Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, the Stupidvisors had their little vote, and it was reported, that Gloria Mole-ina quickly made a motion to recind the renovation project with a hurried second to the motion made by tub-of-lard himself, Shister-Thomas.
Here's what she inaudibly mumbled in about 15 seconds flat, with her face staring down at the paper on the desk,

"At the request of Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, refer back the actions taken by the Board on item number 17 from the December 1, 2009 meeting to approve and establish Capital Project No. 87080 to the Chief Executive Officer."

(For all us buck tooth goat lovin hillybillies, that thar means the Board reversed its approval of the construction work order)

Like a narcissistic spoiled brat with entitlement issues whose dad just took his BMW keys away, fatty two-by-four didn't make appologizes for his selfish actions, instead he stated he is going to have his office redone little by little, the carpeting, the painting, the kitchenette, the cherrywood, the walkin closet would all be done a little at a time and quietly, so as not to attract attention. Still taxpayer money, but those raggedy doorknobs are a "safety issue" and they will keep haunting him until they are all replaced, so taxpayer money, be damned.

Evidently, these 5 shitholes get $3 million a year of taxpayer money each, to do/buy whatever they want. (yeah, WHY that much?)

I thought only cell phone minutes rolled over, it looks like the 3 million a year-petty cash fund does too.

So what are they "really" doing with all that mula after their year is up and they still have...oh, 1 million left?
ARE they rolling it over? and, if so, for what reason?
Or, like Oprah, are they spending it every year on new cars for everyone in the office?
This needs further investigation, and, BTW, I don't want fatso spending a dime of taxpayer money on any renovations for an office that is in great shape-that he said was 6400 square feet but was found to actually be 4000 square feet.

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