Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger The Worst Man Alive?

There are FEW people on a worse run than former CA Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Publicity has been ugly for him going back just a short while ago when he commuted the sentence of a murderer, who also happened to be his buddy, Fabian Nunez' son.  Ew.  He didn't tell the parents of the victims.  Ew.  The murderer pleaded guilty for a plea bargain to begin with. Ew.

Ok, I had to just try my hardest to forget about that problem, and let justice prevail, but wouldn't you know it, his longtime ugly wife, bailed on him and so of course that delayed my "erasing" of that asshole. 

This would have been a case of who-gives-a-shit, but then we all had to hear the noise that his off-red colored hair plugs would soon be on display once again on the big screen!  

I'm only slightly happy I have never had acid splashed on my face right about now.

You'd think that HAD to be it.  Fin.  Right?  

Oh give me a fucking break.  Seriously.  How much worse timing could that idiot have?  That with the arrest of chief of the IMF for supposedly raping a maid, it is just not going to let me ever forget what he did to California. 

Absolute bombshell.  If this guy goes on to a continued successful movie career, I'm just going to have to shut down the internet, tv, radio,and turn that damn cell phone off and move to a cave.