Sunday, January 31, 2010

Does He Have A Plate In His Head?

Senator Alan Lowenthal-douchebag Long Beach is a hypocrite.

He is one of the many uppity holes that are responsible for the continued existence of CARB but more than that, he has too much time on his hands.

Time he uses to write bills like the one that has everyone pissed off these days, and is designed to get you out of your car and on to public transportation- SB518, passed by some other holes listed below.

Make no mistake, this bill contains pages of new rules and regulations that will make it difficult and expensive for you to drive to the places that you need to go.
Like, the grocery store, CVS, El Pollo Loco, the doctor, etc.
Once you get to your destination, there will be no place to park-and even if there is a parking place, there will be a fee to park and not a cheap one, either (per the wording in the bill).

Imagine if you will, the utter arrogance and smuggness of this irritating nutbag Senator and his criminal element gang (63% Of them) telling everyone in California to use public transportation or alternative to car, (in any weather, physical condition, distance, time of the day)
as they still cart their fat asses to the office in a car, limo or helicopter. (wonder if, any of these pigs and their family will have to bring groceries home on a bus or maybe they'll be exempt -like Gov. Schnitzel and his law breaking wife)

Have you ever seen Lowen-brau using public transportation for his daily tasks?

No, but you do see the public paying for his car and his gas.

While he expects you and me to spend extra time commuting via public transportation, and to make multiple trips on public transportation to do grocery shopping--one or two bags at a time, Lowenthal is a high paid Senator who continues to feed at the public trough.
For him, money is no object. He can still drive to work or go to the supermarket and pay expensive parking fees because he is paid by the public. For everybody else, use public transportation.

This bill is co-sponsored by Loni Hancock, another d-bag that sheds its skin every spring, these two and those who voted yes need to be thrown out of office.

If you are in a district served by one of the Senators that think SB518 is a good idea, it is time to make a sign for your car or yard. Tell others not to vote for these people who tell you how you must live, while themselves living the way you want.

My question is who would vote for this? well, evidently the below would (click on the image to enlarge)

Sunday Reader - Boozy Pelosi

Guess who likes her some Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey … and Corona beer.  Guess.

The answer is everyone ever admitted to the Betty Ford Clinic and Nancy Pelosi (Dem. CA).  House Speaker Pelosi, on several watch lists, including a Top 10 list of corrupt politicians, apparently likes her planes - which she "borrows" from the Air Force - stocked with some top-shelf spirits, tonic and hot milk, at the taxpayer's expense, of course.

That list of booze and other excessive purchases are at taxpayers' expense and over the past two years she has racked up an average of over $1,000 per week to keep her Tom Sizemore sized arsonal firing on all cylinders. 

"Speaker Pelosi has a history of wasting taxpayer funds with her boorish demands for military travel," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said today.

Pelosi has racked up a sweet $2.1 million for her use of Air Force jets, which apparently she believes is her own personal travel agency.  California's Sachole of the decade?  Anyone else already sick of getting this wasteful, rabid beast drunk while in the air?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Plant Trees Today, Become CARB Chair Tomorrow

Mary Nichols circa 1960

I watched yesterday's CARB meeting online and suddenly images of Nazi's using kids to fight in the military and to spread their propaganda during the 1930-40's, danced in my head, as they proudly paraded and gave the microphone to two high schoolers who were involved in their school's "Climate Champion" program.

Adopted by California Gov Schnitzel, from The British Council’s International Climate Champions program, which identifies young people around the world who are mockingbirds to loudmouth, zealot teachers, or whoever is involved in yaking about climate change and hugging trees, penalizing those who use the wrong lightbulbs and making sure people only read by flashlight between 6pm and 9pm.

In the US, the program is co-sponsored with the California Air Board (ARB) and selects 10-15 high school students from across the state each year.

Teens are encouraged to communicate to their families and others, to live green and explain to them what they are doing right or wrong.

Throughout history and in many cultures, children have been extensively involved in military campaigns even when such practices were supposedly against cultural morals.

Here is the Wikipedia definition of what the Nazi's in the 40's taught young people about jews and their participation in military:

"In Nazi Germany childern were taught an acultist religion in which the Aryan Germans were placed at the top of society. Also they were taught that the Jewish people were subhuman and that the Aryans had once been a race of gaints that the Jews had contaminated by mingling with the Aryans"

"The military use of young children takes three distinct forms: children can take direct part in hostilities (child soldiers), or they can be used in support roles such as porters, spies, messengers, look outs, and sexual slaves; or they can be used for political advantage either as human shields or in propaganda."

Don't misunderstand my point, I'm not some nut who is suggesting that children are being taught to hate jewish people (substitute the word jew for the words- unbelievers of global warming, substitute Aryan for Enviromentalists),
Im not saying that children shouldn't be taught to conserve or that planting a garden is not a wonderful thing, or not to become vegetarians if thats what they want,
but I am making a vague comparison and I am saying I dont think its good for young children to become fanatical extremist shields for the state, and bring that "nut-atud" home to family and friends who are encouraged to do so by teachers or others.

I certainly dont want some third party (ie. teachers) influencing children to their particular way of thinking.
For some reason that really offends me-I guess its because kids' heads are so easy to get into and control, it almost seems abusive to do that, thats my opinion.

Isn't that the way Hitler or Tom Cruise started? Who would know that better than Gov. Shvine-huunt on both accounts?
or maybe I can discuss how their fanatism started, with the next Jehova Witness that knocks on my door.

And, FYI, while I'm on the subject of CARB:

Oakland Mayor, Ronald V. Dellums wrote a great letter to CARB chair Mary Nichols.  Click HERE to read.

Compelling California Poll Results?

Pollster has ongoing polls on national matchups. Here are the most current poll results:

2010 California Senate General Election: Chuck DeVore(R) vs Sen. Barbara Boxer(D)

2010 California Senate General Election: Carly Fiorina(R) vs Sen. Barbara Boxer(D)

2010 California Gubernatorial General Election:
Meg Whitman (R) vs Jerry "Old Spaceman" Brown (D)

2010 California Gubernatorial General Election: Steve Poizner(R) vs Jerry Brown(D)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

calSTRS in a $42.6 Billion Black Hole

The California State Teachers' Retirement System (yes, the system I personally paid 10% of my paychecks into for 4 years) is severely underfunded and ready to start begging lobbying for more contributions in Sacramento.  The $131 billion dollar fund is estimated to be decimated by 2045, aka the point in my life where these funds will be needed most, unless increases in contributions are designated.  This means teachers, both current and former, will be coming after legislatures to propose increases in educational taxation.

Says one comment writer: "I believe it is factually historically true that the Teacher’s pension benefits were literally tripled instantly by Governor Gray Davis (and the Democrat legislature) immediately after the Teachers Union made a $100,000,000 campaign contribution to Davis’ re-election campaign priot to the (stupid as Hell) Recall of Governor Davis, eight years ago.  This was just a political favor payment in exchange for a cash bribe. It certainly was in no way justified compensation for government school's Union Teacher performance.  I’d say that a quick and easy fix for this Teacher pension problem would be to give the Teachers Union their $100,000,000 back and cut the Teacher’s pension benefits back down to the pre-bribe levels (which their pension benefits funds could no doubt easily support).
Oh, and aside from the $45 Billion savings, there would be absolutely ZERO other effects from this action.
NOT ONE “teacher” would quite their job, nor would any of them “teach” less effectively, etc. it is just that all this phony Leftist political indoctrination of kids scandal would cost less.
Actually, the schools might even improve because the teachers might realize after one step in the right direction might lead to further actions to actually get something of value for the money we waste on the government schools."

While this comment doesn't take a lot of aspects of the teaching profession into consideration - it does bring up some excellent points, shady deals are behind these massive pension funds, and tax payers should be aware of the behind the scenes skullduggery.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watch Out CARB, Here We Come. CALL TO ACTION

It is time for everyone to jump in to the fight. It is time to put California on a no CARB diet!


From time to time the California Air Resources Board holds meetings, allegedly to get input from the public.
These meetings are mostly unattended because, face it, few have the time to listen to a bunch of windbag bureaucrats telling you the great things that they are doing to justify their bloated paychecks paid by the taxpayer.

Without opposition, they write whatever regulations they want without any concern that they will be held accountable.

This has got to change now!

We want you and your friends to start attending these meetings.

At these meetings make yourselves heard so there is no doubt in their tiny minds that there is opposition and that they ARE being held accountable.

We also want you to photograph the people holding the meetings and the lobbyists that are supporting them.
Get their names so they can be placed in the spotlight here.
Record the meetings. We can use sound clips of their typical arrogant responses to your questions.
Everyone needs to pitch in and do their part, we're talking about job loss, bankrupcy for some, leaving California, and its just everyday, usual business for these self anointed elitists, who think they know better how we should live our lives.

Attend this one and see more meeting dates on

January 28, 2010
Air Resources Board
1001 I Street, 2nd Floor
Byron Sher Auditorium
Sacramento, CA
"Report to the Board on the Air Resources Board’s Program Priorities for 2010
Executive Officer James Goldstene will brief the Board on major program priorities for 2010"

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There, that wasn't too hard.  Now go to this link to go read a commentary by Joel Fox titled:  Freezing California, Presidential Advice and Gubernatorial Politics. 

Monday, January 25, 2010

A lot of Greenhouse Gas

I've got some questions that I've been pondering.

Im still quite bothered by the fact that mandatory and costly regulations that can potentially harm small business owners and Californians, are not even being considered to be delayed, even though, delay (not scrapped) was recommended by several board members because of the fact that the person who did the study is a lying, no good, piece of shit, fraud.

Is it because Hein Tran's findings were precisely what Nichols and Gov. Schnitzel wanted them to be?

Why did Nichols not inform her fellow board members of Tran's deceit until months and months later? Was it because she did not want the study discredited? or perhaps, orders from Governor Bratwurst? (I wonder if Tranny's fake PHD would have ever even been brought up if the media hadn't found out)

After exposure of his filthy, lying deed, how come Tran not only did not get in trouble legally, he continues to work for the same government office and make 100 grand?

And, Mary...Mary, charges should be brought up on her stinky ass for fraud, yet, she continues working in a high powered position making decisions that will impact taxpaying people in a negative way with the blessings of Heir Sauerkraut.

I know, without a doubt, I would be escorted out of the building immediately if it was discovered that I wasn't who I said I was.

I think the lying fraud is Nichols herself, assisted by that giant Frankenstein head governor.
Who else would know better about how to commit fraud and cover up any scandal than Arnold?

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband Enters Governor Race

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband has decided to run for Governor of California.  The problem is deciphering which one... Here's a list of her husbands -

Husband: Burhan Belge (Turkish diplomat, b. 1899, m. 1937, div. 1941, d. 1967)
Husband: Conrad Hilton (hotel founder, m. 10-Apr-1942, div. 1947, one daughter)
Daughter: Francesca Hilton (heiress, b. 10-Mar-1947)
Husband: George Sanders (actor, m. 1-Apr-1949, div. 1954, later married Zsa Zsa's sister Magda)
Husband: Herbert Hunter (financial consultant, m. 9-Nov-1964, div. 1966)
Husband: Joshua S. Cosden, Jr. (oil heir, m. 1966, div. 1967)
Husband: Jack Patrick Ryan (Barbie doll designer, m. 21-Jan-1975, div. 1976)
Husband: Michael O'Hara (attorney, m. 1977, div. 1982)
Husband: Felipe De Alba (Mexican actor, m. 1982, annulled, lasted one day)
Husband: Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt ("Robert Lichtenberg", m. 14-Aug-1986)

That's right, she married Conrad Hilton - but their daughter is much older than the most famous one, Hilton.  And since it only seems logical, we'll stick with Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, her current husband, as the one who is running for office to succeed Arnold.

Asphalt stands for legalized-but-taxed marijuana, ‘mandatory solar panels on every new building,’ and the overturning of Prop 8—so the gays can ‘be as miserable as the rest of us.’

Since it only seems right - here's a bunch of Zsa Zsa quotes:

A man in love is incomplete until he has married. Then he's finished.

Conrad Hilton was very generous to me in the divorce settlement. He gave me 5000 Gideon Bibles.

Getting divorced just because you don't love a man is almost as silly as getting married just because you do.

He taught me housekeeping; when I divorce I keep the house.

How many husbands have I had? You mean apart from my own?

Husbands are like fires - they go out when unattended.

I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.
I call everyone 'Darling' because I can't remember their names.

I don't remember anybody's name. How do you think the "dahling" thing got started?

I know nothing about sex, because I was always married.

I never hated a man enough to give him diamonds back.

I want a man who's kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?

I'm a great housekeeper. I get divorced. I keep the house.

Macho does not prove mucho.

One of my theories is that men love with their eyes; women love with their ears.

The women's movement hasn't changed my sex life. It wouldn't dare.

Thou shouldst not become presumptuous through much treasure and wealth; for in the end it is necessary for thee to leave all.

To a smart girl men are no problem - they're the answer.

We were both in love with him. I fell out of love with him, but he didn't.

When I'm alone, I can sleep crossways in bed without an argument.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book of Duh: New Field Poll says California Sucks Under Arnold

Like when a scientific study says something we already know such as "Eating a pound of cheese for dinner will render you constipated", a new Field Poll indicates Californians feel they are now in a worse place since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took over in 1984 2003.

The study reveals 64% of the voters surveyed are not happy with the Governator, and nearly 60% of those surveyed feel Arnold will finish his term later this year and leave California in a worse place than when he began. Isn't the job of a governor to help IMPROVE life by fulfilling campaign promises?

Californians have been hearing are warnings of financial ruin recently, or "Fiscal Armageddon", as Arnold would like to jam it down our collective throat.

Controller John Chiang is just one of the many voices who support the notion of California's sinking ship assessment, figuring California will be $197 million in debt come April 1st, which means more IOUs.

1 hundred
97 million


in debt.

I'm going to go with science and conclude that staring into the sun for extended periods of time may cause serious damage to my eye sight.


Based on alot of articles, reports, videos and various quotes I've reviewed about Mary "douchebag" Nichols and the California Air Resources Band of ass sniffing fruitloops, that she heads,

It appears, to me, that though these folk know the issues pertaining to the politics of environmental stuff and government, in general, very well-
they act as unethical, unconcerned tyrants with mobster mentalities who are willing to do anything to get what they want.(with Gov Schnitzel's blessing)...
and what does it seem they want? money. Duh.

Example of things that look fishy to me- some members of this board randomly storm small trucking businesses with guns and badges looking for infractions that they can fine for and if they can't find any big infractions they get pissed then harrass and make up smaller infractions that would enable them to pass out a fine, and
according to Mary Nichols financial statement she owns stock in various oil companies and other companies that are huge producers of "greenhouse gases" that she claims she is protecting all of California's granchildren from.

and there's more examples, but I don't have room.

It also appears to me there is some sort deadline that is causing Mary to ram regulations for AB32 down everyone's throat quickly, so federal funding can be obtained.
This would explain why the last CARB chairman, Dr Robert Sawyer, was fired in 2007-The firing followed Sawyer's vote against a package of three global warming "early action measures" that he regarded as inadequate and would have delayed things.
This also explains why certain CARB members who stated that the regulations should be held, in lieu of the Tran episode, were poo pooed by Nichols,
and why other scientists with reports that shot down any rationale for trucks to be changed, were basically scoffed at and ignored by Nichols and members of CARB.

(Im not a lawyer or a scientist, but it seems to me that if it was known that someone who was supplying data that caused a change in the law was a liar, it would sort of bring that person's judgement into question.)

(Photo of Hein Tran the lying employee who claimed he had a PHD from UC Davis)

CARB is banking on the fact that the subject of greehouse gases and the enviroment in general, is too complicated and boring for the general taxpaying citizen to care about or to pay attention to therefore, leaving the door wide open for them to do what they want without any accountability to anyone.

Im a worker in healthcare and know that the staff intentionally detaches so they don't sympathize (care) all the time-a defense mechanism, otherwise you would stay hurt constantly.

This also occurs to everyone if a situation is not personalized/internalized, Im sure the CARB has worked overtime trying to minimize things, doing things on the sly and thats why it has not gotten the media attention it deserves.

The CARB main mouthpiece, lawyer Mary Nichols, says that owners of cars and trucks are the biggest polluters. No, she and CARB are covering up the biggest polluters in the state and the country. These are the fossil fuel power plants that spew out more than a 100 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. And the amount is growing each year as the state must generate or buy more filthy coal and natural gas power each year to keep up with the growing population. She and the other enviro-frauds with power in the state (the Green Gestapo) do not want to reduce – or even mention -- the power plant pollution. So, they concentrate on punishing the sheep, the ten million working folks who must commute to work and the trucking industry that sustains our economy.

Click to go to

Go here for date and time of the next CARB meeting-attend if you can

1001 I Street
Sacramento 95814, P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento 95812

Public Information-Sacramento


Chair-Mary Nichols

Friday, January 22, 2010

We're Not The Problem, Government is The Problem

Well, let me put on my big surprise face.

(gets good beginning at page 6 and the charts kind of tell the story too)

Click here

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Douche De Jour

That distinction belongs to Mary Nicols, chairperson of CARB (California Air Resources Board)

click to watch

Huh? Who's that? Why should I give a shit? And what the hell is she saying?

Let me try to briefly explain (bear with me)

Mary Nichols is a stinkhole attorney appointed by Arnold in 2007 to head CARB which directs the whole Air Resource Board (ARB)to write strict regulations on reducing Carbon Dioxide and other so-called greenhouse gases for the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, aka AB 32 that he ordered.

She is a fruitloop greedyfuck granny trying to get stupid/costly regulations passed such as getting your tire pressure checked or risk being fined and going to jail.

Meanwhile, some oil spot named Hein Tran-who passed himself off, (no one checked), as a PHD from UC Davis, was promoted to head statitician, he writes a report saying that the emissions from diesel trucks were bad and killing people, then, based just on this report, a new regulation was written (not implemented yet) that states all existing trucks and trailers will be required to be retrofitted with devices that reduce air resistance.
(big money-imagine if you are a small business owner with 10 trucks in your fleet that all need to be retrofitted-how long could they stay in business in California?)

Anyway, come to find out, this Hein Tran, PHD from Davis, doesn't have a PHD from Davis, he made it up... what he does have, is a phony certificate that he bought for $1000 from some guy living in Israel who sells degrees online to supplement his lifestyle that includes buggering little boys - but,
Mary Nichols isn't concerned about Tran's fradulent credentials - she insists that the report he generated is fine and she stands by it, and will not vote to put it on hold.
Oh, and by the way, Tran still works at CARB-hes demoted, but still brings home a salary of nearly 100 grand, still has benefits, still incurring his pension-and all on our tax dollar.

Implementation of the law will cost small business in the state nearly $50,000

Implementation of the law will cost families about $3,800

When AB 32, is fully implemented, the average annual loss in gross state output from small businesses alone would be $182.6 billion, (10% loss in total gross state output)

That's about 1.1 million lost jobs in California.

So, in the video, a reporter is being aggressive in trying to get Mary to splain herself, and she gives the usual head up yer ass, bullshit answers so she can wiggle out of answering tough questions. And of course, the question is answered vaquely with her being on the defense (note how she rolls and closes her eyes, LOL)

The ARB is an appointed department (uh, appointed by Gov. Schnitzel) so we are at their mercy and are unable to vote them out.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wanted In California: Governor With Gonads

Evidently, it ain't Steve Poizner.

He's not a dickhead after all, he is a pussy.

Yesterday, he announced, on radio, that he will NOT be the banker of the 3 million bucks needed for the part time legislature campaign,
no, he instead, after talking to his family (his wife and mom), business associates and friends, needs to concentrate all his 50 million dollars into the race for governor-
one he is "sure to win, states Puss Poizner, because he has a proven past, and loves California-it's just people don't know who he is yet"

Steve Poizner (sounds like poison), we sure as hell know who you are now, bonehead.

At a recent meet and greet in Laguna Woods, with pussy boy, here are a few of his wise comments including his platform:

“We need to freeze government”

no hiring
stop spending more
stop borrowing (followed by a comment that we have $15 billion in new debt that has yet to be issued)

ME: (Duh)

His 10-10-10 plan is as follows:

1. Ten percent tax cuts (including 50% cut in Capital Gains)
Steve said that “raising taxes has been a disaster. ”
We have “got to make the tax cuts permanent”
If we “reduce tax rates we will be more competitive”

ME: (I'm all for tax cuts, but whatcha planning to cut-homeboy?)

2. Cut spending by 10 percent.
A large part of our budget is devoted to “welfare programs.”
Steve points out that OC has “12 percent of the state population with 30% of the welfare cases.” He suggests cutting the benefits from five years to two years and that we enforce the work rules. We should not be a magnet.
Steve feels he can save $10 billion dollars with this approach

ME: (Again-okay, but hasn't that already been brought up by Arnold who says he can't do this because he won't get fed money back? what do you plan to do different to get fed money)

3. Create a rainy day fund.
Have an iron clad spending cap in our Constitution.
“We are bankrupt as a state” and have “the lowest credit rating in America”

ME: (how? and WTF does "having an iron clad spending cap in our Constitution-bankrupt with low credit rating" have anything to do with having a rainy day fund?)

Steve acknowledged that “a lot of Bills are nonsense” –adding that we should “focus on issues that really matter.”

ME: (so we get to, once again rely on the great buddha wisdom of a politican, to decide what is and isn't nonsense and what issues are important and which ones aren't)

He recognized that “no one can parachute into California and solve the problem.”
“we need leaders who will tell the truth, leaders to offer solutions.”

ME: (Leaders that tell the truth? within this full time group of baboons?- LOL!!)

What a bunch of politician bull speak, I don't believe any of it, you say it now, just like Arnold did,(and alot of other political hackensteins), but once in office will do something else .
Im of the belief that action speaks louder than words-and you aren't willing to act.

He had the nerve to say on air yesterday that
"if part time legislature doesn't get on the ballot this time, we'll try again next time-and where are all the listeners with money?" jackass

Hey Steve, in the words of the Soup Nazi, as far as I'm concerned- "NO SOUP FOR YOU"

Give a small donation towards the part time legislature, if 3 million people give a buck then, then they will have the money to collect signatures.

click here to donate to part time legislature

Friday, January 15, 2010

Clock ticking, Poizner needs to return from "travel"

If Steve Poizner wants to boost his chances of becoming California's next governor, he should step up and return the phone call from John and Ken and the listeners.  See, Poizner and his "Put up, or Shut up" message will start to fall on deaf ears if he doesn't practice what he's preaching when it comes to supporting a Part-Time Legislature in California.  Otherwise, his head will land right with those other fools  -  ON A STICK!  California doesn't want anymore political bullshit.  Fight this nonsense.  That may even mean showing some support for two lame radio hosts who are rallying people with great intentions.  If you don't like John and Ken, you're not alone, but who else stands up and makes such valid points?

The following, in case you are wondering, is what he preaches --

From Poizner's website,

1. Steve Poizner believes that we have to fundamentally change the way that Sacramento does business.
2. State government is broken and one of its most dysfunctional aspects is our state’s legislature.
3. Too many career politicians have made a profession out of politics and fail to understand the priorities of California’s citizens.
4. Sacramento politicians have presided over a system that has produced out-of-control spending, a broken prisons system, and a system of water infrastructure that is ill-equipped for the challenges of the twenty-first century, amongst other problems.
5. Steve believes that bold, drastic change is needed to get California back on track.
6. A part-time legislature will ensure that our legislators aren’t just career politicians but, instead, have real-world experience doing the work that Californians across our state are doing every day.
7. Whether they are bus drivers, farmers, teachers, or small business owners, our representatives in Sacramento should have careers outside of their legislative duties so they understand the challenges that our state faces.
8. A part-time legislature will also focus our legislators on the truly important policy challenges confronting California’s citizens.
9. Our legislature passes, on average, three new laws every day.
10. The time has come to focus the legislature’s work on the critical issues facing California today, and a part-time legislature will do exactly that.

I broke down the paragraph about Government reform, which is full of bloviations and platitudes, and numbered the sentences.  It came out to a perfect 10 sentences, with each sentence making a different point.  How come I had to number them?  These sentences, when combined don't make a good paragraph.  But the sentences do write a bunch of checks that John and Ken listeners want cashed.  Or else... bring out the stick, cuz Poizner's head will be attached if he doesn't call in by today (January 15th) to the JK show, who are demanding he call them and "PUT UP, or, SHUT UP."  Will he?

Not everyone is down with the JK crew.  In fact some of the anti's post on their Facebook page like this moron, Gary Elder, who thinks they should back down because of the recent Anthony Adams recall failure:

"Please stay away from the Part time legislative inititive. With your past failures in politcs ie the recall Anthony Adams failure, the "Fire Drier" failure, the recall Davis/elect Arnold failure, you two have hurt California enough. We want this to pass!!"

Gary, you are a plant.  A seed.  A fake and a complete asswipe.  You must be called out because the Anthony Adams recall effort was far from a failure, he's not coming back and he was involved in some serious skullduggery, and if you can't see that, well your head should be on a stick too.  Ugh, it's so nasty right now.   Well, it's 2pm, time to see if Poizner has any balls at all.

And Now There Are Two

Well, guess what I read in the Kansas City Star this morning?

Tom Campbell has dropped out of the race to become the new California Gova-nator-he wants to concentrate on running for California senate, instead.

Read the Story here

So now the GOP candidates are between EMeg and, "Put up or Shut up" Poizner (who refuses to give any money toward the part time legislature campaign-so say bu bye Mr. Douche Poizner)

Listen, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but really, the part time legislature is not a Repulican vs Democrat thing-Part time legislature, it is a form of taxpayers(you and I) attempting to gain some control over how our taxmoney is used.

What's wrong with that? Why wouldn't a politician want to help this campaign with any means possible?

Steve Poizner has a shit load of mula-he can afford to help financially with this, but refuses to comment - he has made statements that he is for a part time legislature last month, but when he was clearly asked to donate money to the cause-on the radio, he mumbled something then changed the subject and will not comment these days about this.
To date, no monies have been received from this man for part time legislature (that most taxpayers want to happen) and currently he hasn't said a word publically about it.


I am in the insurance biz for which Poizner is currently head of, and I can tell you nothing has changed-he has done nothing, he continues to be a boob, my point? you can be assured of the same "nothingness" (people dont change) if he is elected Governor.

As a matter of fact, now that I think of it, none of the California politicians that are running for either governor or senator to represent me in government, have offered any financial support toward the part time legislature campaign.

That has me wondering about all these fucking Sac-hole douches-looks like more of the same non effective, "who cares about the people now that Im elected-I will do what I want", bullshit if and when any of them is elected to office.

One thing that stuck out to me, when I attended a meet and greet recently starring that wimp who is running for California senator, Chuck Devore-he was asked in Q&A if he comments on issues when he is asked,
Devore's reply was "I dont usually, I might be for something but dont say anything because I dont want to anger the people who aren't for it"

That said it all, we never will know what he thinks about an issue and, also, that he is a big giant wuss with girl parts.

I'm sure he's not the only politician who lives by this strategy.



Remember-don't give these Holes any reason to not count your petition
1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.

Oh yeah, be registered to vote in California.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tire Nazi's

The good people at the California Air Resources Board (I've never heard of this board) want to criminalize driving with under-inflated tires-all for the good of helping to decrease carbon footprints.

Here's how it will work
you pull into your favorite service garage for something-maybe you need an oil change, and then find out, the service garage has to (by law) ask to check your tire pressure.

If they offer to do this check free of charge, you cannot turn it down, you have to have it done(by law). Thats right you will be forced to have a service done.(can you say, Big Brother?)

If the garage requests you pay them for this service, you can turn it down only if you promise to have it done within 30 days-if you still haven't done this and it can be proven in writing, you and your service garage owner can be fined $1,000 and imprisoned for 6 months.

This tire thing is set to go in effect this summer.

I believe this board-like most of the Sacramento lawmakers, is on crack.

California is talking about releasing 25,000 criminials into the streets because they can't afford to keep them imprisoned, yet they will throw me and my mechanic in the clink and risk our salads getting tossed, all because my tires were not inflated to their satisfaction.

How are they planning to track if I had my tires checked in 30 days? send a
board member to my door with a tire pressure gauge?

1-I don't believe in their fake global warming fantasy that they keep pushing-but if I did, how the HELL is keeping tires filled, going to help the earth keep cool and remove all contaminates in the air?

2-When the "board" decides to pay for my car, the registration, the insurance, the gas, the maintenence, etc. then they can have some say about the tires.

3-Whose to say tire gauges that are used will be calibrated and accurate?

4-Oh please, put me in jail because there is not enough air in my tires-please? My first call from the police station will be to KFI am.

*UPDATE-as of this afternoon
This board is reneging demanding written documentation (Call me Kreskin, but their offices must have been bombarded with hate mail-I sent one yesterday) - all you have to do now, is say, my tires are fine, if asked.

Here's a message from Arnold's office:
It’s a still a draft rule – agencies are engaged in discussions and we’re helping them work it out. We’d like to see the rule get to a place where Californians are conscious of tire pressure and the impact it has on air quality – but without anything that would stick unsuspecting consumers with a bill-
Amanda Fulkerson in the gov's office.

If you want to read more about this tire pressure thing.
Click Here for the story

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Challenge Question -Need Your Help

Does anyone out there know why, or can guess why, Arnold won't LAYOFF/FIRE/LET GO (even temporarily) any state nonessential cubical Verkers.

I have thought it was weird that he will allow firefighters and police to be laid off
but won't layoff any of the porno searchin, farting, constant break takin, potluck coordinating, rude, highly paid, bored receptionists/customer service reps who work for the state.

Is it illegal? Does Arnold have family that works for the state? Is he being bribed or begged not to? what? why?

As a victim of layoffs in the past, I know that's exactly what a private sector company will do when business is bad... layoff nonessential workers.

I have been wondering about this since last March. Anyone?


1st one from Andrew McIntosh, writer for Sacramento Bee, states,


but my response to Mr McIntosh regarding that was-
"dont firefighters and police have union contracts too?"

I haven't received a response yet

I also got a reader opinion stating

ah ha...that does make sense, but still doesnt answer my question, "why are the cubical workers still not layed off?"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let The Games Begin-A Tax On 420 in Bill 390?

Can't you feel the love?

Democrats (douchebags), by their committee vote, signaled a willingness to press for targeted tax increases, even though 2010 is an election year and odds are slim of winning the necessary two-thirds legislative super-majority to pass such measures.

"It's up to Republicans if they want to move this state forward," (WTF? republicans, can you feel the pressure? The ball's in your court-agreeing to tax everyone and their dogs this year, evidently, will help the state move forward), said Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Newark, who is renewing his push for the oil severance tax after it hit a roadblock last year-

The oil severance tax would generate an estimated $1.3 billion annually for community colleges, state universities and University of California campuses by imposing a 12.5 percent tax on the gross value of oil and natural gas extracted from California.

Oh, there is an added bill, AB 656, which contains a provision prohibiting this new tax from being passed to consumers.
(So then, its ok to hike taxes to oil companies as long as we have this AB 656? Ya think we'll still have oil production in California after the companies see that they can't pass the cost on to us?).

#1-Sacramento is filled with fucking dickheads.

#2-I dont believe them-some Sachole will find a technicality in this AB 656 in 6 months, jump out of a cake at a taping of Meet the Press and yell, PSYCHE you middle class bitches!!

#3-Sacramento is filled with fucking douchebags.

Heres a revenue-raising measure thought- Assembly Bill 390 to regulate and tax the sale of recreational marijuana, is scheduled to be heard today by the Assembly Public Safety Committee.


If you haven't done so already, sign the petition for California to return to a part time legislature-see below for the info and the petition. Stop Goverment spending.

This is what we need in order to actually "save the state" not more taxes.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Example Of The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Let me explain the last month or so, in case you don't know.

That nasty little healthcare thing/reform, (whatever it is), that you've been hearing about-
(you know, that thing Obama has been wanting to pass in a big rush, that won't help any of us, but will enable him to say "look what I did" at his next speech this year)

seems there is a sneaky little technicality in this bill that will allow them to cram a public option (that no one wants) down our throats.
"Why, of course, government run, Medicaid, there's our public option! I could have had a V8"
the White House pounced on that with the addition of "expanding medicaid".

This bill had been stalled because the house needed 60 votes and couldn't get that one last vote. Without 60 votes, the republicans could have "filibustered" (delayed)passing this.

Well, Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) did a little horse trading with the house/president Obama, and it was agreed that if he voted for this healthcare /expanded medicaid thing, so they could get their 60 votes which would enable them to pass the bill for healthcare "reform",
the state of Nebraska (buck your teeth out like a horse), wouldn't have to pay any additional monies for expanding medicaid, all the other 49 states would have to pay, but not Nebraska.

What a giant dickhead. I mean really, sperm comes out of the top of his head.
(and that goes for the person or persons who went along with that bright idea).

Lawmakers everywhere are PISSED and are making it publicly known too. (Their ranting reminds me of a bunch of apes fighting over the last banana).

So, Arnold decides he's going to put in his two cents in a t.v. interview.

"In an interview airing Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press, Schwarzenegger says giving extra Medicaid benefits to Nebraska to secure Nelson's vote, critical to Senate passage of the measure, was "like buying a vote." In Sacramento, he says, "it is illegal to do that, to buy votes."


Look who's talking, hyporcrite, lying, dirty politician who has violated every rule in California since taking office in 2003 and imposed the highest taxes in HISTORY to the people in California.

He needs to sit down and shut his face until his term is up in November-I'm pretty sure by now, no California taxpayer gives a rats ass what that buffoon, Arnold Swarzenegger thinks or says about anything. (There may be one or two out there who care)

"Gray Davis has terminated hope. He has terminated opportunity. He has terminated education and he has terminated jobs. Now it's time to terminate him." Arnold Schwarzenegger-10/7/2003

Oh yeah, make sure you sign the petition for the return of part time legislature in California, download a petition (see posts below).

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Now is your chance to show up to sign the petition for part time legislature:

Doubletree Hotel/Torrance-21333 Hawthorne Blvd. (in that outdoor mall with Red Lobster, off of Torrance Blvd. across street from Del Amo Mall, so cross streets-Carson and Torrance)

I was just there-there is another petition that will have Unions ASK before they just TAKE, employee deductions (which they do now), sorry I didnt post about this until now. I should have, but there is still time. They are there until 4pm today (1/9/10)-so stop by now.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Time To Pay The Piper-New For Your Filing Pleasure


In 2008, the exemption was $309 per dependent, Now that the state is swimming in red ink, it decided to take away that gift to families. So the dependent credit will shrink from $309 to roughly $99, and an additional 5% surcharge on state income taxes.

Not sure if anyone remembers these wonderful tax hikes from February's great tax budget idea which increased taxes to the highest in history, designed to somehow resolve the California crisis (which it didnt-well, let me put on my big surprise face),
all courtesy of the big 5: Arnold, Darryl Steinberg, Karen Bass, Sam Blakeslee and Dennis Hollingsworth, also, we give thanks to turncoats, Abel Maldanado, Anthony Adams, Roy Asburn, Mike Villines, Roger Niello, and a few others for their vote of yes.

Here are the increased taxes that all Californians will have to pay as of 2/19/09, in case you have forgotten:

You will pay a state income tax "surcharge" of 5.25%
Your sales tax on most everything you buy will boosted a full 1.00%
Your car tax (Vehicle License Fee) will mushroom to 77% higher
Your dependent tax credit will be slashed by two-thirds, in effect, costing you $200 per child

Are you ready now for a part time legislature?

Download a petition.
A million signatures are needed by March 1st to get this on the ballot. I've got mine signed and plan to circulate more petitions.


These holes are looking for any reason they can make to not count your petition, so:

1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.
4-be registered to vote in California

What's Gilbert Eating?

Oh yay, that's what I wanted when I got home from work.  After taking off the shoes, making some grub and enjoying a pint of lager, I just love opening to a news story about the ongoing Garrido ordeal.

The new story isn't about mole-faced Phil, thankfully its about his much less harmful sociopath wife, Nancy.

Anyway, it seems her really old, and REALLY fat attorney got drunk and was overheard talking about plans to write a book about the case.


A children's book, you say?

Anyway, he got his fat, smarmy ass kicked off the case for "conflict of interest", against poor Nancy's desire, and wants back on the case.  She really took to that fat bastard, but the judge could care less.  Wow, the state is REALLY stepping up on this case!  Way to make up for lost time, morons.

Today's comment poll:  How many chins does this loser have?  (Gilbert Maines, not innocent ol' Nancy)

The judge's order, which came as a "complete surprise" to Maines, is being contested by the Fatty McFatterson.

Here are some choice comments from articles around the web:
Goodwriter says:  Not worth anybody's pity. Dear potential jurors out there: Don't be swayed by this defendant's self-pity (see smarmy photograph, above). The worst of this world's ogres are the ones who play the self-pity card. In my culture, the second worst crime anybody can commit is the crime of self-pity. What's the worst crime? The crime of cruelty. In my culture, we would know what to do with this perpetrator (Ms. Garrido, above), and we would do it quickly. There it is.

Lost_Integrity says:  Mr. "Low-Life" Maines continues to insist that he is the best competent counsel for poor Mrs. Garrido. This is a woman, who was so battered and intimidated, by her husband, Phillip Garridos, that she allowed 3 other human beings to be kept as virtual animals & prisoners in their backyard for 20 years or so. Mrs. Garrido's judgment of who should represent her should be left to those who actually care about her rights and the mental/emotional state of this woman, above their own self-interest, and not some shyster.

KevinC says: Garrido deserves well qualified counsel. Unless Maines has an excellent reputation in high profile cases, I'm glad he's gone. I don't want Garrido to be convicted only to raise an ineffective assistance of counsel appeal. I wonder how Garrido heard of him? Is she even competent to select counsel?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Steamboat Willie

Here is an honest assessment of California's lack of funds mess, from none other than that infamous former Hack assembly, ex-mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown...

"If we as a state want to make a New Year's resolution, I suggest taking a good look at the California we have created. From our out-of-sync tax system to our out-of-control civil service, it's time for politicians to begin an honest dialogue about what we've become.

Take the civil service.

The system was set up so politicians like me couldn't come in and fire the people (relatives) hired by the guy they beat and replace them with their own friends and relatives.

Over the years, however, the civil service system has changed from one that protects jobs to one that runs the show.

The deal used to be that civil servants were paid less than private sector workers in exchange for an understanding that they had job security for life.

But we politicians, pushed by our friends in labor, gradually expanded pay and benefits to private-sector levels while keeping the job protections and layering on incredibly generous retirement packages that pay ex-workers almost as much as current workers.
Talking about this is politically unpopular and potentially even career suicide for most officeholders.
But at some point, someone is going to have to get honest about the fact that 80 percent of the state, county and city budget deficits are due to employee costs.

Either we do something about it at the ballot box, or a judge will do something about in Bankruptcy Court. And if you think I'm kidding, just look at Vallejo."

The Whole Article

From the horse's mouth. Seems that would be proof right from the hill of the need for California to return to a PART TIME LEGISALTURE, and here's your chance to help with this.

Download a petition.
A million signatures are needed by March 1st to get this on the ballot. I've got mine signed and plan to circulate more petitions.


These holes are looking for any reason they can make to not count your petition, so:

1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.
4-be registered to vote in California

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Makes Me Tingle All Over

Ass-embly-hole, Anthony Adams, has announced that he will not be seeking re-election.

States Adams, aka, fat, mole face, piece of shit, slob,
"The decision to leave the legislature was a difficult one as I have enjoyed and been honored to represent the people of San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties," (and receiving gift certificates from lobbyists for massages and high end restaurants)

"But, I'm at a time in my life where I'd like to move on to new challenges and new opportunities," he continued.
(I like to wittle on the porch)

"Announcing my decision not to run for re-election at this time will give ample notice to potential candidates in Assembly District 59 and it will give voters plenty of time to sort out who will best represent them in 2011 and beyond,"
(my cat doesn't need plenty of notice to take over where you left off)

"In making this announcement, I want to thank all who stood beside me during the failed effort to recall me," Adams added. "I appreciate the words of encouragement, endorsement and financial support and wish I had time to thank everyone in person who voiced support.
(Thanks mom and a special thanks to Kari Verjil-president of the voters registrar in San Bernardino whose game of, hide the voter signature and foot dragging tactics that slowed down the recall process, was, well, simply a show of the best unethical corruption ever)

"Given the outpouring of support during the recall, I feel confident that I would have won re-election in 2010, however, I'd rather spend all my time focusing on jump-starting a sluggish economy and dealing with the state's budget problems than deal with another campaign,"
(Outpouring of support? Focusing on jump starting a sluggish economy? WTF? political-eze for, "My buddies on the hill are going to hook me up with a job heading up some made up, garbage department, so look forward to more tax increases, my treat").

Monday, January 4, 2010

eMeg Whitman has a good website, but Craigslist said "NO"

Duh, she better have the the best website - that's a big part of her life.  eMeg is ramping up for the home stretch of her run to be next Mayor McCheese Governor of California.

She has a growing list of backers, including Mitt Romney (he worked with her for a decade in the private sector).

According to a poll by the Public Policy Institute of California, eMeg leads the GOP's governor race by almost a 3 to 1 margin over the next candidate (32% for eMeg, 11% for the closest Republican, Tom Jones Campbell.

She is facing agriculture and water concerns in her hometown of Fresno, she's getting more people interested in watching her speak.

But did you know eMeg and her mega-giant eBay got shut out from buying Craigslist?  The story is kinda funny, and partially explained HERE, but all I can say to that is GOOD.  I absolutely hate it when big corporations buy their smallest, yet most competitive spoilers.  The best example is that site - Jump the Shark.  The site that scared the hell out of television.  That site got eaten up by TV Guide, and it was done quietly.  After all, JTS wasn't really a daily site to attend to anyway, and the whole point of the site is about selling out.  TV Guide bought it and guess what?  I tried to look up at what point did Lost "jump the ship".  That's when I figured out you can no longer look that up because why would TV Guide want you to know when the shows (that pay its advertising) began to suck ass?  There was a lesson to be learned here, and the lesson Craigslist learned was that their service is undeniably awesome and unforgettably FREE.  And it is not losing popularity, and it is a vital site that thrives in many cities throughout the world.  F eMeg.  I'm glad they said NAY.

Kick rocks.

Photo credit:   Jeff Christensen/Associated Press

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Look Who's Aiding The Sac-hole Spending Frenzy

Database-see what sneaky snake is giving and what piglet-hole is receiving.

Ever get statements from a certain company you owe money to, oh, such as the phone company, or the cable company and, lo and behold, there is yet another charge for something you don't know what the hell is for?
Well, in order for these companies to continue to give "contributions and gifts" to politicians, they raise rates and impose weird ass fees to the consumers-so, unknown to us, WE are actually paying for these "donations" to the pigs. (don't be fooled by the wording "private donation")

In order to end this sneaky, mugging, which puts me to mind of the mafia, we need to go back to part-time legislature! Too much opportunity is given to these white collar criminals.

Download a petition.
A million signatures are needed by March 1st to get this on the ballot. I've got mine signed and plan to circulate more petitions.


Remember-don't give these Holes any reason to not count your petition
1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.
4-be registered to vote in California