governor has to be with the over running illegal immigration issue and how employers that hire them need their heads busted.

She also stated that sanctuary cities, such as San Francisco, LA and San Diego are whack, need to be stopped and the Feds needed to be involved in the stopping of this as it is ILLEGAL.

Nowadays, since winning the republican vote for governor, she is pandering to the Latino community by taking out expensive Spanish ads on such places as Telemundo radio and Spanish speaking TV during the soccer playoffs-advising to everyone how she is against Arizona's law- that her view on immigration is pretty much the same as Jerry Brown's (who is for amnesty), and she has bought a few of those huge billboards in spanish wrote how she is against Arizona law-someone saw one of these in the san fernando valley (look on john and ken's site to see what one looks like).

For all that, and for disabling the ability to add comments to her face book page, she earns the prestigious Sac hole prize, awarded to those California politician's for the best two faced, arrogant behavior.

You go Meg-you are so awesome to believe my and others vote are in the bag.
The whore is so scared of comments and having to actually face human beings, its easier to shit out a beaver then get her to talk out in public unless you are a spanish only speaker.

Here are some ways to communicate to the lying weasel if you are interested:

Meg’s Secret War Room Number: 408-799-9851; or megs phone# 408- 400-3887

-For press and media inquiries, please email

-For all event and scheduling requests, please email

-For general campaign related inquiries, please email

-If you have a question for Meg to answer, please email

Meg, here is a spanish lesson for you:

1-Besa mi culo, puto (Kiss my ass, Bitch) (my personal favorite)
2-Beso mi culo (Kiss my ass)
3-Besame el culo (Kiss my ass)
4-Viete a la mierda! (Kiss my ass!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Governor Schwarzenegger's National Guard sent to border

National Guard troops were sent to the Mexico border to help out with the situations happening with drugs and illegal trafficking, with as many as 260 soldiers and airmen said to be on their way to the border by Oct. 1.

Self-preservation at its very finest.

More on the story here

Saturday, July 3, 2010

OH the Arnold never ends...

Published: Friday, Jul. 2, 2010 - 12:00 am | Page 1A
Last Modified: Friday, Jul. 2, 2010 - 1:08 pm
"It appears that the governor has taken a constitutional budget issue and reduced it to a bargaining ploy," Blanning said. "He's saying that if you're one of the six groups that have signed a contract, if you've agreed to a contract with him, then you get your salary. If you didn't, he wants you to get minimum wage."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

LA Weekly Covers Villaraigosa's Ticket Spree

When the news about Tony Villar's inappropriate, and ethically challenged Laker's ticket scandal broke, it didn't seem like it was going to turn out as bad as it has for the mayor.  Tony already had a sad personal scandal in 2005 when he was nailed for nailing a TV anchor which broke his marriage in half.  The wolves at the LA Weekly (in this case, Tibby Rothman and Jill Stewart) decided to go with a Villar cover, titled Villaraigosa's Vanishing Veracity.  It's not one of those typically long center-pieces the Weekly does so well, but a rather concise and eager thrashing of the mayor's outing that was broke by Fox 11 news.  It's a beautiful piece.  One that the mayor can't run away from and one that not only continues the outing of his negligent actions, but also reveals his immature, pathetic side that includes such gems including a quote from a former top aid of former mayor Kenneth Hahn who says,

"It's just well known that every time he wants to go to a game, just bring a certificate. The joke is that Tommy Lasorda has a stack of mayoral certificates in his office from Antonio: 'Happy Month of March!' "

Fantastic.  The article concludes with the finest bash of all from none other than LA's last great mayor, Richard Riordan, who stated:

"C'mon, Antonio, we are not that naive. Official business? So, my feeling is, this guy has suffered enough. But quit making these statements that this was about business. And please, please get on with fixing the city."