Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leggo My Dumpling! San Gabriel Mayor Makes Noise

It's not often we get to hear news out of San Gabriel.  There's a lot of Asians, with lots of Asian markets, restaurants and toe massaging outlets.  But their mayor, Albert Huang, has stepped down after media reports would not downplay the events that took place at a restaurant in the area. 

The event took place at a restaurant called New Taste Dumpling House.  The mayor and a woman were sharing dinner when the mysterious lady tossed a few dumplings at Huang, who then retaliated by pouring a small dish of vinegar on her as she screamed to call the police.

She must have had something interesting in her purse, because he snatched it, and bailed.  Undeterred, the lady followed. He hopped in his SUV and took off with the woman hanging on to side as the car sped up to about 45 mph.  It must have looked like an episode of Dukes of Hazard.  What's a mayor to do?  Huang went to a Asian brothel a karaoke nightclub called Turning Point where he was found and arrested.  Indeed this has become a turning point in Huang's life.  

There is far worse stories about mayors out there than a dude trying to get laid.  But his stepping down to avoid further negative press is a smart move for a man who clearly has a reputation to maintain in the money-making world that couldn't care less about a toss about some squabble with a woman at a dim sum restaurant.  Guys like Robert Rizzo and Senor Villaraigosa have a lot to learn from this guy who probably paid his way to become mayor is stepping down with a good track record as a mayor in tact.

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