Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SacHole Of The Month For April

That honorable dis-tink-tion this month, goes to, you know him, you love to hate him, none other than our own Pro Tem/Senate leader, Darrell "Stinkbug" Steinberg,
for his decision to boycott Arizona by calling for a ban on new contracts to them because of the bill that was signed into law last friday that would allow police officers to ask for ID and delve a little deeper into residence status for any REASONABLE SUSPECION

Steinberg, in a withering letter to governor Limburger cheese, asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to "deliver an unequivocal message" of disgust by tearing up the state's contracts with Arizona businesses and government agencies.
Stinky called the new rules "unconscionable" and a recipe for "racial profiling."

For all the brain dead California Sacholes who are mentally challenged and merely listen to what others say, so, therefore dont understand the Arizona bill, calling it racist or Nazi like, allow me to break it down to bite size chunks...

1-Family out getting some ice cream-no reasonable suspecion to stop and ask for ID, and won't be stopped for "papers or ID"

2-Family out getting some ice cream with a loaded gun in the vendors face-reasonable suspecion, expect to be asked for papers or ID.

For his unwavering "I could care less if you all die" attitude toward California citizens (unless you are illegal)and because the real issue is completely lost on this bone, fucking, head, turd burglar, he is presented with the Sachole/Dickwad award for the month of April.

I bet Arizona is real scared, some Sacholes of California who raised taxes to an all time high and sent out IOU's to their own people are threatening to not buy from us anymore.

By the way, if Stinky does get away with "boycotting" the travel industry-they will be putting legal citizens out of work.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shasta County faces CARB

Here is a direct link to the petition to SUSPEND AB32 - signatures are desperately needed to help save jobs in this already wretched economy.  Counties such as Shasta County (see below) are highly dependent on cars for commerce.  While the environment is a huge problem, and making California air clean is a high priority, the solutions need to have agreement on both sides of the issue and CARB is threatening an already struggling situation that needs attention now.  Sign the Suspend AB32 Petition and help California come up with a solution that won't result in more lost jobs.

By Scott Mobley, Record Searchlight, 4/25/10 

Shasta County faces a dilemma how to encourage substantially less driving in a place designed around the automobile.

Greater Redding, like 17 other metropolitan areas around California, sits under a state mandate to hold greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels as population grows through 2035.

The Shasta County Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA) board will meet Tuesday with representatives from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to begin discussing how the greater Redding area can meet that greenhouse gas reduction requirement during a meeting thats open to the public.

CARB is the agency responsible for setting reduction targets specifically related to land use and driving under legislation passed in 2006 and 2008 known as AB 32 and SB 275, respectively. Elected officials from Shasta County and the countys three cities sit on the RTPA board.

Follow the link to

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who Is Mary Nichols And Her Merry CARB Hijackers?

Mary Nichols is not a lone outlaw but the leader of a trained band of old hippies, liars, thieves, whores and tree worshippers-Appointed, not voted in, by that verified irritable bowel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, so he can get his way without a vote from "da people of Caul ee fornia".

Mary (the head crazed lunatic) is a reckless lady at times-so the need for a group of her peers is needed. Enter the California Air Resources Board.(CARB)

She'll sneak into the lives of Californians once too often with them and get caught by the taxpayers.
Or she'll pick a fight with the wrong taxpayer. And when the going gets rough, Mary blows three great blasts on her horn. That's when her Merry CARB gang appear. Some say they are a small group of outlaws. Others say there are hundreds of the Merry CARB gang.
Whatever the case, if it weren't for these sturdy yeomen,(and yeo-women),Gov. Butt Nugget Schwarzenegger, and attorney general Jerry Brown, they wouldn't last a week.

Remember to download a petition at the site to suspend the horrible AB32 dreamed up by CARB and Arnold, then send it in by the end of this month.

Good grief, enacting this AB32 will only destroy over a million jobs and raise electricity rates on everyone in California-this does not help with pollution at all-it is merely a way to get what they want, period.

They aren't robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, all ye who think the poor get a raw deal most of the time, they are trying to rob from EVERYONE (including you) and give to themselves.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Please, Trow Da Bum Out

Mayor "McCheese" Villaraigosa was elected to a second four-year term by just 9.6% of
the City’s registered voters.

Do you think the City of Los Angeles should have to suffer through
another three years of Villaraigosa just because he got 9.6%?

Neither do the people who have jumped through the legal hoops needed
to circulate a petition to recall him.

During the 120 days between April 20, 2010 and August 18, 2010, they
will need to collect the signatures of 240,732 registered voters who
live in the City of Los Angeles.

Repeat: only registered voters who live in the City of Los Angeles
can sign.

What are the odds that enough people will sign? Let me answer that
question with two questions: Who knows, and who cares?
It costs you nothing to sign a petition, but it can cost you a fortune to leave
this idiot in office.

We can’t count on the big dumb Clydesdale to resign voluntarily to
pursue other career opportunities.

The cluck was told in 2005 and in 2007 that LA cannot continue to sustain finacially with all these city employees, so what does he do? Hires 4,000 more.
Then a few months ago he whined like a little sissy about having to layoff 4,000 city employees-he never did that, he just threatened and tried to guilt everyone into giving him tax money.
But the loudest, most stinky fart that this thieving buffoon blew was recently when he insisted on everyone giving the DWP a huge 28% rate increase, so in turn they would give him money that he could (cough, cough) put that in a lock box for the future green jobs program (and of course he couldnt elaberate on that, because, well, it's a lie).
Then Villar stamped his feet, threw a tantrum and insisted he would have to cut all city employee service to 3 days a week, when the LA council voted ,hell no, the DWP could not increase everyone's rate by 28%.

LA City council said Mayor McMidget(my apologies to midgets everywhere) didnt have the authority to decreased city employee services to 3 days a week. Is this guy really a glorified stable boy in a suit?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sending a message to Mexico

Just got done reading the news story about the 3 Mexicans who got their boat stuck on Catalina Island. Oh, yeah, and they also were packing 4,000 lbs of weed. And the one thing that comes to mind is "what the feds gonna do with all that weed?

AVALON, Calif. (AP)- Authorities have seized thousands of pounds of marijuana and detained three Mexican nationals after their motorboat ran aground in a remote cove on Santa Catalina Island, about 25 miles off the Southern California coast.
Their story isn't that unbelievable.  In fact, I just might buy some of it - they claim a they paid a smuggler to deliver them to the land of milk n honey, but the smuggler abandoned them - and the $3 million worth of herb.

Fair enough.. perhaps.  Perhaps. It sort of sounds like a smuggling movie or two that I can think of...

But there is a much larger point to this bust, that happened in a low-profile landing spot of the sandy tourista hot spot, or at least maybe there should be a point that is hammered home.  See, California is "good" on weed now.  Bring that shit to a state that needs it.  The prices here are good, getting better, and according to sources, is more often home-made.  Tim, a barista at a Los Angeles dispensary claims "the stuff is coming from up north and it's bomb", however I am not sure, statistically, how true this is.  In any event, cutting off Mexico from this piece of the action might not do anything for the prices. (I'm not sure , but that should only mean there should be more growers.  Legalization would either automatically keep that $3 million in the country, or devalue weed enough to make these trips not worth the possible costs of admission.  If my math is correct, that is approx. $750 a lb.  Or, under $50 per ounce.  Sounds about right?) 

Right now, the interrogators are asking the "abandoned" men to "take us to your leader" while trying to work deals for them. Either they are going to give up their coyote (and be as good as dead) or they are going to be in prison for a long time.  Seems like it'd be good enough for a few gentlemen to get across the border, but to do it with 2 tons of O.G. Cush under their ass sounds a wee-bit risky.  Network fail.  So this is a message to Mexico that California is on the verge of saving itself from ruin by producing something its already good at producing, and if you still want in, wait it out.

The only other possibility is that these men are victims.  Their will to make it to the U.S. overriding all else.
Pftttt!  The feds should look the cache over, appraise and sell to the many outlets throughout the state, which makes it a double-whammy for the cartels, big winner for the taxpayers.  Let us protect our "sheriff's employee" responsible for whistle-blowing, and give the county a hearty pat on the back for a "job well done".  
(Photo: The Associated Press/Dan Teckenoff, Catalina Islander)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Sachole Named Jerry

Jerry Brown, et al, was probably fuming upon sight of this video paid for by the California Chamber of Commerce. Why else would the Cal Chamber PULL the video from airing after hearing Jerry's complaints? This doesn't happen when people are merely "upset" over something - this is the action taken when someone threatens at the top of his or her lungs to take this to a different level. Perhaps some of the businesses threatened to take action. Maybe there was legal threats.

What ever the case, this is yet another media coup that will prevent the citizens of California to see real statistics, real damning statistics, at the urging of the candidate the spot is exposing. Just sick and disappointing. Oh, wifeypoo "insisted" this ad be pulled and spoke to the people she blew to get this off the air.

What disgusting shitheads. Who the hell does he and his wife think they are? Just because they didnt like this 30 second ad airing on television (below, which by the way, tells the truth), they get to use their influence to get it taken off the air.
How do you like them apples-ladies and gentlemen?
This could be our next California Governor-arent you excited at the prospect of a dictator and his frauline running this state? Censoring everything they don't like.
It's fine to run spots that rip into other opponents running for the same office but don't say anything about this douche or he'll tell his union buddies.

I took the liberty of emailing John and Ken of KFI about how livid I was and suggested that they air this ad (to piss off Jerry "Lewis" Brown) everyday on the 5oclock hour, and they announced on friday, that that was precisely what they were going to do, and for free.

Highlight: Take notice of the great morph editing from the young Jerry (with hair) to the older Jerry of today (bald). THAT is quality work...

More links to Jerry the Sachole:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just a quick coffee break for our Sachole readers

Sacholes is happy to present you with fine analysis of California's political schemers, and we take pleasure in addressing the issues that may impact your daily life. It's a dirty, filthy job, but the writers of this site come from a dirty, filthy family. Enjoy the articles and thanks for helping us reach the 10K views marker quicker than any of our other blogs.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More California Sacholes: A History of Los Angeles Mayors

Life for Antonio Villaraigosa is not easy.  He wants to shut down the city a couple days of the month to avoid a complete meltdown.  Long story short - he just is not the businessman that former Mayor Richard Riordan was in the 90s.  But once again, we take a look back in history to a time when it all began for California - the 1850s were a treacherous time to walk the streets in Los Angeles.  Little attention to law as we know it was paid much tribute, and there wasn't a day that went by without someone getting blown away.  Ok, so that hasn't changed... But while there is little in the way of information on L.A.'s 1st official mayor, Alpheus Hodges (nobody even knows his birthday), Benjamin Wilson certainly made a name for himself by marrying a rich daughter of a wealthy man and bought up most of what is now known as meth-friendly Riverside County.  A few years later, Stephen C. Foster would take the seat as L.A. mayor, but would leave his position in favor of joining a lynch mob.  Nice.  

When he left office in 1993, many agreed that history would be kind to Mayor Tom Bradley.  Under his helm, LA had one of its finest events ever when it hosted the 1984 Olympics, which was by all measures, a huge success.  However, when it came down to pure stoic business poise, it was Richard Riordan who kept his nose clean (from what we know) and led LA to good times during his tenure.

1 Alpheus P. Hodges July 1, 1850May 7, 1851 1
2 Benjamin D. Wilson May 7, 1851 – May 4, 1852 1
3 John G. Nichols May 4, 1852 – May 3, 1853 
4 Antonio F. Coronel May 3, 1853 – May 4, 1854 
5 Stephen C. Foster May 4, 1854January 13, 1855
Stephen C. Foster January 25, 1855May 9, 1855
6 Dr. Thomas Foster May 9, 1855 – May 7, 1856
Stephen C. Foster May 7, 1856 – September 22, 1856
Manuel Requena, Council President September 22, 1856 – October 4, 1856
John G. Nichols October 4, 1856May 9, 1859
7 Damien Marchessault May 9, 1859 – May 9, 1860 
8 Henry Mellus May 9, 1860December 26, 1860
 – William Woodworth, Council President December 27, 1860 – January 7, 1861
 – Damien Marchessault January 7, 1861May 6, 1865 
9 Joseph Mascarel May 5, 1865 – May 10, 1866
10 Cristóbal Aguilar May 10, 1866 – December 7, 1868 
11 Joel Turner December 9, 1868 – December 9, 1870
Cristóbal Aguilar December 9, 1870 – December 5, 1872 
12 James R. Toberman December 5, 1872December 18, 1874
13 Prudent Beaudry December 18, 1874December 8, 1876 2
14 Frederick A. MacDougal December 8, 1876November 16, 1878
15 Bernard Cohn November 21, 1878December 5, 1878 
James R. Toberman December 5, 1878December 9, 1882
16 Cameron E. Thom December 9, 1882December 9, 1884
17 Edward F. Spence December 9, 1884December 14, 1886 
18 William H. Workman December 14, 1886December 10, 1888
19 John Bryson December 10, 1888February 25, 1889 
20 Henry T. Hazard February 25, 1889 – December 5, 1892
William H. Bonsall, Council President December 5, 1892 – December 12, 1892 
21 Thomas E. Rowan December 12, 1892December 12, 1894 
22 Frank Rader December 12, 1894December 16, 1896 
23 Meredith P. Snyder December 16, 1896December 15, 1898 
24 Fred Eaton December 15, 1898December 12, 1900
 – Meredith P. Snyder December 12, 1900December 8, 1904 
25 Owen McAleer December 8, 1904December 13, 1906 
26 Arthur C. Harper December 13, 1906March 11, 1909 
27 William D. Stephens March 15, 1909March 26, 1909 
28 George Alexander March 26, 1909July 1, 1913 
29 Henry Rose July 1, 1913July 1, 1915 
30 Charles E. Sebastian July 1, 1915September 2, 1916
31 Frederick T. Woodman September 5, 1916July 1, 1919
Meredith P. Snyder July 1, 1919July 1, 1921
32 George E. Cryer July 1, 1921July 1, 1929
33 John C. Porter July 1, 1929July 1, 1933
34 Frank L. Shaw July 1, 1933September 26, 1938
35 Fletcher Bowron September 26, 1938July 1, 1953 
36 C. Norris Poulson July 1, 1953July 1, 1961
37 Samuel W. Yorty July 1, 1961July 1, 1973
38 Thomas Bradley July 1, 1973July 1, 1993 
39 Richard J. Riordan July 1, 1993July 1, 2001 
40 James K. Hahn July 1, 2001July 1, 2005 
41 Antonio Villaraigosa July 1, 2005 – present

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sachole Idea (another one)

The California Assembly voted 43-22 Monday to raise the filing fee for any new ideas that would be placed on the voter ballot over the next six years from $200 to $2,000.

If the legislation becomes law, it would be the first time the fee will have been raised since it was imposed in 1943.

The bill's author, You will do what I say, Assemblywoman Lori Saldana- D. San Diego, says a higher fee is needed to "deter frivolous initiatives." (like recalling her ass)
She says many initiatives never make the ballot but cost the state money because the attorney general's office (Jerry Brown), has to review the proposed text(and he doesnt have time to actually do his job).

Republican lawmakers say a higher filing fee would make it difficult for individuals to advance their ideas. (thats the idea)

The bill now goes to the Senate, if they vote yea and Governor Schnitzel agrees to it, then its law.

So anything that we want to vote on for passage, Saldana is now trying to make it hard to get on the ballot - funny how her "bill" was introduced at this time when part time legislature would need voter passage and is one of those considered "frivoulous initiatives"

Look at the poor attempts the lawmakers (especially the demoncrate wacko tacos)are trying to throw back to fight any taxpayer attempts to control these weasals.
They truely think they know best.

How does that make you feel?

Friday, April 2, 2010

A History of California Sacholes: Governors

Reading the history of governors through their representation of Californians provides a ton of insight of how we've arrived in 2010, ever so ready to run Arnold out of town and shlep a new moron in to office. It's been 162 years of morons sans the brave few who stand out above the rest.

Starting from California's first idiot governor, Peter Burnett, who despite striking gold in Cali's gold rush was a harsh opponent of societal integration of blacks (he claimed to be anti-slavery, but proposed blacks be banned from states where he was employed) to the our current governor, Conan the Barbarian, there is a long list of idiots who weaseled their way into office.  Later this year California elects our 39th governor in the great Golden State, and it is possible that a prior governor is in the running. It's also interesting to note that Burnett, who has a major street in San Francisco named after him, lobbied hard for an immigrant tax that basically was aimed at Chinese who entered the Americas and work for low wages.  The proposal was to tax every immigrant worker $50 per year.

Here is a list of California's previous governors with links to each of their respective Wikipedia links. The best part of having the Wiki links is that for each governor is there is plenty of resources to go through and reach whatever particular issue of concern as it applies to the history of California.

Peter Hardeman Burnett December 20, 1849 January 9, 1851 Democratic
John McDougall January 9, 1851 January 8, 1852 Democratic
John Bigler January 8, 1852 January 9, 1856 Democratic
J. Neely Johnson January 9, 1856 January 8, 1858 American
John B. Weller January 8, 1858 January 9, 1860 Democratic
Milton Latham January 9, 1860 January 14, 1860 Lecompton Democratic
John G. Downey January 14, 1860 January 10, 1862 Lecompton Democratic
Leland Stanford January 10, 1862 December 10, 1863 Republican
Frederick Low December 10, 1863 December 5, 1867 Unionist Republican
Henry Huntly Haight December 5, 1867 December 8, 1871 Democratic
Newton Booth December 8, 1871 February 27, 1875 Republican
Romualdo Pacheco February 27, 1875 December 9, 1875 Republican
William Irwin December 9, 1875 January 8, 1880 Democratic
George Clement Perkins January 8, 1880 January 10, 1883 Republican
George Stoneman January 10, 1883 January 8, 1887 Democratic
Washington Bartlett January 8, 1887 September 12, 1887 Democratic
Robert Waterman September 12, 1887 January 8, 1891 Republican
Henry Markham January 8, 1891 January 11, 1895 Republican
James Budd January 11, 1895 January 4, 1899 Democratic
Henry Gage January 4, 1899 January 6, 1903 Republican
George Pardee January 6, 1903 January 9, 1907 Republican
James Gillett January 9, 1907 January 3, 1911 Republican
Hiram Johnson January 3, 1911 March 15, 1917 Republican/Progressive
William Stephens March 15, 1917 January 9, 1923 Republican
Friend Richardson January 9, 1923 January 4, 1927 Republican
Clement C. Young January 4, 1927 January 6, 1931 Republican
James Rolph Jr. January 6, 1931 June 2, 1934 Republican
Frank Merriam June 2, 1934 January 2, 1939 Republican
Culbert Olson January 2, 1939 January 4, 1943 Democratic
Earl Warren January 4, 1943 October 5, 1953 Republican
Goodwin Jess Knight October 5, 1953 January 5, 1959 Republican
Edmund Gerald "Pat" Brown, Sr. January 5, 1959 January 3, 1967 Democratic
Ronald Reagan January 3, 1967 January 6, 1975 Republican
Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown, Jr. January 6, 1975 January 3, 1983 Democratic
George Deukmejian January 3, 1983 January 7, 1991 Republican
Pete Wilson January 7, 1991 January 4, 1999 Republican
Joseph Graham "Gray" Davis January 4, 1999 November 17, 2003 Democratic
Arnold Schwarzenegger November 17, 2003 incumbent Republican