Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The new breed of women politicians just don't give a toot

Carly Fiorina has announced that she is now officially running for California Senator.  She will be powwowing with Chuck Devore and Barbara Boxer.  In the early stages it will mostly be Devore and Fiorina trying to beat up on Boxer, who has seen California slump into the pits of hell during her tenure.

Fiorina, who studied medieval history and philosophy while at Stanford (she also has a MBA and M.S. in business) also claims she did not have any passion for politics, and like Governor hopeful Meg Whitman, didn't even register to vote until after a few decades of eligibility.

Fiorina's weak stand on environment matches that of Whitman's too.  She states in her OC Register column, "40,000 California farmers and farm workers in our Central Valley are out of work because we can’t find a balance between protecting our environment and protecting the economy.”

Her tumultuous tenure as head of HP and pathetic voting record was questioned at the Washington Post, and like Chuck Devore, is relatively unknown. If California consisted only of Orange County, the Central Valley, and the so-called Inland Empire, Carly might have a shot.  She has been seen already contradicting herself more than once (she said spending must be curbed, also noted Obama's stimulus was too small) but everyone is looking at her ramming the head of HP into the ground after overseeing their merger.

In the early going, it appears she's going to get torn apart, but politics in California is in a desperate situation, so let us watch the bloodshed and see who comes out ahead...


merijoe said...

Chuck Devore said in the meeting the other day that Carly is able to generate "big" numbers on checks written to her for her campaign at a shot and turns her stuck up nose at Chuck who gets 50.00, 20.00 at a time- campaign donation (but he has gotten alot of these, 50.00, 20.00 checks)

whoops-she sounds nice, doesnt she?

jsm said...

is this what California gets? apathetic morons with nothing better to do except find ways to blow major amounts of dough? did you hear ol' Meg has already blown through about 20 mil and the election is 7 months away? these aren't your normal people we're finding to represent normal people.

insanity at its finest.

merijoe said...

what do they do with the money anyway?

They seem to equate the more money obtained the more they get closer to a win. Not understanding that.
Why? cause they can buy more tv spots? what is the thinking here?

And even if a person gives a million dollars donation, they can only vote once.

wc varones said...

Fiorina was a disaster at HP. And she sucked up to McCain last year. Her only qualification is that she has a lot of money.

Melrose Iranical said...

I heard she bombed a few interviews in the past couple weeks. This is going to be one messed up year for california politics

merijoe said...

her name sounds like arnold trying to say, california