Monday, October 8, 2012

Troy Edgar Sachole of the 72nd District

                Troy at work all official looking.                   Letting his hair down-Go Troy, Go Troy!

I wish I had split screen ability just for the above pictures. Troy Edgar the current Mayor of Los Alamitos. Holy shit, Poor Los Alamitos. I went to some debates last week between this Troy Edgar and Travis Allen who's not in office, a very astute businessman who wants no new taxes and smaller government, both running for State Senate (a 12 year term in Sacramento). You ever see something in person that you've read/heard about but never thought you'd see in person? I witnessed an actual arrogant Sachole with a side of douche nozzle turn into a slithering snake right before my eyeballs, I needed a shower. Let's get into this debate a little with some of my favorite highlights of the event: Allen big issue is no taxes, feels Californian's are taxed enough and was very indignant about prop DD - This DD prop. is regarding a utility tax which will raise cell phone usage from 0 to a 5% increase and which Edgar is evidently pushing. Edgar stated that DD decreases the TUT (telephone utility tax) from current 6% to 5% which is not an increase, it's a decrease-however it's for land lines he never did mention cell phones. Allen states that he signed The Taxpayer Protection Pledge (TPP states you promise not to raise taxes, which, I have a copy of signed 5/15/12) but, Edgar has not and will not sign. Edgar stated he did sign something (I didnt hear what he said) regarding no tax pledge but, according to him, "signing a TPP doesn't matter-only those with experience know that", One of my very favorite moments was when Edgar piped up that there is a difference between taxes and fees in that packed room of taxpaying KFI listeners - after the boos subsided, Moderator, Deborah Pauly asked both how they felt about prop 32 (against special interests)-Both were for it. Conceal licenses should be adopted-both agreed that there shouldn't be any gun control. Both felt pensions are out of control and California cant afford it, but honestly Edgar didn't seem as enthusiastic as Allen about this. Edgar stated he is endorsed by unions but has not received money from any, is endorsed by Moorlach, Royce, Silva, Harmon, Sheriff and the DA and felt endorsements only come to a person who is trusted-(If only I had heels on my shoe, that would hurt more if I was to lob it over) Allen is endorsed by a couple councilmembers who were present. Another big issue was when Allen was asked about endorsements, he brought up OC Weekly's story by R. Scott Moxley, about how mailers were made using corporate funds by Edgar, which Edgar tried to deny and say he printed himself to Moxley but was told by him that he had the receipts showing he printed them up professionally. Edgar was offered a rebuttal, which he refused, again, in a packed room of taxpaying citizens, stating Allen's comment wasn't worth an answer. Allen called him a criminal and that the people deserved to hear the answer. Drowning out Edgar's wife's snickers, Moderator Deborah stated SHE would ask the questions, so Edgar never answered that. The last question of the night came from someone in the room written on a card and read by moderator, it was “what 2 bills would be the first you would work on if elected” Allen answered lowering taxes/incentives to bring businesses back to California as reforming the regulations is needed . Edgar answered with some gooble de goop legaleze that sounded like double talk and never directly answered the question The asshat Edgar took every opportunity to let Allen know how much more experience in politics he has and the office of senate could only be run succesfully by someone with experience (by admission,Edgar has a whooping 6 years experience). I went up to Deborah Pauly after the debate and asked her why she wouldn't let Edgar answer the question about who paid for the mailers and she told me, she didn't have enough time as she wanted to squeeze in as many questions as possible. Please people in the 72nd district, I wouldn't vote for Edgar as HOA treasurer.