Friday, January 15, 2010

Clock ticking, Poizner needs to return from "travel"

If Steve Poizner wants to boost his chances of becoming California's next governor, he should step up and return the phone call from John and Ken and the listeners.  See, Poizner and his "Put up, or Shut up" message will start to fall on deaf ears if he doesn't practice what he's preaching when it comes to supporting a Part-Time Legislature in California.  Otherwise, his head will land right with those other fools  -  ON A STICK!  California doesn't want anymore political bullshit.  Fight this nonsense.  That may even mean showing some support for two lame radio hosts who are rallying people with great intentions.  If you don't like John and Ken, you're not alone, but who else stands up and makes such valid points?

The following, in case you are wondering, is what he preaches --

From Poizner's website,

1. Steve Poizner believes that we have to fundamentally change the way that Sacramento does business.
2. State government is broken and one of its most dysfunctional aspects is our state’s legislature.
3. Too many career politicians have made a profession out of politics and fail to understand the priorities of California’s citizens.
4. Sacramento politicians have presided over a system that has produced out-of-control spending, a broken prisons system, and a system of water infrastructure that is ill-equipped for the challenges of the twenty-first century, amongst other problems.
5. Steve believes that bold, drastic change is needed to get California back on track.
6. A part-time legislature will ensure that our legislators aren’t just career politicians but, instead, have real-world experience doing the work that Californians across our state are doing every day.
7. Whether they are bus drivers, farmers, teachers, or small business owners, our representatives in Sacramento should have careers outside of their legislative duties so they understand the challenges that our state faces.
8. A part-time legislature will also focus our legislators on the truly important policy challenges confronting California’s citizens.
9. Our legislature passes, on average, three new laws every day.
10. The time has come to focus the legislature’s work on the critical issues facing California today, and a part-time legislature will do exactly that.

I broke down the paragraph about Government reform, which is full of bloviations and platitudes, and numbered the sentences.  It came out to a perfect 10 sentences, with each sentence making a different point.  How come I had to number them?  These sentences, when combined don't make a good paragraph.  But the sentences do write a bunch of checks that John and Ken listeners want cashed.  Or else... bring out the stick, cuz Poizner's head will be attached if he doesn't call in by today (January 15th) to the JK show, who are demanding he call them and "PUT UP, or, SHUT UP."  Will he?

Not everyone is down with the JK crew.  In fact some of the anti's post on their Facebook page like this moron, Gary Elder, who thinks they should back down because of the recent Anthony Adams recall failure:

"Please stay away from the Part time legislative inititive. With your past failures in politcs ie the recall Anthony Adams failure, the "Fire Drier" failure, the recall Davis/elect Arnold failure, you two have hurt California enough. We want this to pass!!"

Gary, you are a plant.  A seed.  A fake and a complete asswipe.  You must be called out because the Anthony Adams recall effort was far from a failure, he's not coming back and he was involved in some serious skullduggery, and if you can't see that, well your head should be on a stick too.  Ugh, it's so nasty right now.   Well, it's 2pm, time to see if Poizner has any balls at all.

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