Thursday, December 31, 2009

Curb Their Enthusiasm-News From The Governor's Budget 2009-10

Revenue Estimates-Governor’s Budget 2009-10

"Spending growth has contributed to the budget gap. For much of the last decade, state spending grew faster than population and inflation."
(thank you, captain No Shit).
WHOOP, WHOOP...Greedy Sachole Alert -here's a suggestion-a part time legislature.

"California’s budget situation is likely to remain challenging for some time for two reasons.
First, while the economic forecast projects a recovery from the recession will begin next year, the recovery is not expected to be as robust as in past years.
Second, some of the solutions to the budget crisis are one‑time, or of limited duration.
Preliminary projections for the coming fiscal year suggest that the state will face a significant budget shortfall; perhaps in the $7 to 8 billion

Proposal to Increase Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License Fees:

The Budget proposes an increase of $12 per vehicle to the registration fee to support state vehicle registration operations.
Vehicle License Fee (VLF) revenues will in turn be directed to local public
safety programs.
Additionally, the Budget also proposes an increase of $3 to the
driver’s license fee, which will generate an estimated $16.5 million in budget year.
The revenues will fund the increased costs of new driver license/identification/sales
person cards, as well as increased DMV staffing costs.

For 2009‑10, baseline revenues are expected to decline further to $86.3 billion, a 1.4‑percent decrease from
With the Administration’s revenue proposals for addressing the budget
shortfall, revenues are estimated to be $91.1 billion in the current year and $97.7 billion in
budget year.

Impressive, aint it? all those increases that "the budget proposes" on all of us.

I recently went to a public meet and greet of my county supervisor here in Orange County-when Q&A came around, I raised my paw and asked her "nicely" what she did all day..her response-"meetings" (I almost threw my shoe at her).

Those greedy moochers on the hill just take, take, take our taxmoney and then, with obvious time to, spend, spend, spend-it.
What we can do for California, is to get back to the part time legislature.

Download a petition.
A million signatures are needed by March 1st to get this on the ballot. I've got mine signed and plan to circulate more petitions.


Remember-don't give these Holes any reason to not count your petition
1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.
4-be registered to vote in California

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Full Time, My Ass

For nearly 120 years, California had a part-time Legislature.

In 1966, a new Volkswagen Beetle cost $1,825, gas was 34 cents a gallon and California's legislators were part-time.

Then in November of that year, with the voters’ approval, California’s Legislature became full time.

43 years later, what we have in office are ineffective, bone headed, pathetic ninny's who are unwilling to do the right thing at anytime if it's not to their advantage.
Always late with budgets, thousands of tax dollars spent to fly to Hungary to teach folks how to play poker online, and, legislative bills to tax every plastic bag you use to bring the food home that you just bought from the grocery store, and, in order to get more "revenue" to pay for more of this nonsense, their answer is to tax us some more, stating that extra money is needed desperately for (wink, wink), overcrowded classrooms.

Scoring, whoring and duty-bound only to their beloved, bribing lobbyists, those full timers have left all Californians and the state in utter shambles and don't care.

Says Democratic Douchebag, Steven Maviglio, executive fucktard of, Californians for an Effective Legislature,
"the goal of organizing against the initiative (of part time legislature) in its infancy is to nip it in the bud,
to expect someone to walk in with 30 days of experience and try to solve a billions-of-dollars budget deficit, complex water policy and education issues is absurd,"

Says 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee, Steve Poizner,
"I don't think we want professional politicians running our state.
I think we want people that come from the trenches ... people that have successful careers,
they have a paycheck coming from someplace else, then they can go to Sacramento at that part
of their career in order to devote themselves to public service."

Says Merijoe, writer of the Sacholes blog,
"you call what we have now in Sacramento, legislators who know what they're doing?
They couldn't find their asses with an ass map. Shit, they're already working part-time and getting paid for full-time,
California managed to survive with a part time legislature during the depression-I believe that was considered a major crisis"

It's time to go back to part time legislature before we aren't able to afford to pay attention.
Download a petition- A million signatures are needed by March 1st to get this on the ballot.


Remember-don't give these Holes any reason to not count your petition
1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.
4-be registered to vote in California

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ready For A Part Time Legislature?

"California would gain much, and lose virtually nothing by disenfranchising our full time legislature and replacing it with part time citizen-legislators. It would be significantly less expensive. It could lead to the extinction of a class of privilege. Most importantly a return to a part time legislature would probably result in legislative representatives who actually represent their constituents instead of their own special interests. The added bonus is that the current variety of myopic, petty power addicted pols would have less time, incentive, and money to do further harm to we the people."

This is from, hold on to your bling, a 1998 article, written by Geoff Metcalf the Editor of
He's a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the United States Army Reserves, and was at one time a nationally syndicated radio talk show host based in Washington, D.C.

Note how the article mentions Tony, the Snake, Villar's distaste of a part time legislature back when he was a mere speaker and not the great genius mayor AKA-throbbing weasel, he is today.

"The cost to maintain the royal duchies of legislators is about $200-million per year NOT COUNTING PENSIONS."
(these are 1998 figures-it's way more now)

click here for the article

Download and sign a petition - put an end to this great "con" once and for all-this truly is the only way we can get California back on th right track financially-stopping the spending is a requirement not an option, something the politicians can't seem to bring themselves to understand let alone act upon.
A million signatures are needed by March 1st to get this on the ballot.


Remember-don't give these Holes any reason to not count your petition
1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.

Oh yeah, be registered to vote in California.

Friday, December 25, 2009

California Mooching

California has been reduced to begging from the federal government. Click here for the article.

How embarrassing.

Hey, no matter how much help the feds give, there will be no end to the state's fiscal crisis until these clowns on the hill stop spending money.
Time for tough love from Washington.

Because the Sac-hole jackasses can still tax us for money, state bankrupcy is not an option, per the courts.
Now is the time for Schwarznegger to talk to that hyper guy in the question mark suit to find out if the state will qualify for some sort of federal grant program.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Writing your representatives and not letting down your guard

Just in case you thought we were too busy being lazy bums spouting at our mouths and not REALLY doing anything about the political bullshit happening around us, I thought I would show you, the reader, an example of digging in to your representatives and FORCE them to be transparent in their actions.  Especially in the case of M.R. Thomas who had his big dumb $1 million office remodeling idea rejected like a Calabasas redhead.  Of course this took TWO votes, because the other jerkwads (all CC'd in the email exchanges below) were too pussified to vote against originally for fear of retaliation.

Sachole Writer, Merijoe sent the following letter to Gloria Molina and co. on December 17th:

From: merijoe
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 6:23 PM
To: Gloria Molina
Cc: Don Knabe; Michael D. Antonovich; Yaroslavsky, Zev; The Office of Mark Ridley-Thomas
Subject: You seriously dont care, do you?

Over $700,000, and potentially over $1 million dollars on office renovations. Really? You are okay with giving 2 thumbs up for this nonsensical waste of taxpayer money?

There is no correct answer you could possibly give to justify this overindulgent, ridiculously overinflated use of taxpayer money.  None.

No one, (other than Ridley-Thomas, his staff and obviously you other stupivisors who voted to go ahead with this),  agrees with the use of that money for fancy office renovations.

Don't say you "care" if you "cared" AYE wouldn't have come out of your pie holes-surely someone who really "cared" would have said NAY when it was time to vote for this obscenity.

There must be a school gymnasium, or two, out there that needs refinishing,
some LA schools can't provide toilet paper to the students- of course, your thinking is Cherrywood, a walkin closet and a kitchenette are far more important than having to wipe your butt with leaves.

How about donating that million dollars to a couple of abused women shelters or a few missions, downtown

I assure you that even if you decided to fly to a 3rd world country to feed and clothe everyone, supply everyone with medical treatment and teach english to everyone, if you allow one penny to be spent on this office thing, you will always be remembered here for what you did and didn't do and good luck staying in office. all of you.

PS- Im sure you all are up to no good too, and thats why you aren't  doing anything but nodding your head in agreement with the other creeps in that office.

We are watching you are not going to get away with anything you want anymore...
Yeah, in the immortal words of that fool, Mark RT,

Great form!  That is how you do it people.  Something bothering you in your community?  Use that letter as a template, mix with water, chill.   It took a week, but Michael Antonovich did respond to Merijoe here:

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 10:43 AM, Michael D. Antonovich <> wrote:  

Thank you for your recent E-mail.  This action has been rescinded on a unanimous vote.

Folks, these political misfits are the worst type of beast.  They know what they can get away with against potholes who don't mind getting run over.  They do it because they can, there has to be no signs of weakness to get these monsters to do serve the people as is expected of them.  Stay on top of them like Merijoe did here:

From: merijoe
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 11:51 AM
Subject: Re: You seriously dont care, do you?
To: "Michael D. Antonovich" <>

NOT ENOUGH.  This one project was recinded because of the verbal beatdown you were all getting, but MRT still plans on using taxpayer money for  fancy updates, this time, one update at a time so it doesnt draw attention...  what will be done about this sneaky attempt to mug a taxpayer?

And why did no one talk to any news people about this? you are little children who got your toys taken away-and dont want to acknowledge any of this sham.  We pay for your salary and deserve a public statement. 

And, what is this descretionary fund about? 3 million dollars of taxpayer money so you can do what you want?

Do you people not realize or care that taxpaying people would love a refund from this "descretionary"  fund made up of taxpayer money that you are allowed to do anything you want with?

That's what I'm talking about.  The original decision to allow Thomas to spend a million taxpayer dollars like it was OWED to him was the first major flaw.  Not being able to come forward and tell the people these are exactly the types of spending sprees and misuse of public money we want to avoid both in GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, the Stupidvisors had their little vote, and it was reported, that Gloria Mole-ina quickly made a motion to recind the renovation project with a hurried second to the motion made by tub-of-lard himself, Shister-Thomas.
Here's what she inaudibly mumbled in about 15 seconds flat, with her face staring down at the paper on the desk,

"At the request of Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, refer back the actions taken by the Board on item number 17 from the December 1, 2009 meeting to approve and establish Capital Project No. 87080 to the Chief Executive Officer."

(For all us buck tooth goat lovin hillybillies, that thar means the Board reversed its approval of the construction work order)

Like a narcissistic spoiled brat with entitlement issues whose dad just took his BMW keys away, fatty two-by-four didn't make appologizes for his selfish actions, instead he stated he is going to have his office redone little by little, the carpeting, the painting, the kitchenette, the cherrywood, the walkin closet would all be done a little at a time and quietly, so as not to attract attention. Still taxpayer money, but those raggedy doorknobs are a "safety issue" and they will keep haunting him until they are all replaced, so taxpayer money, be damned.

Evidently, these 5 shitholes get $3 million a year of taxpayer money each, to do/buy whatever they want. (yeah, WHY that much?)

I thought only cell phone minutes rolled over, it looks like the 3 million a year-petty cash fund does too.

So what are they "really" doing with all that mula after their year is up and they still have...oh, 1 million left?
ARE they rolling it over? and, if so, for what reason?
Or, like Oprah, are they spending it every year on new cars for everyone in the office?
This needs further investigation, and, BTW, I don't want fatso spending a dime of taxpayer money on any renovations for an office that is in great shape-that he said was 6400 square feet but was found to actually be 4000 square feet.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

LA Stupidvisors Set to Vote Again on Tuesday 9AM

Shitley-Thomas is being "urged to reconsider and change his mind" regarding the $707,000 office renovation by the other 4 kumquats, who didn't think there would be as much of a crap storm by angry people, as there has been.

They have been heard stating they regret their vote that approved this remodel, they don't want to be associated with the renovation-and as a special treat, an "I'm taking it back" vote, has been added to Tuesday's agenda.

Here is what I found on the LA County Board of Stupidvisors website under "agenda"

"December 22, 2009
30-C. ADD:
At the request of Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, refer back the actions
taken by the Board on item number 17 from the December 1, 2009,
meeting to approve and establish Capital Project No. 87080 to the
Chief Executive Officer. (09-2876)"

Though I don't speak "runaround, fancy legal-politican-ese" or have a degree in poli-sci, and I don't see the word "renovation" anywhere, I'm assuming this is it.

Way to make it real with normal wording-jacknuts...
see how those holes lull voting people into a coma with their deceitful, incoherent, boring, makes you want to stick- your- finger- in- a- light socket, language-that may mean something or might not, just so they can do whatever they want?

Okay-whatever, Mark, we're watching you, AND this vote. Fucking white collar thief.

In case anyone is interested:
The meetings of the Board of Supervisors are open to the public.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Ok, Maybe I'll Scale Back" Much to Ridley-Thomas's Better Judgement

The John & Ken Show on KFI has lambasted Ridley-Thomas and encouraged listeners to call and e-mail the supervisors to express outrage.
The board offices have been inundated with hundreds of e-mails and phone calls. HAHA

"We are going to keep banging on this, co-host John Kobylt said in an interview,
they always assume we are going to get tired and go away.
We are going to take this right up to Christmas and after Christmas we'll be back. If we have to do a show in front of their offices, we'll do that.
This is abusive."

In the attached article Mark Ridley-Thomas states "he is seeking an independent assessment from an outside firm to determine if the project should be pared back." (Bet Mark is wondering if this "independent outside firm" takes bribes)

Click here for the article

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Annoying spoiled brat, Stupidvisor Mark Ridley-Thomas (even his name is annoying), in response to the multiple angry emails and phone calls regarding the 707,000 office renovation, attempted to do some damage control by posting on his website some of the more common quesions people are asking and the lame "answers" to the questions written by his paid spokesholes, or, what I refer to as the big pile of suckin' lies.


1. Why does it cost $707,000?-(as heard in the audio below there is nothing wrong with his office)

2. How can you spend money on your office during this economic recession?
(again, there is nothing wrong with his damn office other than the lack of a walkin closet, cherrywood and diamond studded doorknobs)

3. Why not spend this money to support community groups in your district?
(I dont care that at one time you visited some hobo's under a bridge, gave them 5 dollars and a hot cup of coffee-does that mean you're done?)

4. Why have you spent so much more on office remodeling than other Supervisors have in recent years?
(Huh? he's newly elected? WTF? and so-more reason for him to sit down and shut up)

5. Are you spending an additional $300,000 on furniture?
(yes, avoid the question with "we don't know how much things will cost")

6. Why do you need to prepare meals in your office?
(Go to the cafeteria in the building before it closes)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Gentlemen Prefer Cherrywood

Mark Ridley-Thomas claims he wants to spend $1 MIL on his office because "THOSE DAYS" are over. (Hey, Mark.. this is NOT a civil rights issue, asshole!)

Call his office, tell him the reason you DO NOT want him to spend $1 MILLION on office renovations is not because of his color.

Click Here-The ex project manager is interviewed today. Hear what he says about stupidvisor, Mark Ridley Thomas's office

Friday, December 11, 2009

Mark Ridley Thomas And the $707,000 Office Renovation-continued

Here is the copy of an email that was sent from concerned citizen, "Brian", to several L.A. County offices including that of boneheaded, fat slob, Mark Ridley Thomas.

Also, for your review, I have attached the link (below in red) that will give you a video tour and glance into poor Mark RT's office that he says needs a $707,000 ren-o. The camera scans his office at the 2 minute mark of the video, check it out yourself, see if you think he even needs $10 of paint, let alone $707,000 for a redo.

From: Brian
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 4:56 PM
To: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: Let them eat cake

I cannot believe that in December 2009, with the country, the state of CA, and the City of Los Angeles all having the worst economic crisis that has happened in my lifetime, that there would be a politician disgusting enough to spend over $700,000, and potentially over $1 million dollars on office renovations. What is wrong with you? And to the supervisors who voted to approve this expenditure with apparently no questions asked, what is wrong with all of you?

I have never had much regard for politicians, I’ve always assumed that most of them didn’t care in the least about the people that they’re supposed to be representing and that they were just in it for the money, power, perks, and ego gratification. But even with my low regard, I am truly stunned that one of them would be so positively vulgar as to try to create such a lavish monument to his overinflated ego in this economy, while the people of his district are struggling to put food on the table, or buy a single Christmas present for their child, or keep a roof over their heads. How many salaries could be paid with a million dollars a year? How many homes could be saved from foreclosure with a million dollars? How many families could eat for a month with a million dollars? Yet, instead of using this TAXPAYER money to help people in your district, you’re spending it on Herman Miller furniture and a domed ceiling for your lobby? Have you no shame? No conscience?

And then to hear Don Knabe being interviewed on the radio, and his completely dismissive attitude toward it all was just infuriating. Hey Don, saying “I take responsibility for my vote” doesn’t mean ANYTHING. You, as well as the other supervisors have the power to prevent this kind of blatant middle finger to the citizens of Los Angeles, THAT’S WHY YOU HAVE TO VOTE ON IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. You can’t say that it’s his money, he can do what he wants with it. It is not his money, it is MY money. My taxes should be used to make life better for all of the citizens of Los Angeles, they should not be used for some asshole who is completely out of touch with the needs of his constituents to build a monument to himself. That shouldn’t happen in a good economy, and it sure as hell shouldn’t be happening in a bad one.

You are public servants, you don’t need a luxurious office to do your job, you need a functional one. Paint the walls, put in some durable carpet or Pergo, hang a few prints on the wall, get some sturdy, moderately priced office furniture, buy some dividers and create some cubicles, and call it a day.

I am sick and tired of this kind of wasteful stuff. I’m just an average guy in Los Angeles and it seems like every time I hear anything about something a politician is doing, it’s never anything that benefits me or enhances my quality of life. I just have to keep putting out more and more money so greedy politicians can live a life of luxury, while making all their decisions based on the wants of some special interest group, or some labor union, or build a subway that goes ALMOST to the airport, but not quite because that would just make too much sense. I have to listen to the Mayor ramble on about green, green, green while he’s not even following the water saving ordinances he put in place. I have to watch the governor ramble on about the same thing, while he’s flying his private jet all over the place and doing more damage to the environment in a single day than I could do in an entire year.

And the worst part is, even after the financial meltdown of the past 2 years, it seems like nobody has learned a damn thing from it all. It’s still that same greedy politician mentality of me, me, me, me, and screw the rest of you all. Sorry that you can’t afford formula for your baby because you haven’t been able to find a job in the past year, but dammit, I want my $1500 desk and $800 chair!

It’s completely revolting and I can guarantee you that I’m going to spread the word. People are waking up. Unfortunately we can’t storm the palace and bring you to the guillotine like Marie Antoinette experience when she had the same attitude toward her people, but you will get yours the next time your name appears on a ballot.

Shame on you all.

Pictures of his, according to Mark, skanky ass, not as good as the other supervisors, office that needs a $707,000 face lift- click

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lame Runner - Mark Ridley Thomas

Ahh, the holiday season! Ain't it great when all those greedy morons in office can take a step back, and look at the high unemployment rates, hiring freezes, cuts in education - oh you name it, anything that makes you wonder what is going to be done to help these folks out a little.

What should a city supervisor do with $700,000 of spare change?

Per his office "Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas plans to use the money to add seven workstations, replace the ceiling system and re-carpet his eighth-floor space in the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration."

The office should also be decorated with pictures of famous criminals, why the hell not? Creepazoid Second District Supervisor, Mark Ridley Thomas is planning his department's hard earned dollars, after holding the position for one year (after taking over for the departed Bernard Parks).

Only one thing is wrong here - it's not his team's hard earned $700,000. It is my money. It is YOUR money. It is the TAXPAYERS money! His $1 annual discretionary fund is going towards a better work environment for his staff.

By the way, have you been inside one of those bungalows where many teachers still lucky to be working are hard at work, day in and day out? I have.

Fuck Thomas - he's just another fat slob stealing taxpayer money for a very shitty reason that won't do diddly fucking squat for productivity.  In the long run it's going to be just another "what if" and we don't have time for "what ifs".  Seriously, has this guy just crept out from under the stupid tree?  After one year, this shows a lot of fucking nerve and taxpayers need to learn more and they need to get pissed.

Email him to tell him what you think of his nifty idea to go ahead and spend in excess of $700,000 in taxpayer's money (not including furniture-which is another 300-400 grand on top of that and another 800 grand to redecorate his "field office") to upgrade his goddamn office which could feed over 21 thousand people for a week, who have no food:

Better yet, CALL him to tell him what you think of his nifty idea to go ahead and spend in excess of $700,000 in taxpayer's money to upgrade his goddamn office:
(213) 974-2222 -- when asked, say you are from the 90520 district.

Read this article from September that explains Ridley-Thomas ties under scrutiny.

Update: video with pictures of his "not up to par" office- click

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Like a Verjil

Well, well...lookie here, KFI's John and Ken are not incorrect to think the "failing" that was reported on Anthony Adams recall effort appears suspicious and possibly the result of shenanigans by the San Bernardino voter register office, headed by Kari Verjil.

Evidently, research shows, Kari Verjil, has been known for her unethical behavior for years, reports were even filed in 2008 and in 2006 to the secretary of state for her "skullduggery" (BTW, nothing was done).

click here for the 2008 article and a full description of the report that was filed.

Sunday, May 25, 2008
S B County Registrar Kari Verjil Ethics Questioned


Concerned citizens have joined together - Protect The Vote - This group is asking Secretary of State Debra Bowen to investigate several incidents in the registrar's office.




May 16, 2008

Ms. Debra Bowen

Secretary of State

Re: Request for Investigation - San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters

Dear Ms. Bowen:

I am writing to request that your office investigate the following allegations against San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters Kari Verjil:

1. Violated Elections Code section 13107(a)(4) by not requiring “appointed” be included in the designation of the elected office held by incumbent Brad Mitzelfelt.

2. Harassed non-incumbents by challenging campaign statements that required candidates to travel to Needles, California to defend.

3. Misspelled last name of candidate Rita Vogler resulting in a FPPC filing by opponent that caused a great deal of negative publicity for Rita Vogler.

4. Failed to approve request of candidate Bob Nelson under Elections Code section 13309 et seq., without cause or explanation.

5. Violated the Registrar of Voters Standards of Conduct by writing a letter to the editor of the Daily Press, taking a position on the FPPC complaint, as well as various other violations.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Anthony Adams and Skullduggery

Recall Adams

As California treads lightly over the abyss, it has gotten so ugly that even a fatass loser named Anthony Adams can create madness, uncertainty and chaos in a voting system that is cleary fubar.  
"It's not over, certainly," said Mike Schroeder, a former California Republican Party chairman and a key Adams recall proponent.  After all, Adams signed a NO-TAX pledge, then turned around to vote FOR the states largest tax hike EVER, a $12 billion dollar deal that faced public scrutiny.  It was a position he later called a  feebly called a learning lesson.  Let us keep this post in good harmony with all you politically correct assholes out there in internet land.

Instead, let us look at the Skullduggery!  Because there is sure something stinky going on.

Since serving Anthony Adams' butterball ass with the legal papers for a recall, Schroeder and co. worked furiously to harness 32,000 signatures required for the special recall.  Oh man, am I not being politically correct again?  My bad.  Fuck that troll.

He is a stinky leper that deserves a recall.  But the official call was that only 24,000 (plus change) signatures were obtained.

By all measures, a failed attempt and all the blogs out there with posts to such fact all have that one comment on their thread, which I'm convinced is the same buffoon going around to all the sites, and calling the effort a failed attempt and blah blah.... What is the give away?  Maybe it is that there are similar misspellings and a dumb vibe to go along with a dumb message. Whatever.

The stink is that 2/3rd of the signatures collected in San Bernardino were said to be invalid.  What?  2/3 of the signatures in Adams' home town were not valid?  Get outta here!  Anyone who puts political arm bending behind the likes of the Michelin Man Adams has it all wrong.  This fool has the potential in a crapland like San Berdoo to get away with getting some signatures invalidated.  Tim Whitacre and his right arm "tweeker" Derrick Lee from Arizona were helping Adams run the show and these fools are going to be outed.  Now it is up to Schroeder to work his magic and prove his weight.  We are living in a political world where pieces of shit like this are getting exposed for what they really are - pieces of shit.  Smoldering, steamy, lifeless pieces of turn sitting in the rain and decomposing right before our very eyeballs.

It is no secret why San Berdoo is such a nasty, pathetic distric with a history of political malfeasance.  San Berdoo really keeps that good ol' boy mentality alive and this is being supported by Kari Verjil.  Kari, is soo very... soo very familiar with questionable ethics.  The Registrar of Voters in San Berdoo, Kari has been subject to prior ethics violations.  Without question there are bizarre mathematical formulation used in the sampling of the signatures.  Expect this to be investigated by Schroeder in upcoming days and weeks and Kari's ethical shortcomings to be put under tougher scrutiny.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still On The Fence For A Part Time Legislature in California? Read On...

Fred Aguiar, deputy chief of staff to Arnold, received a special state permit that authorized him to use a $34,000 state Honda Accord hybrid for weekend trips between Sacramento and his residence in Central California.
(A special state permit that Aguiar, himself, signed off on, and this was 3 months after Arnie demanded, this summer, that the "number" of state workers allowed to drive government cars between their homes and offices be cut-guess he figured he wasn't one of the number so the rule doesn't apply to him).

"So he can go home on weekends to see his wife", says Schwarzenegger spokeshole Aaron McLear. "He pays for his own gas" (so there)

Erin Shaw, Hole for the State and Consumer Services Agency and defender of Sacramento Shisters, said Aguiar needed a state car with him on weekends as a Cabinet secretary this spring and summer because of work.
Sachole, Erin Shaw declined to name an emergency, meeting or event that he used his state car to reach on weekends from his rural residence-(but he needs it just in case there is an emergency dinner party that deputy chief of staff to Arnold needs to attend on a sunday night).

Here's the SacBee story

Doesn't he own a car? So along with his hefty ass salary he gets a taxpayer car to take home on the weekends in case of an emergency Ball he has to attend and because he needs to go home to be with his woman-on the weekends?

When I use my car for business, I fill out an expense sheet for my mileage that I used.

Obviously this criminal politician doesn't want to have to pay for the maintenance to his own damn vehicle.

I wonder?

Where else does Aguiar drive this taxpayer paid for car to on the weekends with the wife that he only sees on the weekends? (but, that's ok, per the spokesholes, cause he pays for his own gas, not the insurance for the car, not the oil changes, not the registration, not the dent restoration, but the gas.)

All the more case for a part time legislature.

I echo these sentiments from Tanner, who commented on the sacbee story:

"Let him drive his own car for his weekend "bootie-calls"!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Remember This When An IOU instead of A Refund Is Issued To You

An office memo lists reasons to spend $700,000 on Mark Ridley-Thomas's office renovation:

Energy-efficient lighting
Healthy lighting levels
Cleaning the air-supply ducts
Replace carpeting that's more than 10 years old
Better power and data distribution
Replacing all latches and doorknobs
Replace the office kitchenette

707 grand to do that? WTF? is he flying to Africa to get special doorknobs made from real diamonds to put in his office?

The LA Board of Supervisors is fine with him spending more than twice the price of a California home to renovate his office. In fact, while children can't get school supplies, policemen are layed off, and tax credits for children have been reduced cause a bear will come to our houses and fuck us all in the ass, if these things don't happen, the vote to spend more than $700,000 on his precious office renovation was unanimous by the other county supervisors. (He's got some ass greasin' to do later). No debate. No questions, just go ahead, get that $1800 umbrella stand, thats what the rainy day fund is for.

"I'm here to celebrate one year of (LOL) hard work (by stealing from taxpayers), and it seems to me to work in an environment that's decent is a part of what it means to keep people motivated," said Ridley-Thomas and, also says his is the only office that hasn't been upgraded and it shouldn't be a second-class operation. (my office won't even reimburse me for paper and toner for my computer).

The office isn't exactly downtown Bagdad. The wooden walls are generally in good shape. The carpet is a little shabby, The ceilings aren't very modern. Neither are the electrical outlets. (poor guy) Channel 7 reports.

"It's cramped conditions, as well as people having to double up in offices," said Ridley-Thomas.

LA County CEO Bill Fujioka approved the deal, but he didn't want to go on camera to talk about it.

"There's no reason to think this office should have anything less than any other office," said Ridley-Thomas. "That day is over. Gone. Good bye." (Really Mark? and what would have you done if you didnt have 700 grand for hand made silk carpeting from Italy?)

Eyewitness News asked Ridley-Thomas's office for an itemized list of the renovations but hasn't received it. You think he would hand it over if some of us asked him-uh, politely?

Once the $707,000 refurbishment begins it will take an estimated six months to complete.
Again, WTF? 6 months to replace carpeting, lighting, doorknobs, clean airducts, revamp a kitchette and get better power and data distribution (whatever that means)
He must be doing the work himself with some more of his slothful, lying, thieving political union buddies.
That's a Bad Piggy.