Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SacHole of the Month-June. Senorita Gloria Molina

Unfortunately, this special edition of Sacholes is real difficult for me because there are so many putrid warthogs to choose from-its like trying to pick a pet out and your choices are a viper and a crow.
But, I knew in 2 seconds who it would be without a doubt.

The large hipped, ignorant, "if I weren't an LA county Stupidvisor, I'd be a Cafeteria worker", Gloria Molina sat on her throne and ordered a bill be passed-her own personal tribute/fist pump to Chicanos, that would enable LA to boycott Arizona due to her imaginary racial discrimination implications of bill 1070-and she got this stupid boycott idea seconded by another bonehead, keeper of the 70's porno mustache, Zev Yaroslavsky.

Here's a couple of wise Latina quotes from the queen of upper buttcrack and winner of the Sachole of the month award:

“This law simply goes too far,” said Gloria Molina, the boycott’s primary sponsor. “A lot of people have pointed out that I am sworn as an L.A. County supervisor to uphold the Constitution. All I can say is that I believe that Arizona’s law is unconstitutional.” (It is? where? Whoops, she hasn't read it yet)

“When someone says that this doesn’t involved racial profiling, you only need to look at me to know that I am one of those individuals that I’m sure would have a heck of a tough time in Arizona. And I know that that’s the way they will enforce the laws, unfortunately.”

(1st of all, WTF? and how long have you been out of the mental hospital? 2nd- isnt it RACIAL to assume all police in Arizona will enforce a law based on your theory of "thats the way laws will be enforced" and how do you know? what are you basing that on?
3rd-If you bothered reading the Bill, SB1070, is specifically written to say that racial profiling is prohibited- oh yeah, you KNOW what you KNOW, absolutely, laws will be enforced with racism in mind, so whatever, right?)

The vote was yesterday, two of the other supervisors voted "NO" because they said it was "stupid" and Gloria is a no good Puto(punk), but it passed, thanks to the yes vote from that greasy, double talking, nobody, nothing-Mark Shitley Thomas.

Molina is a sleaze ball always looking out for the tax takers such as illegals while taking the fewer and fewer taxpayers for fools-and they are fools to continue voting for these corrupt politicians...

and for this, We officially present the prestigious award - SacHole for the month of June, to Gloria Molina. (sniff, sniff).

I still do not understand why LA council members are allowed, legally, to become involved in the politics of another state when they can't take care of their own local community, other than prove what big greed bag, ignoramus's they are to the people of California, and now, to the people of Arizona.

BTW, this is the same Gloria Molina, AKA big dummy, who, in 2008, was all hell bent to get rid of taco trucks.
She claimed that taco trucks hurt brick and mortar restaurants!
When was the last time you were heading out to a restaurant, saw a taco truck on the way, and said to yourself "fuck it, I'm stopping at the taco truck instead"?

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