Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sachole Prop Countdown: Prop 21


Exempts commercial vehicles, trailers and trailer coaches from the surcharge. Fiscal Impact: Annual increase to state revenues of $500 million from surcharge on vehicle registrations. After offsetting some existing funding sources, these revenues would provide at least $250 million more annually for state parks and wildlife conservation.

Yes: An $18 annual surcharge would be added to the amount paid when a person registers a motor vehicle. The surcharge revenues would be used to provide funding for state park and wildlife conservation programs. Vehicles subject to the surcharge would have free admission and parking at all state parks. 

No: A NO vote on this measure means: State park and wildlife conservation programs would continue to be funded through existing state and local funding sources. Admission and parking fees could continue to be charged for vehicles entering state parks. 

Another f'ing car tax: From a KFI listener -- "Let's not give in to another car tax guys. Prop 21 is such BS and this vid speaks real spit. It's funny how the voice says "because you need it ha ha ha" their laughing at us guys, California is the highest TAX state in the nation. I just recently went to Verizon and purchased a phone that was on sale. The phone was 199 on sale but the retail price was 500, because i live in California i had to pay TAX on the retail price but how is this, i paid 199 for the phone i should pay TAX on 199. We keep getting screwed because we don't care, well let start caring. VOTE NO on prop 21."

From another post:  "I would rather see some land in each of the state parks set aside for marijuana cultivation to pay for the costs of maintaining the parks. Let them be self funded instead of car fee subsidized."  Amen.  (see prop 19)

State parks generate 300 million dollars for the state - Here's an idealistic video for Yes on 21 video:

It's a nice video, and yes yes yes, nobody wants parks to be closed.  There are better ways to fund these beautiful parks than by punishing drivers - most drivers don't go to state parks often enough to care anyway.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sacholes Prop Countdown: Prop 20 is a redistricting prop



Removes elected representatives from process of establishing congressional districts and transfers that authority to recently-authorized 14-member redistricting commission comprised of Democrats, Republicans, and respresentatives of neither party. Fiscal Impact: No significant net change in state redistricting costs.

Yes:  This gives redistricting rights to the Citizens Redistricting Commission, a commission established by Proposition 11 in 2008.
NO:  The responsibility to determine the boundaries of California's districts in the U.S. House of Representatives would remain with the Legislature.

Voting Yes on Proposition 20 expands the work of the voter-approved independent Citizens Redistricting Commission so that the Commission, rather than politicians, draws election districts for members of Congress. It ensures voters can finally hold politicians accountable through fair elections. And if the politicians don’t do their jobs, Prop. 20 makes it easier to vote them out of office!

No: Sacramento Bee: "While [supporters of Proposition 20] are right to say that many congressional districts are drawn for purely partisan purposes and unfairly protect incumbents, reform needs to happen on the national level, not just in a single state. California's interests could be harmed if it alone undertook an experiment in reforming how congressional districts are drawn. Imprudently mapped districts could leave the state with far less seniority in Congress than it now enjoys, giving the state less clout over appropriations and legislation."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whitman Vows To Attack U.S. If Brown is Elected

With elections coming in November, and I'm sure everyone is campaigned out- oh hell, for months, I've been getting shit campaign literature telling me about the value of voting yes/no on eating babies,
And if I hear one more tv or radio spot telling me that Meg Whitman ate a baboon and wants the voting age lowered to six- "so vote no to her and yes to me", Im going to fling myself into the nearest manhole.

In honor of the upcoming California elections, I've decided to pitch a new sit com
called, ALL MY IDIOTS, and the cast is...

THE YES SIDE-Working, taxpaying regular everyday people who want to keep the jobs they have now and frown upon paying 9 bucks for a gallon of gas by 2015.

THE NO SIDE-Socialist unelected egotist commissars playing our their hippie era fantasies of future GREEN jobs, possible green jobs would include collecting all the campaign literature that wind up in landfills everywhere and placing tinker toy windmills on everyone's lawn to save on electricity. (future means 20 years from now).

MEG WHITMAN-Thomas Jefferson lookalike woman very wealthy,hasn't voted since the Clinton election, figures her life experience will guide her-that and her money.

JERRY BROWN-Aging, homeless hippie, bald on top with a pony tail in the back and one earring who talks like he has Alzheimers, has one union goon on each side holding him up-taking turns whispering in his ear. Years of unsuccessful previous politics in his background.

BARBARA BOXER-An old turnip will do or the female version of Homer Simpson with loud "Duh's" in the background and a Don't Call Me Ma'am, its Senator, name tag on. She has been in politics as California senator since California became a state but has done nothing.

CARLY FIORINA-A wealthy bubbly-talkative 45ish cheerleader type-tall, wears power suits, no politician background- but can outdo Barbara Boxer in a sock matching race.

THE NO SIDE-Ass clenchers who go around holding signs and screaming to anyone who will listen that legalizing weed will lead to other drugs and cause harm to the youth of today and tomorrow, will cause the mexican drug problem to get worse and the feds will storm your little house in california if you have a joint in there.

THE YES SIDE-50 year old pot growers who ride their bikes to clients houses to sell their goods; 35 year olds stricken with cancer and other debilitating diseases that cause nausea, 40 year olds who would rather smoke pot than drink alcohol to get high, 21 year olds nervous before taking that college test.

Looks like scratch n win ballots could be successful in their debut, this go around.

Brown is demanding a recount before the election day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leggo My Dumpling! San Gabriel Mayor Makes Noise

It's not often we get to hear news out of San Gabriel.  There's a lot of Asians, with lots of Asian markets, restaurants and toe massaging outlets.  But their mayor, Albert Huang, has stepped down after media reports would not downplay the events that took place at a restaurant in the area. 

The event took place at a restaurant called New Taste Dumpling House.  The mayor and a woman were sharing dinner when the mysterious lady tossed a few dumplings at Huang, who then retaliated by pouring a small dish of vinegar on her as she screamed to call the police.

She must have had something interesting in her purse, because he snatched it, and bailed.  Undeterred, the lady followed. He hopped in his SUV and took off with the woman hanging on to side as the car sped up to about 45 mph.  It must have looked like an episode of Dukes of Hazard.  What's a mayor to do?  Huang went to a Asian brothel a karaoke nightclub called Turning Point where he was found and arrested.  Indeed this has become a turning point in Huang's life.  

There is far worse stories about mayors out there than a dude trying to get laid.  But his stepping down to avoid further negative press is a smart move for a man who clearly has a reputation to maintain in the money-making world that couldn't care less about a toss about some squabble with a woman at a dim sum restaurant.  Guys like Robert Rizzo and Senor Villaraigosa have a lot to learn from this guy who probably paid his way to become mayor is stepping down with a good track record as a mayor in tact.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome to the City of Dumb Bell, Ca

(No offense to the citizens of Bell, we mean the idiots responsible for hiring his blubbery backside)

It shouldn't really matter if a man tries to hide facts.  I've had more intense background searches for jobs that keep me in poverty than this fat fucker.

View more news videos at:

Monday, October 4, 2010

Enter The Green Geezer Contest

Submit your depiction of The Green Geezer to!  Either you can link to a picture in the comments, send your submission to me (see Contact Us) or just stare at mine.  Winner gets a free rubber chicken in honor of Jerry Brown failing to go on KFI radio in fear of the beating he'll receive as he dances around Ca. looking for a great case to troll upon. He is a tree among bushes. 

Countdown to November 2nd: Prop 18 and 19

Proposition 18 -  Well folks, if there is one reason you should get out and vote it is because Arnold the Idiot is making things easier for you.  On August 10th of this year, the Governor removed prop. 18 from the ballot so you are officially off the hook.  Even though it's off the ballot, for some reason there is still a sense something will go wrong so rather than just ignore it, Sacholes thought we'd inform you of this update anyway.  In fact, I have no idea what Prop. 18 was to begin with, but it probably had a bunch of legal gibberish.

Proposition 19 - Be sure this will be the one item the entire country, if not the entire world, will be keeping a red eye on for results. Prohibition of marijuana has FAILED.


(Official explanation: This prop allows people 21 years old or older to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use. Fiscal Impact: Depending on federal, state, and local government actions, potential increased tax and fee revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually and potential correctional savings of several tens of millions of dollars annually.)

All jokes aside, for once, the only pro that really, truly matters here is that legalization will generate billions for the state.  For someone who made the obscene amount of money out in the free economy, Meg Whitman sure has plenty of nerve to come out against this bill.  Ask her son, Griff.  Anyway, she also claims pot is a "gateway" drug, which has been proven false.  Consider this a breaking point for Meg, she is just wrong on too many issues.  

Billions of pounds is something our state can't afford to deny for petty arguments and senseless ramblings of crazy freaks like Whitman.  Plus we love that Arnold picture.

Stay tuned to SACHOLES.COM for the continued coverage of the November 2nd General Election.

Yes on Proposition 19 ,1776 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

No On Proposition 19—Public Safety First.



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ilegal Aliens vs Aliens from Mars

First, let me exclaim this as loud and clear as possible, IM NOT A MEG WHITMAN OR JERRY BROWN FAN AND AM NOT VOTING FOR EITHER OF THESE WHORES.

But I was infuriated by something all of us heard about this past week..

Never mind Meg and her hiring of the illegal ex-housekeeper, my problem is, what, regarding this illegal alien who produced FALSE documentation to invade my country happens to her? I want her arrested and deported immediately. Good Gawd.

Gloria Allred compares this illegal alien who produced false documentation, to the great American,ROSA PARKS" WTF?-and states that she isn't an Alien from another planet, therefore, out of RESPECT, we should refer to this criminal as an "Undocumented Worker". fuckedy fuck fuck. Of course, senora illegal didn't show much respect to any of the American people when she bogarted her way into the U.S. and stole someone's I.D.-but never mind that, we need to bend over to the illegal. Oh and Meg should appologize to this criminal for not respecting her either, says Gloria Allwet.

ICE (The great immigration Department that we pay for out of our American taxes)made a statement that they arent interested in illegal aliens that arent violent criminals-so they wont be following up on deporting the maid. Hellllloooo, so stealing socials and drivers licenses by illegal aliens is considered non violent according to these idiots that I pay for out of my taxes?

Yesterday, Meg and Jerry had a debate in Fresno where of course, this issue was brought up, Meg accused Jerry of being behind this release and using the ex maid as a pawn to strengthen his campaign,
Instead of denying this, Jerry retorted that Meg is blaming everyone but herself, won't admit she made a mistake and that California certainly shouldn't have someone who can't admit they were wrong as governor.

I don't know about you, but if someone accuses me of something I didn't do, I yell at the top of my lungs over and over, that I didn't do it
Meg is doing that, Jerry isn't.

I don't want either of these clowns in office, I'm not sure why Meg wants this job so bad, she is a billionaire. I stop working after I come into a million bucks let alone a billion.
And Jerry? he's just a lying old cooter with an agenda, backed up by unions and other assorted nutcases, but I certainly wouldn't want someone like him, who instigates mess, in the governor seat either.