Monday, November 30, 2009


A Part Time Legislature!

This is your chance to be heard! We need to take back the CA Legislature by cutting them back to part time!

Let’s bring accountability to Sacramento.

Join John and Ken this Thursday from 2-7 pm at the Ayres Hotel Anaheim. Come and sign the petition and stay for the show! Take petitions with you to help gather signatures during the holidays. Let’s get this thing passed!

Ayres Hotel Anaheim
2550 E Katella Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806-5902
(714) 634-2106

Make a statement that both Republican and Democrat hacks need punishment! Punish them for not doing their jobs, raising our taxes and having a good time on our dime!

The petition includes languguage that include a 50% legislature salaries pay cut with the part time status.

This new language could potentially save the state tens of millions of dollars!

If you can't make it to the Anaheim Show on Thursday,

Click here to download a petition

and sign. Just be currently registered to vote somewhere in California.

Fight Back!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Turkey Gets A Pardon

Recall failure for Anthony "Mole-Eye" Adams

My initial thought was, "How could this happen?"

It seems like there are only three obvious possibilities,
all of them extraordinarily lucky for Anthony Adams,
who should by rights be facing a recall over his taking of the no new taxes pledge
only to turn around and vote for the largest tax increase in the history of any state.

1) A really unlucky pull of random signatures.
It's not likely that all of the "bad apples" (invalid signatures) in the bunch would be all stuck together --but it is not impossible.
Probably more likely that the Governor's subliminal FUCK YOU veto letter to Tom Ammiano was a coincidence.

2) Fraud by one of both Registrars of Voters.
From what I've heard, the ROV in San Bernardino is very honest-yeah, like I believe that crap-
I have little faith in anything that has ties to the Sacramento Sacholes/mafiosa.

3) Something stinky and/or corrupt occurred by the paid signaturegathering vendor
(who had guaranteed a validation rate and who was being paid to validate the signatures),

I guess there are other, less likely explanations.
But assuming that some grave error wasn't made by the ROV's or the Secretary of State:
It is extreeeemely unlikely that there will be a recall election of Adams.

So besides embarrassment for the people who were initiaters of the recall, what happens to Adams.

That will depend on whether someone wants to come forward and challenge him in his regular primary.
I think they would have a strong case to make if they chose to do so.
(PLEASE SOMEONE RUN, I don't beg often)

Quote from Adams regarding this failed recall:

"I'm elated. I'm euphoric," Adams said. (oh, oink, oink-you just paid off one of your buds in Sacramento to help you out)

"People generally don't like recalls," he said.
"I'm up for re-election in June, in the primary. Voters will have their say then."

(In your case people LOVE recalls, see you in June, the fact that you were actually put up for recall and got so many signatures to oust your butt, speaks volumes for the voters, just pack your carboard box-you arrogant M.F.)

Quote from Assembly GOP Minority Leader Sam Blakeslee of San Luis Obispo regarding the failed recall attempt for Adams:

"The recall process should be reserved for cases of corruption, abuse of power, and malfeasance in office."

(Sammy "the snake", another douchebag on the hill who is out of touch with the people, evidently isn't clear that Adams throwing Californians under the bus with increasing taxes after promising during his campaign not to if elected to office, is considered to be corruption, abuse of power, and malfeasance)

Adams, it's NOT over, yet. I am a voter, and I want your lying, no good, lard ass, out of California politics and out of my wallet.

Viva la part-time legislature bill.

UC System is WACK

So the children at UCLA are whining about getting slapped with a 32% tuition hike handed down by those fools who run the show, namely, asshole UC's President Mark Yudof.  This fool blames the state for the lack of funding, which must now be covered by students more worried about legalized weed, or at least reconciling what the big fuss is about, than asking their parents for more money.

Well, guess what.  These institutions are more flawed than what we are led to believe thanks to all the retarded media reports that are more interested in taking photos of desparate students screaming to take back the big financial burden.  None of them were complaining of deeper seeded problems, after all, the state as it stands now only finances 15% of the UC system's cash.

The rest is from allocations and privatized funding.  Because private money is, well, where the money is to be grabbed.  Every time tuition is raised, there goes along with it the possibility of students on the financial fringe get cut out of the game.  This problem really took off 3 decades ago, a time when tuition costs took the up elevator and resulted in an even higher number of upper and middle class students.  The poor got shut out and the trend has not slowed.  This is a big reason why GDIs (goddamned independents, as we used to call them...) hate that whole college game.   

Sorry for the gross incivility, but University of California Board of Regents chair Russell Gould is an absolute liar that deserves being exposed.   How many of those students out in Westwood were shouting for his head to be on a stick?  The former head of Wachovia (garbage dump) Bank is certainly part of the problem because these regents pushed for investing in mortgage-backed securities and land investments, and the UC system has lost $23 billion over the last two years. Private investing, not federal cuts are the problem that got them in this mess.  Furloughs, class reductions and layoffs are just part of the damage being done because of risky investments.  The UC system has already received record funding payments from the federal government thanks to the stimulus injection.

There is a lot to be exposed and if those students had half a brain, they'd do some real research for once and figure out what the REAL problem is here, and go after those broken promises and corrupt money hungry liars.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who will Win Mike "Spanky" Duvall's Ass. Seat?

Not Linda Ackerman. (saints be praised)
In today's Special Primary Election to replace Mike Duvall who resigned after a video surfaced showing and HEARING him (there goes my spaghetti) bragging about the details of his sexual exploits with a lobbyist in a conversation with a co-snake, here are the results:

Vote Count Percentage
CHRIS NORBY (REP) 10,401 35.9%
JOHN MACMURRAY (DEM) 7,985 27.6%
LINDA ACKERMAN (REP) 5,895 20.3%
RICHARD FAHER (REP) 3,841 13.3%
JANE RANDS (GRN) 855 3.0% (ya did good, girl)

Looks like Chris Norby,R (Orange County Supervisor), John MacMurray, D (a teacher in La Habra)and Jane Rands, GRN (a systems engineer), will be duking it out for that prestigious title of Assemblywhore of the 72nd district-which includes all of Fullerton, Brea and Placentia and parts of Anaheim, Yorba Linda, La Habra and Orange.

The general election will be held on January 12.
Oh boy, another election to vote in yet another lying, no good douchebag to Sacramento. I haven't heard any news stories that described utter chaos in the streets of Yorba Linda since Duvall left. Guess we can get along fine without them, who knew?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Go Away, Please

Yes, at last, an organized grassroots campaign has begun for a part time legislature in California:

"Our full-time Legislature has failed the people of California. The result is a Legislature dominated by career politicians beholden to special interests.
A part-time Legislature will replace professional politicians with citizen legislators and break the stranglehold of these special interests.

Full-time politicians are completely out of touch with the people they represent. By shortening the legislative season, we will take power away from Sacramento and return it to our local communities to ensure that legislators have a better sense of the needs of their communities"

Of course you have your typical hack naysayers who are afraid of us.

Some of the retired pond scum and some still employed oil spots, from the hill, fearing for their jobs, have started their own campaign including a website called, "Californians for an Effective Legislature", this is, as they condescendingly remark, "in order to put out the brush fire before it begins",
(meaning they are trying to squelch tax payers attempts to get the part time legislature to pass) and is designed to advise anyone who is dumb enough to listen to the incoherent ramblings of these mentally challenged boobs,
that it wouldn't be prudent to have a part time legislature, after all, "we need professional legislators who know what they are doing, not amatuers, for we ARE the seventh largest economy with a 131 billion dollar budget". (WTF? $131 billion budget??)

Leading this fight against a part time legislature is one of the many big throbbing weeners of Sacramento, democratic strategist and ex spokeshole for Gray "Rigamortis" Davis, Steve Maviglio.

Legislators, who know what they're doing? You call what we have now in Sacramento, legislators who know what they're doing?
They couldn't find their ass with an ass map.

Shit, they're already working part-time and getting paid for full-time.

None of these power hungry baboons represent their constituents, they serve only their own private interests and those who scratch their backs or, in some cases, their dicks.

They are ALL a bunch of stinking douchebags and should be kicked out of office.

Worried about amatuers taking over, are you?
Currently in office are ineffective, bone headed, pathetic ninny's who are unable to do the right thing at anytime-they are always late with budgets, they spend thousands of tax dollars to fly to Hungary to teach folk how to play poker online, and, in order to get more "revenue", to foot the bill for more of this nonsense, they tax people some more, stating that extra money is needed desparately for (clutching their pearls dramatically), overcrowded classrooms.

Scoring, whoring and duty-bound only to their beloved, bribing lobbyists, they have left all Californians and the state in utter shambles.

Not only do they deserve to go, but these criminals should be getting their salads tossed in a shower stall at a federal prison.

"seventh largest economy in the world". They really think we're a bunch of dumb toothless yokies with pet goats living in our trailers.

We're a STATE not a country. Its not like we have a military or our own currency, we certainly SHOULDN'T have a $131-billion budget.
10 years ago it was half that number, so bragging about how much money is spent only MAKES the case for a part time legislature.

Where do I light my match to get this part time legislature brush fire started?

Steve Maviglio and gang, we voting Californians are not buying your bullshit as a matter of fact, we are tired of your lying, abusive, thieving, worthless behaviors and you can look forward to a "wildfire" very soon.

With all your money, when it comes down to it, you can only vote once and there are more of us than there are of you.
Say Bu-Bye. Thats a good whore.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Egg i nator

Below is a video from 2003.
This is the funniest shit I've seen in a while regarding Arnold, especially when he gets an egg loped at him, and then some guy tries hard to shout at the arrogant dumbshit during his speech only to be screeched at by some scary looking 1970's stoner to "shut it".
Bet scary stoner dude is wanting to kick himself in the ass now.

BTW, when Arnold took over as Gov'nor in 2003, California
was 3 billion in the hole, today, it's a 26 billion deficit and growing.

News today from the Sacbee...

Arnold defended $11.1 billion in borrowing as a critical investment in the state's water future. He said the money would help leverage an additional $25 billion to $30 billion in federal funds.

And he denied that money heading toward local water projects were pork projects

"A lot of times people call something pork when in fact it is for something really important," Schwarzenegger said. "For instance, I asked for $1 billion to clean the water ... it is very important to take care of that and there are so many cities across California that have problems with water and need to clean their water."
(you mean, "for instance, I ask for $1 billion to clean my egg stained suits")

Liquid Ass in Mission Viejo is no prank

There are smelly places travelers have warned tourists about, but there is a story that reminded me of a video I had seen a while ago about a girl who moved here to Los Angeles and found.... a stinky, filthy city. In fact, there are plenty of cities in California that smell awful. 

In Mission Viejo, residents are rightly pissed off at the nasty, foul water stench leaving people on the verge of pukage. For two weeks, residents have been inhaling the effects of sulfides in the lake which are causing a nasty odor eminating from the Upper Oso Reservoir.  The residents took their complaints to the Mission Viejo city hall to voice their concerns.

Dan Ferons is the water district's chief engineer. He initially underestimated the impact of his body odor of the stench when he estimated the smell to be gone within 2-7 days. Michele Miller, spokeswoman for the Santa Margarita Water District, today revealed a plan to eliminate the vomitous tingle in the air but would not speculate on when the air will return to normal.

Sounds like another job for FEMA.  Not.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New Spokeswoman for Verizon and Hugh Hefner

Maria Shriver
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
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OMG...did you see her feed Stephen ice cream then lick the same spoon he ate off of, like she was auditioning for a porno?

Nice ice breaker at the next PTA meeting. Or how about showing that video at a bachelor party for one of Arnold's buddies?

So when she realized she ate something I wonder if she made herself puke.

Did Attorney General Jerry Brown's team do something wrong?

When Scott Gerber recorded six conversations with five different reporters secretly, the dubious action may not exactly been as Kosher as the rest of Governor hopeful Jerry Brown's team would like us to think.

The problem is that recording someone without his or her consent is against the law.  However, Gerber's actions were based on the theory that recording someone without letting the person know while being interviewed on the record is an exclusion to the rule.   HAHA, gotcha dummies!  He recorded your ass legally!

Well, not exactly, says Peter Scheeeeeeeeeeer, executive director of the San Rafael-based First Amendment Coalition, which advocates for press freedoms.  Flanagan v. Flanagan was a supreme court case that ended with the ruling that no person, under any circumstance, can be recorded without consent.

There's a great way to get people on your side, Jerry.  Fight for the fine black print, and protect what may possibly be a failed attempt at skirting the law (Gerber has since QUIT)  because what the people of California need now is some sneak ass politician fucking around with reporters.

California Penal Code Section 632 prohibits the recording of private telephone conversations without consent, and the state is one of 12 states that require notification of all parties prior to taping. 

These five recorded sessions were by no means isolated, but Gerber has already offered to contact all involved parties.  Should we get cynical and assume not all parties will ever be contacted?  Fuck it, we're just a blog so we're gonna call bullshit and move on.

Get your game on, Jerry Brown.  You old billy goat, shouldn't you know better by now?  This ain't the Nixon era anymore, you fool.  

Read the Sac Bee story here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Uhhhhhh.....Candy Gram

Just in time for Christmas-10% more will be withheld from paychecks to cover the states $1.7 billion shortfall in the budget, starting November 1st (trick or treat from the hill) and there is no word that this TAXATION will only be for the rest of this year, it sounds to me like it's to last as long as the Sac-whore's can get away with stealing your money- and who's to say it will continue to be 10% next time?

The dirty, oily mobsters say it isn't a tax increase, it's just an interest free loan that we will recover in April when we file our taxes. So that's how they got away with taxing us with just majority instead of 2/3 vote.

Usually before I give out a loan, I'm asked. If I say no, it isn't taken from me anyway. When the government or mafiosa are involved, they just take what they want.
Just break my kneecaps and get it over with.

Once again, get the fuck out of my wallet, you sleazy carnivores, how about getting rid of 10% of the ILLEGAL aliens? or cutting your bloated salaries and pensions by 10%

So, fight back, get your 10% back from these weasels by claiming more exemptions-there are links to download the form you need to do this on KFI: click the below link which will get you to KFI then download the form you need. I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of them thinking they can do anything they want to us and we will just lay down and take it-like a good sheep. BAA-BAA.

Then send Arnold a letter and tell him and his gang to go piss up a rope.

California State Worker Claims Union Thugs Beat Him Silly

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The new breed of women politicians just don't give a toot

Carly Fiorina has announced that she is now officially running for California Senator.  She will be powwowing with Chuck Devore and Barbara Boxer.  In the early stages it will mostly be Devore and Fiorina trying to beat up on Boxer, who has seen California slump into the pits of hell during her tenure.

Fiorina, who studied medieval history and philosophy while at Stanford (she also has a MBA and M.S. in business) also claims she did not have any passion for politics, and like Governor hopeful Meg Whitman, didn't even register to vote until after a few decades of eligibility.

Fiorina's weak stand on environment matches that of Whitman's too.  She states in her OC Register column, "40,000 California farmers and farm workers in our Central Valley are out of work because we can’t find a balance between protecting our environment and protecting the economy.”

Her tumultuous tenure as head of HP and pathetic voting record was questioned at the Washington Post, and like Chuck Devore, is relatively unknown. If California consisted only of Orange County, the Central Valley, and the so-called Inland Empire, Carly might have a shot.  She has been seen already contradicting herself more than once (she said spending must be curbed, also noted Obama's stimulus was too small) but everyone is looking at her ramming the head of HP into the ground after overseeing their merger.

In the early going, it appears she's going to get torn apart, but politics in California is in a desperate situation, so let us watch the bloodshed and see who comes out ahead...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Governor's Happy Meal

Yep, Arnold's breakfast-snapped with his cell phone camera on October 12th 2009 and Twittered.

Could he be more of a big square headed buffoon?

Hey, you giant testicle, you just raised California taxes to the highest rate in history and are forcing an extra 10% state withholding on everyone's paycheck-that is, on those of us that still have a job.
Nice of you to show that you don't have a care in the world. Now, eat your blueberry eyes. DOES he comb his hair so the horns don't show?