Monday, June 7, 2010

Where's Zuma Dogg Been? Ranting on Antonio!

It took the LA Times way longer than it should have to end their Antonio Villaraigosa love affair.  And yeah, it took the mayor getting caught in an audit pickle for them to finally say "enough is enough".  Apparently, Anothony's $3,100 tickets (per seat!) that went unreported as he flirted with LA's big-wigs was the last straw.  How strange is that?
Who needs the Times when you can just tune in to Zuma-Dogg's blog and catch him railing on Tony on the regular.  Here's an excerpt from his  recent post
"No one would care about this stuff if the characterally-challenged, mental weakling did only a 90% suck-ass job as mayor, instead of being a 100% fuck-up! Basically, this is everyone's way of saying, "You are a fuck-up. You fucked up. And now sit in the corner with your dunce cap on, moron. And work on fixing the mess you created instead of pretending you have earned the right to watch a re-run on KDOC."

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