Saturday, December 19, 2009

LA Stupidvisors Set to Vote Again on Tuesday 9AM

Shitley-Thomas is being "urged to reconsider and change his mind" regarding the $707,000 office renovation by the other 4 kumquats, who didn't think there would be as much of a crap storm by angry people, as there has been.

They have been heard stating they regret their vote that approved this remodel, they don't want to be associated with the renovation-and as a special treat, an "I'm taking it back" vote, has been added to Tuesday's agenda.

Here is what I found on the LA County Board of Stupidvisors website under "agenda"

"December 22, 2009
30-C. ADD:
At the request of Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, refer back the actions
taken by the Board on item number 17 from the December 1, 2009,
meeting to approve and establish Capital Project No. 87080 to the
Chief Executive Officer. (09-2876)"

Though I don't speak "runaround, fancy legal-politican-ese" or have a degree in poli-sci, and I don't see the word "renovation" anywhere, I'm assuming this is it.

Way to make it real with normal wording-jacknuts...
see how those holes lull voting people into a coma with their deceitful, incoherent, boring, makes you want to stick- your- finger- in- a- light socket, language-that may mean something or might not, just so they can do whatever they want?

Okay-whatever, Mark, we're watching you, AND this vote. Fucking white collar thief.

In case anyone is interested:
The meetings of the Board of Supervisors are open to the public.

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