Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stupid Law Enforcement Allows 18 Years of Misery

Musings on the Jaycee "Dugard" case, and how overpaid moron law enforcement agencies failed!

"The deputy that didn't find Jaycee after the neighbor's report should be fired. If the neighbor had reported a marijuana grow in that back yard, the cops would have shown up in droves and torn the place apart. Missing children aren't as important as a cannabis plant to LEOs."

-- StonyStoner (quoted on a SacBee story)

There you have it - those morons who were so chipper at the press conference last week for the poor girl found after an 18 year abduction should have been sent home early. Shows over.

They failed.

Phillip Garrido, see, is sitting on one side of a fence. On the opposite side is humanity, civilization and the tenets of reasonable sensibility. His side is a struggle to make sense of desire, a makeshift city of tents, mental dysfunction and world that crashed landed. But he wanted to let the world know about his side, as his manifesto stated -

"This information is designed to send a message to all branches of law enforcement, educators, and therapists worldwide to know there is a powerful reason people are unable to control the impulses that drive humans to commit such dysfunctional acts," he wrote.

"Out of control behavior is everywhere, in every walk of life undermining the lives of its many victims," he continues. "The degree to which we vividly imagine an experience determines how it is stored in our subconscious as reality. Here is where a sexual predator (or any poor behavior) reinforces its (sic) self as the negative self-image is moving itself towards the problem."

He passed the manifesto out to the people you are hearing on radio talking about how nutty this man has proven himself to be in his professional rendering of services. Imagine how he was at the dinner table.

In June 8, 1999 parole from his prior conviction as a violent sexual deviant got transferred from federal parole to California parole.

This is where the law failed. Not that federal parole officers did any better - but on at least one occasion, police were contacted of possible mayhem happening at the "compound", but when police arrived at the address, they didn't go in the back yard to check. WTF, like the leadoff comment stated, had someone reported that someone may have been growing weed in the backyard rather than there possibly being children running around in tents some serious investigation may have taken place.

"I just remember my parents asking me if I knew her, and I remember them insisting on walking me to the school bus every day after that," said Jessica Brambila, 26, who went to the same school Jaycee attended at the time of her abductions 18 years ago. "I didn't really know what was going on."

Well, Jessica, neither did California law enforcement. When I think of the reasons I lost a few jobs along my professional path, it just makes the anger grow that this man - of serious record - was able to go on so long with this fantasy fulfilled.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How they found NUC

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L.A. Freeways Get Flower Power
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Best Comedic Song Ever

I tried making this song... with a few minor edits... if I were singing it....

Jews in America... save lots of money , but they dont have to, cuz they have it.. unless they are meeeeeeeeeeeee

They go by Moishe... or they go by Shlomo... or Greenburg, or Vineberg, but they all whine the sammmmmmmmmmeeeeee


Bernie Madoff
Roseanne Arnold
and my cousins... all make lots of money
doing odd jobs
but they are Jews just like me and my sister
who stay broke all the time even-though-they-hate-it...

"Flower Power is Back" states LA Mayor

Advertisement Made of Flowers Makes its Debut

One of the seven murals made of flowers advertising the 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle was unveiled 8/18/09 along the 101 Freeway near downtown.

In total, there will be seven in Los Angeles with all images approved by Caltrans. Part of the deal was to help the state make permanent upgrades to the surrounding area to landscape and irrigation.

For Tony Villar (his majasty, the honorable mayor of los angeles), these organic viral-type ad murals "embody the City's progressive approach to solving environmental issues by merging beautification, sustainable design and reducing our carbon footprint." It also included local job creation from the florists to the Los Angeles Conservation Corps, which puts at-risk youth to work.
(California, of course, has money for this, but will let thousands of prisoners go free this thursday, 8/20/09)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Liars Can: Protesting President "Planned" Says Boxer

OK, so here's a couple videos. In one, Representative Steny Hoyer (Dem.) gets barked at in Utica, NY by fellow democrats who don't want to be rushed into any sort of half-assed socialized (or whatever they are calling it by the time you read this) bullshit medical program.

Roll the tapes:

Ahh, those were some nice bitch-slaps, Hoyer.

But then you have that mouth in Sacramento, Barbara Boxer - looking and twalking as much a yenta as ever - saying how protesters speaking out against Obama's "healthcare reform", or whatever it is now being called since the last paragraph you read, are planned efforts to break him. Of course the only problem in this dimwit's howls is she refuses to stop polarizing (or believing another democrap would be part of such behavior like doubting a massive plan getting shoved down his or her throat) which is contrary to everything that passes her lips in this drivel.

Roll em'!

Is there no end this nut's wackiness? Wake up you half-baked yenta, the left ain't great place to be hanging out either. If you don't know it, it's because of all that nasty makeup pancaked on your shattering face.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here yee, Here yee, All You Douchebag Politicans, Recalls A'comin

The July 24 vote on AB23 (28 yes, 43 no, 8 not voting) has been officially expunged -erased as if it never happened.

This is done only so there is no public record of who voted for what, so as to save political asses, but, I have posted what I found (see above), the official roll call, that they didn't want you to see:
The July 24 Assembly vote on opening new oil drilling with everyone's names and how they voted.

I take offense at the decision to erase or "expunge" a public bill, as a taxpayer, I have a RIGHT to know what was voted on and which law maker that represents ME in government, voted for it or not.

Not a single one of the 80 Assembly members rose to object when the motion to expunge was made by Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico, D-bag Fremont.

Are you surprised at this:
Karen Bass, D-bag Baldwin Vista, did not want a roll call when the defeat of the measure became apparent. Democrats insist the purge was for the benefit of Republican leader Sam Blakeslee of San Luis Obispo, whose vote for the oil-drilling plan as part of the budget deal was not likely to play well in his coastal district, or this:

"The erasure of recorded votes is not unheard of in the Assembly, but it's most common during late-night sessions, when fewer journalists and activists are paying attention."

Other games the cowards like to play:

-- They take walks: Over the years, The Chronicle editorial page has documented many cases in which consumer and environmental bills have died when a potentially decisive number of members fail to vote - knowing that "taking a walk" has the same effect as a "no" vote.

-- They "add on" votes: Yes, a legislator who failed to vote while the issue is in doubt can "add on" a yes or no vote after a bill is passed or defeated - as long as it does not change the outcome. The legislative record available to the public ( does not reveal which votes are add-ons.

-- They change their votes: Believe it or not, legislators are allowed to change their votes from yes to no - and vice versa - for several hours after a bill is passed or defeated. And they do, without leaving footprints on the record available to the public.

This is the last straw, Im personally going to see about how to go about recalling Karen Bigmouth Bass and her posse.
Im not a Democrat but, I am a Californian who see's it's quite apparent that she and other D-bags "political chess" moves are deceitful, incoherent and are something out of Nazi Germany-1941.

I am willing to change my party affliation and protest in the streets to campaign for the recall votes nessasary to get her and the multitude of the spending whore douches, out of office- most of who are, (but not all), Prius driving liberal imbecels.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All Hail the Egomaniac Bratton

One of the big buzz's today in LA, is the resignation of Los Angeles’ Chief of Police William Bratton.

Bratton, who formerly served as the New York City Police Commissioner under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and as the Boston Police Commissioner, who acts more like a big time snotty celebrity than as a police chief, is a politically-correct liberal police official with higher political aspirations.

Bratton has consistently taken credit for reducing crime with a computerized statistics system (CompStat) which was actually developed by New York Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Maple who developed the system while working as a transit cop in New York Subways.

Bratton is a liberal with a political agenda- he refused to stand up for those in his command during an event known as the May Day Melee – where professional agitators pushed a crowd of citizens into a conflict with the LAPD which resulted in what some believe was an excessive use of force. Although there were said to be flaws in the LAPD’s command and control structure, Bratton jumped on the political bandwagon, arm-in-arm/skip to my lou with Tony Villar and proclaimed the police at fault.
And, he invited illegal aliens to step to the head of the line to formally accuse the LAPD of wrongdoing – which resulted in a feeding frenzy for anti-police lawyers(vultures) who took advantage to file millions of dollars in complaints against the city, and by extension, the taxpayer.

Bratton refused to modify Special Order 40 which gives illegal aliens a pass at staying in the country even after they have committed a crime or are recognized as a returned deportee.

A glimpse into Bratton’s future:

It was rumored that Chief Bratton would be chosen to head up the Department of Homeland Security, which would have made him one of the most powerful law enforcement officials in the nation.
It is not completely out of the question that Bratton will either be offered a high-ranking position within the Obama Administration, run for high political office in New York or be offered a high-paying job with a private corporation. (The Times reported Bratton will "take over as head of a private security firm.")

And, of course, there is always the possibility that he is controlling the media and moving on before something adverse is about to be announced. Like he was the one who okay'd the use of SWAT and the tons of police at the MJ concert memorial for which the taxpayers are on the hook for per his bed partner, Tony Villar.

In any event, someone is going to be lucky enough to get this lying, high-profile,selfish,egotistical media-whore socialite as an employee.

His last day in LA is said to be October 31 or as soon as he sells his million dollar house, which was noticed to be up for sale a month ago- when asked about it, he declared the reason it was being sold was because he didn't need or want the upkeep of a pool.
Can't think of anything this illegal alien lover did for any legal citizen or taxpayer-he was awful quiet when that poor border patrol agent was murdered a couple weeks ago.

I say send up the balloons and good riddance, Im sure there are others who are also on board and feel October can't come soon enough
Here's a message Bratton, go pak the caa in the yaad.