Friday, February 26, 2010

California, Here I Go

I was scanning the blog by Business Relocation Coach-Joseph Vranich

Good googlie mooglie-check this out:

the “Top Ten Reasons Why California Companies Are Calling the Moving Companies.”

#10: The Tax Foundation in their newest report lists California at No. 48 for tax fairness – ahead of only New York and New Jersey.

#9: The Rose Institute of State and Local Government reported in the latest "Cost of Doing Business Survey" that California cities continue to be some of the most expensive locations to do business in the United States.

#8: The Pacific Research Institute found that California’s labor performance in a recent five-year period is among the worst performing in the nation.

#7: The Civil Justice Association of California said the state ranks 44th in legal fairness to business. Los Angeles was again named the least fair and reasonable litigation environment in the entire country.

#6: A study by the consulting firm Bain & Co. found that an astonishing 60 percent of California business leaders said they have policies in place to restrict job growth in the state or move jobs to other U.S. locations.

#5: Again from Bain & Co. – they’re a busy group – they measured the cost, uncertainty and complexity of regulations and constructed a “regulatory hassle index” and "California is far worse than any other state by a very significant margin."

#4: The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council in Virginia found that California ranked 49th overall in terms of business friendliness.

#3: The Associated Press calculates what it calls a monthly "misery index" – California is close to the bottom of the list.

#2 Extravagant state spending continues and pollsters have found people are much angrier about California government – more than they've ever been in recorded polling history.

And the #1 reason why California companies are calling the moving companies” – Chief Executive magazine recently found California to be the worst state in the nation in which to do business. Texas was found to be the best.

Check out the companies that have moved from California and the climate that businesses in California have to deal with, on his blog.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Swear Pledge To Save California!

It's interesting how things work out.  Just as the political climate in California gets as ugly as it gets, with a tense budget mess, a clown haired governor, and a legislative body full of incompetent egos, the Assembly approved a ceremonial resolution turning the first week of March into “Cuss Free Week.”  Just in time for my birthday.

The resolution honors McKay Hatch, 16 years old, who started a no cussing club at his South Pasadena junior high school nearly three years ago.

Without question, proper language makes for better all around conversation, writing, entertainment and reading, so it won't be a difficult strategy to take permanently in my personal endeavors, I still think California has a heck of a lot to swear about.  Anyway - from an ideological perspective, it still is strange how law makers can agree on an idea from a middle-schooler yet not agree on a budget plan that has troubled California for too long that will actually help the state get through some of the larger pressing issues.

Leave comments on some suggestions for how to get through future posts without using profanity.  Please.

Jobs? Yeah effing right

I was recently involved in a chat "discussion" where I called out the author for not merely providing a fundamentally basic, idealistic pro-stimulus rave based on preliminary number, but for creating a downright vile display of ignorance, over-idealistic faith, and naiivete.  The article, which deserves no link, was happy, and I mean glowing, over government claims that the stimulus was plugging the holes in the economy to great success.  Please wipe after spewing your grits.  You know, it was that report that claimed 150,000 jobs were saved/created.  The government report Moody's agreed with!  Must be alright, right?  The article featured a title that yelled out JOBS three times, and even had a Pelosi devised, upside-down chart.  Of the many articles like it, this was one I felt deserved a little attention, but I was sadly mistaken, it really deserved no attention.

As my comments under the article got me shoved into the right-wing corner, got me called 'Rush' and pro-massive corporation, I had to give it a day or two before going back to read it again.  Fortunately, within that time frame, I got my hands on a couple pieces of information (highlighted by an allocation chart showing where the stimulus money went) and a media tour by Senor Douche Schwarzenegger.

Take a close look at the stimulus allocations - particularly the grant money received by Advance Beauty College  and you'll see one sector that's expected to see a dramatic jump in jobs  - hair extentionists.

Then Arnold started with his double talk when he added, "I have been the first...of the Republican governors to come out and to support the stimulus money because I say to myself, 'This is terrific,' and anyone that says that it hasn't created a job, they should talk to the 150,000 people that have been getting jobs in California."

As we know, he nor anyone else in the state can prove 150,000 jobs were created and when he got called out on that he changed that "getting jobs" to jobs that were saved or created.

The one thing we do know is that taxpayer money funded a stimulus package that is keeping pathetic California school teachers working (half the stimulus went to education) and to "back-fill" public employee pensions.

Success?  FU Arnold. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pot Is STILL a stupid California Issue

Let us take another look at the stupid law makers who just can't seem to get it right on the issue of pot.  This video sums it up, but here is an even easier summary for those dumb-asses in Sacramento:  legalize it.  It's getting tiresome showing videos, but it seems like each one gets better and better, or dumber and dumber - because time is money, and by now, surely, the state of California could really be raking it in instead of merely sorta raking it in.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Sachole Award

The envelope please.

SACRAMENTO, CA—Local Sachole Arnold Schwarzenegger, 62, was granted world-class asshole status Saturday during a special ceremony held in recognition of detestable actions that were deemed beyond the pale even for a major-league asshole such as himself.
"Due to Arnold's consistent lying, his tendency to loudly point the flaws of others, and his habit of turning up at various public locations, as long as there are cameras around to annouce stupid and costly taxes that he calls fees,
the board votes unanimously in this matter," said National North American Asshole Council chairman Tucker Butt,
citing sworn affidavits testifying that Arnold had been "a career asshole as far back as college."
"I hereby declare Arnold Schwarzenegger to be a 24-karat, world-class asshole, with all the rights and responsibilities pertaining to that office."
Following his certification, Schwarzenegger refused to apologize for his actions, claiming that that was just the kind of asshole he is.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good News From Conan The Sachole

Governor DEUTSCHBAG says 'the worst is over' for state economy (yeah, he's leaving office soon),

and he told a CBS reporter, yesterday, that 150,000 new jobs have been created and people have been put back to work in Cauli-for-nya.

Anyone out there received a new job opportunity courtesy of the Government of California, in any field of expertise, recently? anyone? when? where?

Governor Schnitzel couldn't be... fibbing, could he?

Monday, Feb. 22, 2010
WASHINGTON – Despite the state's high unemployment rate, California's economy is making a slow comeback and "the worst is over," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Sunday.


Oh, don't expect that 150,000 jobs created, thing to be in print, he said it on video

Sunday, February 21, 2010

National fringe news: Mellencamp4Senate

John Mellencamp for U.S. Senator has hit Twitter and Facebook by storm.  Can you argue the point?  The FB page already went over the 5,000 maximum and even received media play at The Nation.


Who wouldn't want that slapped on their bumper?  Imagine the quality feedback you'll receive driving to the Valley.  Road rage will either increase or decrease, but no empirical evidence exists, but we will keep our eyes and ears open for test results.

Answer The Question, You Big Dummy

So, some listener from San Francisco was interviwed on KFI's The John and Ken Show, the other day-she said she happened to be listening to some talk radio show who's guest happened to be that big idiot, Abel Maldonado, Governor Schnitzel's choice for Lt. Governor -
(that position was promised to Maldanado in a horse trade deal during last year's budget if he voted for the tax increases we now enjoy-thanks bonehead, he must have been taking brain stem lesson's from Tony Villar.)

Anyway, the listener called in to the show to ask Maldanado a question about the AB32
So the idiot, obviously, didnt expect to be challenged-he told the listener that he is in agreeance with AB32-like the Governor is because it will create jobs-
(even though, he voted against AB32 3 years ago).

The caller wanted to press him a little more-especially about what green jobs AB32 will create-when he did his WC Field's impression- you know, "go away kid, you're bothering me"
he tells her to "call him- give him a shout at his office" The moron.

OK, give Abel Maldonado a shout! Why is he defending AB 32? What a two-faced idiot politician! What green jobs did this global warming bill create?

Abel Maldonado: 916-651-4015

Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet The Sachole

Because we should know who our California government representatives are, you know, the ones in charge of our tax money, we have added a new monthly feature to the Sacholes Blog called MEET THE SACHOLE.
For Feb/Mar, we have Senator Pat Wiggins. Meet her. Enjoy.

Sen. Pat Wiggins, D-Santa Rosa, interrupted a committee hearing Wednesday afternoon, screaming and racing toward committee staffers who apparently had failed to refill a water canister that she found empty after the hearing’s lunch break.

Another committee member had to intervene – blocking the 69-year-old lawmaker from the young staff members – before an aide to Wiggins led the senator back to her seat.

I was able to dig up a photo of Senator Wiggins and her advisors keeping America safe for democracy.
In the photo above, you gotta admit Senator Wiggins is looking a bit haggard.

But clearly she is surrounded by some of the sharpest legislative spokes holes in the business, who are there to help her navigate the complexities of her position like:
going to the bathroom
taking turns speaking
covering for her when she says or does something political incorrect, such as
calling a ministers' comments, "bullshit".
(Watch the video, at about 1:50 you hear a voice -thats her's, they dont show her face but you hear her-tell me she's not koo-koo for coco puffs)

Evidently her staff is aware that there are some m&ms missing from the bag and has known this for some time-shes been a senator since 2006, but they insist she can do her duties as a senator, of course. Here's your sign.

To protect her, they say, it's a matter of treating people with disabilities the right way.
Good Gawd, it's not like she has one leg and is in a wheelchair, she's a senile bat who is representing Santa Rosa in Sacramento- making decisions, spending taxpayer money and voting for laws.

I wonder how many others in the California Capitol are actually certifiable? That explains A No Parking For Free, Anywhere- bill, Let Prisoners Out Of Jail Early To Save Money-law, AB32-bill and Jail Time For Under Inflated Tires- bill.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kathleen "You can call me Suzy" Evans for CA State Senate 2010

One thing about the San Fernando Valley - by Los Angeles standards, there isn't a ton of high-calibur things to do, but this is only true by California standards.  The Valley has produced its fine share of talent, from athletes to teachers (and don't forget to toss in some corrupt business enterprises - can you say ZZZ Best?).  But overall, the San Fernando Valley is my valley.  I was born there, and spent a bulk of my life there.  Kathleen "Suzy" Evans is running for California State Senate (20th District - West San Fernando Valley) and her representation could become more relevant to people looking for real people who want to do what they are hired to do - serve the people!

Below, we've listed a couple of Kathleen "Suzy" Evans' platform stances (per her website).  (Remember, Sacholes encourages you to read up on the potentials who run for office.  Of course, these days you have to wonder if that is just pipe dream drivel.  After all, I was told, as a young voter, many years ago, to read more about the representatives.  The difference is that today, the opportunity to know more is substantially easier, and can even be broken down by the yokels who write for this blog.  Take pride.  Take initiative.  Help make California better.  In the best case scenario, and the people vote in the right candidates, don't worry, Sacholes knows there will always be another Tony Villar, Arnold or smarmy Gavin Newsome waiting in the wings trying to charm over ignorant voters.  There will never be a shortage of work for us!)

Evans on:  Economy, Employment, Taxation and You
"One of the biggest challenges we face in this state is the rising unemployment.  Right now, we’re at 12% unemployment.  All of us know someone who is out of work.  Each one of us knows others who are fearful of losing their jobs.  There are reasons for our higher-than-average unemployment.
We in California have chased businesses out of our state… all by ourselves.  We didn’t need help to do that.  California business owners are still chasing the California dream… but they’re chasing it in Colorado, Nevada and Texas. 
California legislators have raised taxes, instituted regulations, implemented fees, expanded permit requirements and required more paperwork that made small businesses an enemy… rather than a partner.  Is it any wonder why businesses have fled to Nevada and Arizona as well as other business-friendly states?
Although sprawling Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country, we only have a handful of the top Fortune 500 Companies in the U.S.  For some reason, our current legislators can’t figure out a simple fact:  if we are to lower our unemployment, we have to create more jobs AND keep the jobs we already have.
As your senator, I will introduce legislation to cut corporate taxes, lower fees and decrease regulations so we can attract the best and the brightest entrepreneurs.
We don’t need higher taxes to throw more money at a system that keeps getting worse each year. We are already one of the highest taxed states in the country, including
paying the highest personal tax, business tax, gas tax and sales tax. Plus the California state budget has more than doubled in only 10 years.
Our current team of legislators are not putting the needs of their constituents first. With your help, we can make a change.  We can have our California dream once again.
As your assemblyperson, I promise to:
  • Vote NO to every proposed tax hike
  • Vote NO to every proposed fee hike
  • Vote NO to every increase that takes more money out of your pocket.
  • I will vote NO on every budget that increases spending above the previous year's tax revenues.
  • I will vote YES for a part time legislature.
  • I will vote YES to cut wasteful spending.
More businesses = More job opportunities for you!
I am already on the record for the following:
  • I have signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge
  • I opposed Prop 1A through 1E, which would have increased your tax burden.
  • I opposed Props A, B, and E when I ran for Los Angeles City Controller.
Props A and E were wasteful spending propositions and Prop B would have raised your DWP bill.
I want you to have more money in your pocket and the freedom to spend it as you choose."

"Let’s stop wasteful spending and keep jobs in our state!"

Evans on: California State Rights and the 10th Amendment
"The 10th Amendment states: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
The 10th Amendment was adopted after the Constitutional ratification process to emphasize the fact that the states remained individual and unique sovereignties; that they were empowered in areas that the Constitution did not delegate to the federal government.  With this in mind, any federal attempt to legislate beyond the Constitutional limits of Congress’ authority is a usurpation of state sovereignty - and unconstitutional.
The California State legislature passed a resolution in 1994 declaring the state's sovereignty under the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution and demanded that the federal government cease and desist mandates that are beyond the scope of constitutionally delegated powers.  As your California State Representative I will fight to keep the rights of our state granted to us under the constitution."

Here's an Idea for the LA Budget, Mayor Tony!

Octuplet farming.

It will boost blue-collar jobs by putting butchers, packers, truckers and infrastructure types to work.
Pink-slipped state/government workers (if there are any) and teachers could be cross-trained into this exciting new field.

May God bless the Great State of California.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The attached survey tool is a public campaign, designed to show LA residents that you probably need more than Villar's brain stem to do the city budget.

Everyone is encouraged to try their hand at advising new ideas for the budget (even though he's paid to think up ideas, is the mayor and you're not).
Hey, you could even ask your 5th grader if they're "smarter than an eggplant."

“We all have a role to play in balancing the budget,” the Mayor said. “I urge everyone to take this survey and share your ideas with us.”

The Los Angeles Budget Challenge may be found by clicking here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Arnold and the NWO

"My relationship to power and authority is that I'm all for it... People need somebody to watch over them... Ninety-five percent of the people in the world need to be told what to do and how to behave."
Arnold Schwarzenegger
U.S. News & World Report, November 26, 1990

"Seriously - Arnold you can do absolutely NOTHING RIGHT. Stop pissing people off, you're a fucking asshole!"
Sacholes, today

Now, for your listening pleasure, here's a link to audio of a bodybuilder named Robbie Robinson, a former Mr. Olympia (1994), who claims Arnold directed the word "nigger" at him, repeatedly, when he worked with him in the 70s! Listen for yourself.

This audio is unbelieveable.

How reliable is all this, cuz this is some crazy shit.

This audio continues with damning evidence that Arnold worked illegally while here in the U.S.  A San Jose Mercury News report claims the governor of California originally used his athlete status to gain entry into the states, then proceeded, against immigration law, to receive weekly pay checks for stories about his adventures as a body builder.

For more interesting tidbits on Arnold go here

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hat is in the Ring for Naritelli and the Governor Seat

Thank God! I have someone else I can focus on, unless, this one turns out to be a sack of onions too-hope not.

The Republican and conservative candidate Lawrence (Larry) Naritelli 's platform focuses on the following:

1-Restore water supply to the farms and end the current gov. imposed rationing because its bullshit that because of some stupid ass fish(Delta Smelt), water is rationed to them and us.

2-Develop domestic oil resources so we can stop relying on high cost alternatives, Ahhh, duh. This should have been done awhile ago, if we weren't at the mercy of baboons AKA, sacholes-this would have been done awhile ago.

3-Immediately abolish AB 32 and all laws based on the climate change hoax, thats stinkyass bullshit of the highest order.

4-Secure boarders, charge foreign governments for the cost imposed on us for their illegals. Ok, I've heard this before, if you can pull it off, awesome.

5-Right to bear arms per 2nd amendment in constitution. Sweet.

6-Taxed too much, goverment borrows too much and political leaders need to show more respect for the individuals and businesses. Taxes and over regulation is bullshit.
Cut income taxes for individuals and businesses

7-Solar energy in the classrooms? WTF? thats a bullshit waste of money.

8-The Health Care Bill is bullshit.

9-Now, this next point may be a problem for some, I frankly dont care, at this moment-I think this is the least of our problems right this second-I'm definitely not against gay or womens rights,
but, at this minute, I have to say, "I freakin dont care about these beliefs that one person has".
I guess if you are gay, or staunchly for abortion, this is big.

I have to report, Larry is against gay marriage and is pro life.

What can I say? the guy is Republican and conservative-thats what they believe, but I still like him and what he says. I'll just have to deal with #9 at another time, if this comes into play. You cant have everything.

In 2009, Naritelli joined the Tea Party movement to network with others who believe in small, limited government, low taxes and free market capitalism.

Naritelli believes we must return to the fundamentals that made our country great. He also believes the current water crisis is an example of government being the problem.

53 year old Naritelli is married with two sons and two step-children.


California's primary election is June 8, 2010

Jerry Brown's Finest Hour: His release of Timothy Leary

At the time of his arrest for marijuana possession, Timothy Leary was considered the “most dangerous man in America” according to Richard Nixon.  Long story short, Leary escaped minimum security prison and was, finally, recaptured and extradited back to the states in 1973 in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The "dangerous" Leary was released from prison in 1976 by then California Governor Jerry Brown.  Later, Leary went on to cultivate a friendship with former foe G. Gordon Liddy (Nixon's henchman) and went on worldwide tours discussing their ideologies.

Now, just as he did back in the day, one of Brown's platforms is legalizing pot to help balance out the state's budget, but his challengers are trying to use this stance to their advantage. "Like electing Jerry Brown as governor, the idea of legalizing drugs is one more bad idea from a bygone era," said Jarrod Agen, spokesman for Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner, the state insurance commissioner.

In a radio show last year, Brown responded to questions about his pro-cheeba stance:  "As far as telling everybody to - what did Timothy Leary say, 'Tune in, turn on, and drop out'? - that will not be the recommendation of the attorney general."

Brown has a long way to go if he's to win over the state to get re-elected, particularly on his headstrong climate change initiatives and job growth (rather than decimation) within California, but tools like Poizner need to stop playing the political game cards as predictably, and come up with some strong strategies of their own that represent public awareness and interests.  If California is going to grow, it's going to require grown up leaders.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yesterday's Teaparty

I was at this one. It was at The Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills.

I didn't expect to stay too long, just wanted to sign the official petition to place the suspension of AB 32 on the 2010 ballot and I sure didnt want to hang around to hear the fog horn ramblings from liars, Poizner and Devore.

But, I did stay long enough to hear Dawn Wildman (Pictured above), President of So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition, speak.
I was impressed by her speech.
One interesting point she made was when she was discussing why all of a sudden we have the grassroots tea parties going on,

she said we don't have good representation in either of the parties in government (can I get an Amen?), and when someone asks you what party you are with, you tell them YOU are your party. And if they insist that you need a party, you tell them "No you don't".

Unfortunately, everyone, except me, seems to think Devore is Spider man and Abraham Lincoln rolled up in one.
Ya know, Arnold sounded like that too, during his campaign and hood winked alot of us.

I personally think Devore is filled with alot of, how you say... hot air and farts. (and is a huge pussy with a giant labia and a uterus).

This conclusion is due to some personal dealings I've had with this dude along with some observations of mine.

And dont get me started with insane Poizon-er.
Not only would he (a multi millionaire) not financially back part time legislature that he said he believed in (and my cat smokes cigars), he also runs to the principal whenever he feels he gets a boo boo because someone pushed him down on the playground.
Another, pussy.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Salute to Governor Arnold S.

What he does best...

Ok, jab my corneas out with a fork...

Then stick it in my thigh (if I have to be in this much pain, I want to do it to myself)....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

HAHA - The Sheep Are Coming, The Sheep Are Coming!

This video is making its way around the net and let us just sit for a moment and stare.  Stare at the insane madness that is Carly Fiorina, one of the most incredibly industrial revolutionary fiscally retarded (yes, I just said retarded) CEOs in the history of our country!  BaHHHaaHHHH my ass.  Fiorina is a nut and this advertisement is soooo 90s, complete with a dramatic score, flying swirling sheep high on mushrooms and gratuitous bashing that leads us to wonder - WHY.  Thanks Carly for your historical reminders, but what about yous own legacy?

Some of the choice comments left under the Youtube comments section:

"Carly is entirely clueless to her own incompetency. She was totally over her head at HP and nearly destroyed that once fabled corporation. That $40 million golden parachute to make her go away was money well spent. Her incompetent leadership was costing HP $40million in losses each month!

Now she moronically thinks she can Fiorinicate California like she Fiorinicated HP. This insanely stupid ad is the clearest testimony of how disastrous it is to give this crazy lady any power."

"HAHA, I know this ad seems so ridiculous, but really when you think of it, they just took what other ads do and went to the logical extreme with it.
Priceless stuff here. This candidate who this ad is supporting has 0 chance of getting elected btw."

and finally, this gem,

"This isn't so bad when you consider that it was written, directed, and edited by sixth graders. Good job, kids!"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Were you burned by Mercury Insurance too?

Like many Californian's, I was burned by Mercury auto insurance in 90's.  After my rates went up, despite a "discounted" quote by the agent, I was left wondering what, exactly, I had done.  It took me a couple of years, but I eventually went through the headache of swapping carriers.

Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner has released a well-documented, 275-page report that details some of the, um, indiscretions used by the filthy bastards at Mercury that violate Proposition 103, a law enacted in 1988.  Ah yes, the 80s are still coming back to bite us in the ass... 

Santa Monica based Consumer Watchdog reports Mercury may have violated the following:

• Mercury discriminated against members of the military.

• Mercury refused to sell insurance to people in certain jobs, including people in the entertainment industry, artists, longshoreman, “domestics” and other “unacceptable” occupations, or adopted rules that made it more difficult for people in those jobs to buy insurance.
• Mercury illegally surcharged people who did not previously have auto insurance, a practice that Proposition 17, if passed, would allow.

• Mercury had a “physically-impaired” rule, under which the company required some diabetics, cardiovascular patients, and people “who suffer[ed] from some other medical condition” to provide Mercury with a medical examination report, or else be denied auto or umbrella coverage.

• Mercury also discriminated against “people who work out of their homes and have one source of income” and “people who are self-employed and working out of their homes.”

• Mercury “declined to write a homeowners policy for two unrelated men who were co-owners of a dwelling.” Mercury also refused to sell a renters policy to unmarried people living together.

• Mercury increased its prices above the amounts its agents quoted to applicants. Mercury also collected more money in premiums than it was authorized to.

• Mercury requested information on an applicant’s national origin, information that could have been illegally used by underwriters.

• Mercury refused to provide immediate coverage under an umbrella policy to people who were unemployed.

• Mercury discriminated against students from other countries.

• Mercury would surcharge people for accidents even though they were not at fault, or for traffic violations when the customer had not been convicted.

• Mercury maintained an incentive program that encouraged its underwriters to deviate from company rules in order to reject applications.

• Mercury overcharged policyholders by denying them discounts they were entitled to.

This is a bold move by Poizner to rally against a major California corporation, and threatens to "come down on them (Mercury) like a ton of bricks" if the state finds the allegations worthy of action.  Mercury is a donation powerhouse that holds clout in the lobbying of future California politicians.  Consumer Watchdog Harvey Rosenfield, in a report by SF Gate, said Poizner "deserves accolades for disclosing an examination that is important for the public to consider - not just customers of Mercury but voters who will have to assess the credibility of this initiative."  Others may argue this is a move Poizner held off addressing the issue until a choice moment in time, as he now prepares to go on the prowl to become California's next Governor.

Saturday, February 6, 2010



It seems this early release law was passed, but, the language wasn't clearly written, so no one knows what the hell they are doing-inmates are being dumped on the street so the prisons can stay in compliance with this new law.

That's what we have running California, a bunch of baboons, and my apologizes to baboons everywhere. Fucking idiots.

OC Sheriff, Sandra Hutchins is pissed-she says there's plenty of room to house these criminals but because of the new law, they have no choice but to release them.
no parole, no nothing.

"If this is such a good idea, why didn't they think of it before the budget crisis?" Hutchens said. "They (convicts) are going to end up back in county jail."

I live in the OC-I'm not sure what can be done but I sure as hell don't plan to sit in my house scared that someone will break in and rob me-or scared to be in a hold up next time I have to go to the bank, so I wrote a letter to Bill Hunt, who is running to replace Mike Corona for OC Sheriff-
My thoughts are that the only way we can protect ourselves and each other, is with knowledge.
I asked him if he could do a town hall or a meeting on this issue, to shine some light on what no one wants to hear, make everyone aware, get people mad, explain this law that allows criminals on the streets earlier than expected and the person who is responsible for this insanity (Denise Ducheny and Gov Schnitzel)
I want to band together with others to ensure safety. whatever I need to do.

You think any of the victims are being notified?
(one of the type of criminals who are eligible for early release, are dudes who whipped their woman and are serving time for domestic violence)

I think this might be good for his campaign also, instant recognition.

Im sick and tired of being battered and abused by these nutbag lawmaker douchbags that only are concerned with their own agenda and dont give a rat's ass about the welfare of the public and I want to at least have a fighting chance to protect myself and I hope others feel the same way.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Following the money POT

A marijuana legalization initiative will be on the California ballot in November.

This week, a money backed effort turned in 700,000 signatures to fight for the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act.  Only 434,000 signatures were required to qualify the measure for the ballot.

The Los Angeles Times notes that "a Field Poll taken last April found that 56% of voters in the state and 60% in Los Angeles County want to make pot legal and tax it." The article, written as if a dead journalist from 1956 were reborn, also stated "if passed, the initiative would put the state in conflict with federal law," which is a bogus notion.

This has been a standard line in LA Times articles on the matter and has, time and time again been corrected by various sources, including Drug Policy Alliance attorney Tamar Todd.

California is not required to replicate federal drug prohibitions.While the feds could still, technically make busts for growing and selling (and possessing) the bubonic chronic, there is no way they would have the resources to do so consistently.  Todd states "the Court has never said the federal government can compel states to help it enforce marijuana prohibition, or that the Constitution requires them to adopt and maintain laws consistent with federal policy."

The real problem is that if California votes to legalize marijuana, the feds could counter by passing a bill that would, essentially, take away many millions of dollars of funding until they succumb.  California needs to take the gamble that it's #1 cash crop will pay extremely good dividends and tell the feds not to bogart the winning plan.

The state is following the money pot, and they need to step up and take the chance that in actuality is a low-risk venture.  The losers? Organized crime and a few narcs who should be chasing coke smugglers and meth traffickers anyway.
Pot Measure One Step Closer to California Ballot
An initiative to make marijuana legal, and open to local taxation and regulation, is one step closer to getting on the California ballot this November.
Backers of the initiative on Thursday turned in nearly 700,000 signatures to state officials to place the measure on the state ballot, according to reports — far more than the 433,971 valid signatures required. California Secretary of State Debra Bowen has until June 24 to certify the initiative, the Sacramento Bee reports.
The measure, if approved by voters, would allow anyone over 21 years old to possess up to an ounce of marijuana or grow plants within a limited space for personal use. It would also allow local jurisdictions to tax and regulate it.
[Author's Note: There is a clause in the initiative that allows for municipalities, if they desire to do so, to establish regulations governing the retail distribution and sale of cannabis. Personal, non-commercial possess or cultivation of marijuana would not be subject to taxation under this initiative.]
… An April Field Poll found that 56 percent of California voters supported legalizing marijuana, and Mark DiCamillo, the poll’s director, said the initiative had a 50 percent chance of passing, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The idea that California "does not have the authority" to legalize marijuana under STATE LAW is pure bullshit, it is an incentives clause and payoffs that are making the difference only to the individuals in charge.  And those in charge appear far more off-base than most stoners.  While the state cannot do a thing about the Schedule 1 federal status of the drug, it is under no obligation to categorize the drug similarly under state law.  The 10th amendment is very, very clear on this matter. The Feds have overstepped their bounds. It is way past time to re-legalize marijuana.

1. If I choose to smoke or do ANY DRUG, it's none of the governments' business. So this is a good first step to ending government intrusion into private business.
2. It will reduce drug violence by cutting of the flow of illicit funds to gangs.
3. It will raise needed revenue which can help with drug treatment for the small percentage of drug users that actually have problems. Plus additional money could go to law enforcement and schools etc.
4. It would make it harder to teenagers to get drugs because there would be no more drug dealers, and regular store cards to obtain.

1. If you are the type of person that always has to have your nose in someone's business, I guess you might get bored.
2. Slow drivers.

Medical marijuana is already a billion dollar industry in California.  It has been for 15 years and the sky hasn't fallen. Cannabis is the largest cash crop in the state and national polls show common place through society.

The last three U.S. Presidents used it, an 8 time gold medal winner, the founders of Microsoft, Apple and several Fortune 500 company founders have dabbled. If you want to be a great world leader, business tycoon or a legendary Olympian, maybe you should smoke weed.

The only reason it's still illegal is because the enforcement industry pads their statistics with marijuana arrests and secures federal funding in the billions of dollars.

Fact: the largest union in CA is the prison guards union.  That's why they (those feds) always come out with hysterical statements and slanted reports about legalization. Prohibition has been very good to them and it all has been generously paid for by our tax dollars.

Since 1995, America has arrested 20 million people for marijuana, a non-violent offence with a substance clinically shown to be less harmful than alcohol and tobacco. That's more than the population of America's five largest cities: NY, LA, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix in total.

Educate. Tax.  Regulate. Save the state now.

Mary Nichols - "Shame, On You"

"Their actions are shameful. Instead of fighting us in court, they should be working with us to provide consumers in California and the rest of the nation with the next generation of cleaner fuels." Mary Nichols


Global warming is a hoax and AB 32 is based on junk science-period.

AB32 is a bad law that will make life harder for all in this state.

It is WE California taxpayers, who will be paying for the $3.7 billion in added costs that will be passed on to the truckers/constuction people by the CARB, I mean those few who haven't gone bankrupt that is, as they have no other choice than to increase the price of all the items that must be transported into the state-like food, etc.

Yeah, right Mary Nichols of CARB- fight the lawsuit, beeeotch. Two words for you Hein Tran.
Splain that fake frauds report that you covered up to everyone else, in court.

The only shameful waste of time is you and that silly board you head. Stick it. You should be up on charges too.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keep Your Kids, Spouse, Mama, Daddy, Sibling, Significant Other Inside


Yes, thats right.

One of the inmates the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department released early as part of an effort to reduce the state's prison population and help straighten out the budget crisis, (With the blessings of Gov. Schnitzel and some other dems)
was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of attempted rape, less than 24 hours after getting out of jail.

Evidently this 22 year old paranonoid schizophrenic, Kevin Eugene Peterson, was serving a two months on a four-month sentence for violating probation on a prior conviction-he was 16 days shy of being released for this.
But what did he violate probation for? A 2008 conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.(beating someone on the head with a broom)
For this, he was jailed for 1 year and had 5 years of probation.

Why was he considered to be on the release early program?
The "probation violation" was nonviolent-thats why. They didn't take in consideration the REASON he was on probation in the first place or that he was mentally ill.

What did those in charge do? They released this mixed up, mentally disturbed 22 year old, with no money, no where to go and no one to report to, unto the streets. (I understand, from another video I watched, that he often hears wolves talking to him.)

Don't you feel better now?

We are not into GOP vs Democrats, and not advocating sides, but, in this case, it is what it is, the Democrats and Gov. Schnitzel are the ones who supported this bill for early release of prisoners-the GOP's did not.

Here is the name of the person who authored this bill in the first place:
Senator Denise Ducheny (dem) from San Diego
(Jonathon, from the Chula Vista office actually "chuckled" at someone who called to discuss with the good senator, that one of the early released inmates attempted rape after only 12 hours after he was released)

Capitol Office

State Capitol,
Room 5035
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 651-4040
(916) 327-3522 fax

Chula Vista District Office

637 3rd Ave.,
Suite A-1
Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 409-7690
(619) 409-7688 fax

El Centro District Office

1224 State St.,
Suite D
El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 335-3442
(760) 335-3444 fax

Coachella District Office

53990 Enterprise Way,
Suite 14
Coachella, CA 92236
(760) 398-6442
(760) 398-6470 fax