Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Writing your representatives and not letting down your guard

Just in case you thought we were too busy being lazy bums spouting at our mouths and not REALLY doing anything about the political bullshit happening around us, I thought I would show you, the reader, an example of digging in to your representatives and FORCE them to be transparent in their actions.  Especially in the case of M.R. Thomas who had his big dumb $1 million office remodeling idea rejected like a Calabasas redhead.  Of course this took TWO votes, because the other jerkwads (all CC'd in the email exchanges below) were too pussified to vote against originally for fear of retaliation.

Sachole Writer, Merijoe sent the following letter to Gloria Molina and co. on December 17th:

From: merijoe
Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2009 6:23 PM
To: Gloria Molina
Cc: Don Knabe; Michael D. Antonovich; Yaroslavsky, Zev; The Office of Mark Ridley-Thomas
Subject: You seriously dont care, do you?

Over $700,000, and potentially over $1 million dollars on office renovations. Really? You are okay with giving 2 thumbs up for this nonsensical waste of taxpayer money?

There is no correct answer you could possibly give to justify this overindulgent, ridiculously overinflated use of taxpayer money.  None.

No one, (other than Ridley-Thomas, his staff and obviously you other stupivisors who voted to go ahead with this),  agrees with the use of that money for fancy office renovations.

Don't say you "care" if you "cared" AYE wouldn't have come out of your pie holes-surely someone who really "cared" would have said NAY when it was time to vote for this obscenity.

There must be a school gymnasium, or two, out there that needs refinishing,
some LA schools can't provide toilet paper to the students- of course, your thinking is Cherrywood, a walkin closet and a kitchenette are far more important than having to wipe your butt with leaves.

How about donating that million dollars to a couple of abused women shelters or a few missions, downtown

I assure you that even if you decided to fly to a 3rd world country to feed and clothe everyone, supply everyone with medical treatment and teach english to everyone, if you allow one penny to be spent on this office thing, you will always be remembered here for what you did and didn't do and good luck staying in office. all of you.

PS- Im sure you all are up to no good too, and thats why you aren't  doing anything but nodding your head in agreement with the other creeps in that office.

We are watching you are not going to get away with anything you want anymore...
Yeah, in the immortal words of that fool, Mark RT,

Great form!  That is how you do it people.  Something bothering you in your community?  Use that letter as a template, mix with water, chill.   It took a week, but Michael Antonovich did respond to Merijoe here:

On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 10:43 AM, Michael D. Antonovich <> wrote:  

Thank you for your recent E-mail.  This action has been rescinded on a unanimous vote.

Folks, these political misfits are the worst type of beast.  They know what they can get away with against potholes who don't mind getting run over.  They do it because they can, there has to be no signs of weakness to get these monsters to do serve the people as is expected of them.  Stay on top of them like Merijoe did here:

From: merijoe
Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 11:51 AM
Subject: Re: You seriously dont care, do you?
To: "Michael D. Antonovich" <>

NOT ENOUGH.  This one project was recinded because of the verbal beatdown you were all getting, but MRT still plans on using taxpayer money for  fancy updates, this time, one update at a time so it doesnt draw attention...  what will be done about this sneaky attempt to mug a taxpayer?

And why did no one talk to any news people about this? you are little children who got your toys taken away-and dont want to acknowledge any of this sham.  We pay for your salary and deserve a public statement. 

And, what is this descretionary fund about? 3 million dollars of taxpayer money so you can do what you want?

Do you people not realize or care that taxpaying people would love a refund from this "descretionary"  fund made up of taxpayer money that you are allowed to do anything you want with?

That's what I'm talking about.  The original decision to allow Thomas to spend a million taxpayer dollars like it was OWED to him was the first major flaw.  Not being able to come forward and tell the people these are exactly the types of spending sprees and misuse of public money we want to avoid both in GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD.

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