Friday, January 15, 2010

And Now There Are Two

Well, guess what I read in the Kansas City Star this morning?

Tom Campbell has dropped out of the race to become the new California Gova-nator-he wants to concentrate on running for California senate, instead.

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So now the GOP candidates are between EMeg and, "Put up or Shut up" Poizner (who refuses to give any money toward the part time legislature campaign-so say bu bye Mr. Douche Poizner)

Listen, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but really, the part time legislature is not a Repulican vs Democrat thing-Part time legislature, it is a form of taxpayers(you and I) attempting to gain some control over how our taxmoney is used.

What's wrong with that? Why wouldn't a politician want to help this campaign with any means possible?

Steve Poizner has a shit load of mula-he can afford to help financially with this, but refuses to comment - he has made statements that he is for a part time legislature last month, but when he was clearly asked to donate money to the cause-on the radio, he mumbled something then changed the subject and will not comment these days about this.
To date, no monies have been received from this man for part time legislature (that most taxpayers want to happen) and currently he hasn't said a word publically about it.


I am in the insurance biz for which Poizner is currently head of, and I can tell you nothing has changed-he has done nothing, he continues to be a boob, my point? you can be assured of the same "nothingness" (people dont change) if he is elected Governor.

As a matter of fact, now that I think of it, none of the California politicians that are running for either governor or senator to represent me in government, have offered any financial support toward the part time legislature campaign.

That has me wondering about all these fucking Sac-hole douches-looks like more of the same non effective, "who cares about the people now that Im elected-I will do what I want", bullshit if and when any of them is elected to office.

One thing that stuck out to me, when I attended a meet and greet recently starring that wimp who is running for California senator, Chuck Devore-he was asked in Q&A if he comments on issues when he is asked,
Devore's reply was "I dont usually, I might be for something but dont say anything because I dont want to anger the people who aren't for it"

That said it all, we never will know what he thinks about an issue and, also, that he is a big giant wuss with girl parts.

I'm sure he's not the only politician who lives by this strategy.



Remember-don't give these Holes any reason to not count your petition
1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.

Oh yeah, be registered to vote in California.

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