Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who Is Mary Nichols And Her Merry CARB Hijackers?

Mary Nichols is not a lone outlaw but the leader of a trained band of old hippies, liars, thieves, whores and tree worshippers-Appointed, not voted in, by that verified irritable bowel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, so he can get his way without a vote from "da people of Caul ee fornia".

Mary (the head crazed lunatic) is a reckless lady at times-so the need for a group of her peers is needed. Enter the California Air Resources Board.(CARB)

She'll sneak into the lives of Californians once too often with them and get caught by the taxpayers.
Or she'll pick a fight with the wrong taxpayer. And when the going gets rough, Mary blows three great blasts on her horn. That's when her Merry CARB gang appear. Some say they are a small group of outlaws. Others say there are hundreds of the Merry CARB gang.
Whatever the case, if it weren't for these sturdy yeomen,(and yeo-women),Gov. Butt Nugget Schwarzenegger, and attorney general Jerry Brown, they wouldn't last a week.

Remember to download a petition at the site to suspend the horrible AB32 dreamed up by CARB and Arnold, then send it in by the end of this month.

Good grief, enacting this AB32 will only destroy over a million jobs and raise electricity rates on everyone in California-this does not help with pollution at all-it is merely a way to get what they want, period.

They aren't robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, all ye who think the poor get a raw deal most of the time, they are trying to rob from EVERYONE (including you) and give to themselves.


Anonymous said...

"Good grief Charlie Brown."

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what happened?