Monday, June 28, 2010

Props to our peeps, and please keep your receipts

Suburban homeboy, Antonio Villaraigosa, has been really stoking the anger as those outraged are further subjected to the mayor's lavish trips and stockpile o tickets to top tier events in the city.

From his front row tickets to attend Laker's games (where only sometimes was it announced he was at the game!) on official city business to his Euro-vacation that came with a 95-page book of receipts that cost you close to $120,000 -- it has arrived on the people's doorsteps that this man is as true a piece of shit as humanly possible.

According to his crackpot legal advisor, Brian Currey, the mayor's face alone at an event "bring tourism to Los Angeles" and that his mere attendance is to be considered special.  First of all, Brian, please shut up.  You easily sound just as stupid defending this mess as my landlord does when I've called him after one of his three day Xanax benders.  Oh SURE he'll be right over to check out the air conditioner. 

Eric Spillman has been covering the story and pestering the Villar people about details such as the involvement of Mr. Brackpool, whose contributions to the mayor to gain his support of an underwater pool beneath his land is bringing up more issues of unscrupulous acts.  Along with the LA Weekly's exposes, there's lingering questions this fool is going to have to answer.  This is not going to be an easy week for Mayor McCheese.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

OC Private Investigator has some explaining to do

53-year-old Kevin Michael Sianez is a private investigator in Orange County.  Mr. Sianez has some problems because he's been defrauding people for a long time and it looks like this is one of those stories that is going to have very long, sturdy legs as all the factoids are rolled out.

Right now it's not 100%, but it appears there are several fraud sites listing Sianez as one sick puppy, but then again, that might be not insensitive enough of a name considering what he's facing.  His work as a PI in several different states has been tracked online, so either this guy is mentally retarded, or he is just a complete failure at living a live without scamming people.  There is even a GREAT outing HERE.  This guy is the ultimate in chaos.

 Then, after getting inspected something weird popped up.  He apparently was posting ads on craigslist for people to come to his place to have sex with his dog - while he watched.  That's almost as weird as having a Private Investigator who also happens to be a blind albino.   Almost.

Take your pick of messed up headlines.  Whether you like this one -- 
SoCal PI charged with fraud, bestiality conspiracy:

or this one --
Former police officer facing fraud, intimidation charges:

and LA Times

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Im An LA Councilman, AKA, A Moron"

LOS ANGELES -- "A city councilman said the ramifications of boycotting Arizona over the state's new immigration law were not researched before the motion was passed.

Fat ass, Kojak lookalike, Councilman Dennis Zine said during an interview on the KTLA Morning News that the boycott was "a symbolic effort by two colleagues that wanted to generate controversy." Zine added that "they didn't do the research" and admitted the council voted without knowledge of the facts. "
I didn't do research on it, it wasn't my motion," Zine said.
(But, he voted for the fucking boycott anyway. And I get accused of just doing whatever John and Ken say, At least I do research before I vote for something-so I know what Im voting for. duh)

The LAPD is asking for a 10-month extension of its agreement with Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions. The City Council will consider the request, as well as a new contract with another Arizona-based firm.

American Traffic Solutions (the Arizona company) operates red light cameras at 32 intersections. The council's Public Safety Committee says the exception is justified.

Zine said he expects the council will grant the exemption.

Last month, the council suspended most travel and contracting with Arizona in protest over a law requiring police officers to determine the immigration status of people lawfully stopped."

Red light cameras are justified? Well they don't make a safety difference, despite what you've heard, but its a good way for LA to steal more money and they know it. They can't let that revenue pass-symbolic gesture or not.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Where's Zuma Dogg Been? Ranting on Antonio!

It took the LA Times way longer than it should have to end their Antonio Villaraigosa love affair.  And yeah, it took the mayor getting caught in an audit pickle for them to finally say "enough is enough".  Apparently, Anothony's $3,100 tickets (per seat!) that went unreported as he flirted with LA's big-wigs was the last straw.  How strange is that?
Who needs the Times when you can just tune in to Zuma-Dogg's blog and catch him railing on Tony on the regular.  Here's an excerpt from his  recent post
"No one would care about this stuff if the characterally-challenged, mental weakling did only a 90% suck-ass job as mayor, instead of being a 100% fuck-up! Basically, this is everyone's way of saying, "You are a fuck-up. You fucked up. And now sit in the corner with your dunce cap on, moron. And work on fixing the mess you created instead of pretending you have earned the right to watch a re-run on KDOC."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Got Your Boycotts L.A., Right Here

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – "Los Angeles officials approved a ban on future business with Arizona in protest against its crackdown on illegal immigrants, becoming the largest U.S. city to impose such an economic boycott.

City Council members who voted 13-1 in favor of the punitive measure said it could affect about $8 million in contracts with Arizona, but Los Angeles must first decide which of those agreements it can break without triggering lawsuits.

Another $50 million in contracts will remain in place but the council directed city department heads to refrain from doing future business with Arizona or companies headquartered there whenever possible. The decision also suspends all city-related travel to the desert state."

Doesn’t this violate the spirit of our Constitution for one region to try to inflict harm upon another region within the borders of the United States? (If you will excuse us for using such a quaint term as ‘borders.’)

Wasn’t one of the primary reasons for writing the Constitution to improve relations between states, which were sometimes practically at war with each other under the Articles Of Confederation?

"I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport," Councilass Ed Reyes said before the vote. "If I come across an officer who’s had a bad day and feels the picture on my ID is not me, I could be summarily deported — no questions asked. That is not American."

Apparently, Mr. Reyes is in this country illegally. What is he doing serving on the Los Angeles City Council?

Arizona’s new law, which comes into effect at end-July, does not allow police to demand identification from individuals without cause or to summarily deport them. But it does require officers, during a lawful contact, to check the immigration status of anyone who they reasonably suspect is in the country illegally…

How stupid do you have to be to have a blog writer or a reporter from a radio station correct you? And these kind of people are making our laws, running our cities?

Several other cities across the United States have considered resolutions to protest against the law or sought boycotts –among them San Francisco, West Hollywood and Saint Paul, Minnesota.


NASP (National Association for Single People) has officially announced in the media, that they are now promoting a boycott of L.A.
so there.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SacHole of the Month-June. Senorita Gloria Molina

Unfortunately, this special edition of Sacholes is real difficult for me because there are so many putrid warthogs to choose from-its like trying to pick a pet out and your choices are a viper and a crow.
But, I knew in 2 seconds who it would be without a doubt.

The large hipped, ignorant, "if I weren't an LA county Stupidvisor, I'd be a Cafeteria worker", Gloria Molina sat on her throne and ordered a bill be passed-her own personal tribute/fist pump to Chicanos, that would enable LA to boycott Arizona due to her imaginary racial discrimination implications of bill 1070-and she got this stupid boycott idea seconded by another bonehead, keeper of the 70's porno mustache, Zev Yaroslavsky.

Here's a couple of wise Latina quotes from the queen of upper buttcrack and winner of the Sachole of the month award:

“This law simply goes too far,” said Gloria Molina, the boycott’s primary sponsor. “A lot of people have pointed out that I am sworn as an L.A. County supervisor to uphold the Constitution. All I can say is that I believe that Arizona’s law is unconstitutional.” (It is? where? Whoops, she hasn't read it yet)

“When someone says that this doesn’t involved racial profiling, you only need to look at me to know that I am one of those individuals that I’m sure would have a heck of a tough time in Arizona. And I know that that’s the way they will enforce the laws, unfortunately.”

(1st of all, WTF? and how long have you been out of the mental hospital? 2nd- isnt it RACIAL to assume all police in Arizona will enforce a law based on your theory of "thats the way laws will be enforced" and how do you know? what are you basing that on?
3rd-If you bothered reading the Bill, SB1070, is specifically written to say that racial profiling is prohibited- oh yeah, you KNOW what you KNOW, absolutely, laws will be enforced with racism in mind, so whatever, right?)

The vote was yesterday, two of the other supervisors voted "NO" because they said it was "stupid" and Gloria is a no good Puto(punk), but it passed, thanks to the yes vote from that greasy, double talking, nobody, nothing-Mark Shitley Thomas.

Molina is a sleaze ball always looking out for the tax takers such as illegals while taking the fewer and fewer taxpayers for fools-and they are fools to continue voting for these corrupt politicians...

and for this, We officially present the prestigious award - SacHole for the month of June, to Gloria Molina. (sniff, sniff).

I still do not understand why LA council members are allowed, legally, to become involved in the politics of another state when they can't take care of their own local community, other than prove what big greed bag, ignoramus's they are to the people of California, and now, to the people of Arizona.

BTW, this is the same Gloria Molina, AKA big dummy, who, in 2008, was all hell bent to get rid of taco trucks.
She claimed that taco trucks hurt brick and mortar restaurants!
When was the last time you were heading out to a restaurant, saw a taco truck on the way, and said to yourself "fuck it, I'm stopping at the taco truck instead"?