Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Got Your Boycotts L.A., Right Here

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – "Los Angeles officials approved a ban on future business with Arizona in protest against its crackdown on illegal immigrants, becoming the largest U.S. city to impose such an economic boycott.

City Council members who voted 13-1 in favor of the punitive measure said it could affect about $8 million in contracts with Arizona, but Los Angeles must first decide which of those agreements it can break without triggering lawsuits.

Another $50 million in contracts will remain in place but the council directed city department heads to refrain from doing future business with Arizona or companies headquartered there whenever possible. The decision also suspends all city-related travel to the desert state."

Doesn’t this violate the spirit of our Constitution for one region to try to inflict harm upon another region within the borders of the United States? (If you will excuse us for using such a quaint term as ‘borders.’)

Wasn’t one of the primary reasons for writing the Constitution to improve relations between states, which were sometimes practically at war with each other under the Articles Of Confederation?

"I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport," Councilass Ed Reyes said before the vote. "If I come across an officer who’s had a bad day and feels the picture on my ID is not me, I could be summarily deported — no questions asked. That is not American."

Apparently, Mr. Reyes is in this country illegally. What is he doing serving on the Los Angeles City Council?

Arizona’s new law, which comes into effect at end-July, does not allow police to demand identification from individuals without cause or to summarily deport them. But it does require officers, during a lawful contact, to check the immigration status of anyone who they reasonably suspect is in the country illegally…

How stupid do you have to be to have a blog writer or a reporter from a radio station correct you? And these kind of people are making our laws, running our cities?

Several other cities across the United States have considered resolutions to protest against the law or sought boycotts –among them San Francisco, West Hollywood and Saint Paul, Minnesota.


NASP (National Association for Single People) has officially announced in the media, that they are now promoting a boycott of L.A.
so there.

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