Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gassy Hol-ette

"California's landmark global warming law will help boost the state's sagging economy by expanding the green technology sector and reducing fuel costs, according to a report released Wednesday by the state Air Resources Board."

Mary Nichols-Im going to send you a bag of marbles because you obviously have lost yours.
She is a complete, elevator doesnt go to the top, m&m's missing from the bag, one sandwich short of a picnic, tin foil hat wearing dictator.
Really, is she related to Adolph?

Doy..AB32 is a big slimy bag of crap (much like her and the people who support her fanatism) What jobs will be created if AB32 is implemented? names please.

She had a phone conference today (not even live) to discuss the latest AB32 report-that boasts the above (can you say bogus)
This stupid phone conference (right out of Get Smart) was conducted by her and her spokesholes- only the press was allowed to listen in.
To enter in, you had to dial a secret number and give a secret code-nobody, not even the invited press people were given the report until 2 hours AFTER the conference, the press was only allowed to express one question on the phone, then was hung up on so they couldn't ask follow up questions-I bet she was talking on a shoe phone.

I listened to this conference today and Mary, in total serial killer fashion, was totally mind numbing schizo incoherent with her statements and answers.

All this puffery about global warming, AB32, greenhouse gas is just that... GAS, fake, just to squeeze more money out of people and cost many, many jobs in California. I got their greenhouse gas right here in my tussy.

See, the holes are always at it. Pisses me off.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I wanted to post about a new republican candidate for Governor that I have been following for a month or so and attended a meet/greet tonight at the Aliso Country Club.

Mr. Larry Naritelli running for Governor.

He started attending Tea parties with his 13 year old son last year, then decided to run because he didnt see anybody who was really fighting for the people-just a bunch of hacky republicans who didnt stand firm on conservative issues, like fighting for freedoms/rights.

He stopped by my table before he made his speech and I asked him a few questions, he is running on the republican ticket.

Naritelli was absoultely a breath of fresh air after hearing nothing but farts and hot air from the current sacholes on a daily basis, as he has many Conservative beliefs that the people of California have been waiting for-such as:

1-abolishing AB32 (he had the petition to recind it, going around), and the CARB. Believes Global Warming is a hoax-in fact took on Al "the pig" Gore about this issue and won.

2-he hates the early prisoner release and doesnt believe the budget should have anything to do with releasing prisoners -he exbounded on ways he'd eliminate that, one thing he said was he didn't understand why prisoners lift weights or why their "cells" are like hotels.

3-restore the water supplies to farms-he said the Constitution says We, the People, not We, the Delta Smelt

4-he stands firmly for 2nd amendment right to bear arms

5-prevent illegal immigration-he wants to charge back foreign goverments for the costs associated with illegals

There are a few points, theres more, but I wont bore you.
Go to his website HERE to read more of what he's about

He doesn't have a bundle of money like EMeg or 11 percent Poizner so he could use exposure, would you please consider him? and spread the word.

He is starting to get some recognition even in Nutbag land, San Francisco. and has just won the I-Caucus nomination for Governor.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Das Boot

Los Angeles, is lobbying to change the state vehicle code to allow placement of immobilizing "boots" on cars with as few as three unpaid parking tickets. Currently, the law allows booting after five accumulated parking tickets.

This change could help the city collect up to $61 million in overdue parking citations.
(mmm, another proposed rape of the taxpayer, in lieu of the removal of state cubicle vork-ers)

In Los Angeles, Shomari Jennings was willing to pay the $70 ticket he received for driving without a seatbelt, but not the slew of tacked-on fees and penalties that ballooned the cost more than tenfold.

Every $10 of his base fine triggered a $26 "penalty assessment" for courthouse construction, a DNA identification program, emergency medical services and other programs. Other fees ranged from $1 to $35.

"It's the new tax," Jennings, 30, complained while waiting in traffic court to contest a staggering bill compounded by a $500 fine for missing a court date.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

There's A New SacHole In Town

New Sachole Assembly Speaker, (put that burrito down), John A. Perez-the hefty, openly gay, cousin of genius Mayor Tony Villar, gave his top aide (Sara Ramirez) a pay increase of nearly $5,400 a month as he was sworn in on March 1st.

Sara Ramirez, Perez's chief of staff, saw her annual salary boosted from $125,256 to $190,008 effective March 1, according to documents obtained under state open-records law.

Ramirez, whose duties will expand (much like Perez's neck) now that Perez is Assembly speaker (she now has to fly to Mars to find him gay dates and grease up his ass), was one of eight Capitol staffers who received pay increases or promotions from the new leader, who succeeded Karen Bass.

All I can say to Johnny A. Fatso is to prepare your head to be jammed on a stick,
and my eyes will be on you Sara Ramirez, Ms. Top Aide/butt greaser to SEE what duties have increased to justify that increased salary.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And to the Sacholes, for which it stands

A 2-1 vote by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals favored to keep the pledge of allegiance in schools for another day.

The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel rejected two legal challenges by Sacramento atheist Michael Newdow, who said the references to God are unconstitutional and infringe on his religious beliefs.

As we recall, this became news back in 2002, when the same legal crew voted in FAVOR of Newdow.

It is a riot to listen to those real Americans over there in Texas and other states that breed high volumes of idiocy who are screaming for Newdow to go live in China or somewhere where freedom of speech is not as much of a luxury as it is here in our fine country.

By now the point should be clear - young, impressionable children don't need the robotic antiquity that is actually something originally written by a socialist in 1892.  Even more true is the fact children don't need to feel they are on the outside looking in because they have to say we are "one nation under god."

Are we "one nation under God"?  Isn't this, constitutionally speaking, the same as saying "one nation under dog?"  Church and state are, generally, separate (despite the common interpretation that the constitution  states there is a separation of Church and State, which is false), and pre-programming children to recite this phrase (the inclusion of God into the Pledge didn't occur until 1954 when President Eisenhower made the edit) should not be a daily procedure in every public school, every day of the school year.

We are a different country in a different era, but this ruling brings us back to a time when communism was our biggest threat, and further polarizes an already polarized world.  To suggest removing God from the pledge would make anyone any less patriotic is retarded logic.  Not every family is held together under principles of God, but yet they do remain faithful to their country as has been proven over time.

So sorry kids, particularly if you were raised to be good Americans, but don't necessarily have the fear of God instilled in your makeup.  You will continue to be an outsider if you protest.   So continue to put your right hand over your heart, and repeat the mantra - because you don't want to be mistaken for the enemy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

LA Super-holes

Rare photo of a Sac-hole at birth

As LA County stupid-visors prepare to cut into everything from public safety to social services, and make a little league group pay thousands of dollars a year so the kids can use a park to play ball,
they also are spending millions in our taxpayer dollars to bloviate their public images, pay for chauffeurs, hold parties for friends and lobbyists and support pet projects.

Each supervisor receives $3.4 million a year to spend as he or she sees fit, without any public vote or scrutiny.

Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, for example, has spent more than $200,000 to support his new website along with Facebook and Twitter accounts, according to a review of documents obtained through the state Public Records Act.

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas used $25,000 to buy a place in Who’s Who in Black Los Angeles.

Supervisor Molina, has given $200,000 to the Sheriff's Department over the last 2 months, as well as small amounts to various community groups and causes. But like Antonovich and Yaroslavsky, she declined repeated requests to discuss the allocations. (Yaroslavsky made an aide available for limited questions about his website.)

And Supervisors Mike Antonovich, Don Knabe and Ridley-Thomas used some of their money to pay for cars and chauffeurs. Knabe's armed driver makes $90,000 annually.

The supervisors don't spend all they get and are sitting on a large sum. No, as of November, the balance in the five supervisors' office accounts totaled $27 million, enough to cover the salaries of 216 social workers for a year.

And as they point out to the media, they generously use our tax money to donate to various charities of their choice, because after all, doesn't it warm your cockles to know that 50 thousand dollars of your tax money has been donated to the Huntington Library?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inglorius Bastards

Pictured above:
Two hypocritic Sacholes-Senor Maldonado and Roy Assburn, showing how gay it is living Lavida Bullshit as they give each other some reassuring hugs and shouts of: I ARE REALLY SMART!

Roy Assburn (R) Bakersfield, came out of the closet three days after he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving as he left a gay nightclub. Ashburn defended his opposition to gay-rights legislation, however, saying it was his "duty" to vote in accordance with his constituents' beliefs. (he also felt his constituent's beliefs were that higher taxes were needed)

Said Senor Maldonado (R) Santa Maria,
"There's no secret that I have an "R" next to my name, but on every vote that I've ever taken, I've never let that dictate how I'm going to vote." (even though I signed a pledge not to raise taxes, but, last year, did anyway).

Democrats, have a lot to be thankful for in Maldonado because he often was their swing vote on budgets and some tax increases.
But, Assemblyman Sandre Swanson, D-Alameda, said Schwarzenegger's selection of Maldonado as Lt. Governor was a cold political calculation to reward a lawmaker who has helped him in the past
(However, in Maldonado's defense, you do need to be dumb as a radish to qualify for that position)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Name A Turd After This Sachole

Karen "sea" Bass,
ex-speaker as of last week, decided to leave office while flipping everyone the bird , quietly giving 20 of her staff big fucking raises and promotions, like she tried to do last year, but a boot was inserted up her ass when the media and the public found out- so she backed off of that - remember?...

Last April,(after being caught), Bass ordered that "staff salaries be frozen unless a promotional opportunity exists to fill a critical vacancy," records show.

So, while hundreds of inmates are being dumped on our streets because of early release in order that the state can save money, unemployment and foreclosures rage on in California at unbelievable rates, our taxes have been increased to the highest in history, Los Angeles legislature is comptemplating having home owners repair their own sidewalks (even though taxes are paid for this service), meter parking tickets are now 50 bucks, some counties are charging 300.00 for 911 services if you live in the county and haven't bought their yearly subscription of 48 bucks-$400 if you don't live in the county, Bass found it critical to give some of her staff raises-

Pamela Haynes' job title changed from senior assistant to principal assistant and her pay rose from $87,456 per year to $96,204,

Michael C. Wagaman, who was earning $77,832 per year, saw his salary rise to $85,620 and his title changed from associate consultant to senior consultant,

and Bass' executive secretary, Anna Christine Goddard, whose title changed to senior assistant, raised from $57,240 to $62,964.

Bass's statement? Glad you asked.

She defended the worthiness of the pay hikes (after she shed her skin and ate it), noting that many Assembly employees had not received raises in years.

I think one could live off of a yearly salary of 87 thousand nicely for a couple more years, I know I could.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homosachole: Roy Ashburn Goes Disco!

California state Senator Roy Ashburn (R-Bakersfield) is a fighter when it comes to marriage equality.  That is, his political position to fight against homosexual marriage rights is at odds with his raging desires of relieving his inner-most hunger for men.

Well that is what it seems.  The republican had his Chevy Tahoe impounded and was sent to a holding cell after getting himself busted for driving drunk after leaving Faces, a gay nightclub in Sacramento Wednesday night.

There was a male "companion" with Ashburn, as the two swerved through the Sacramento streets in the early morning hours.  I wonder where they were going?  7-11?  At 2am you can't buy any more alcohol, so probably not.  Were they headed to a swanky motel with hourly rates?  Can't keep the wife and his four children waiting all night.   Were they working on their platform?  Were they looking for a fight or for love?

Ashburn was sorry after getting caught, stating, “I am deeply sorry for my actions and offer no excuse for my poor judgment. I accept complete responsibility for my conduct and am prepared to accept the consequences for what I did.”

Ashburn follows in the footsteps of Larry Craig, David Drier, Mark Foley and Charlie Crist who in recent years have been caught in compromising positions that contrast their anti-gay political views.

A DUI conviction doesn't call for dismissal from his lawmaking senator seat, but this is the final year of Ashburn's term.

Sacholes exclusive: Jerry Brown Needs Work (Comment Here)

He's back.  Jerry Brown's three democratic contenders have backed down, splitting the sea and allowing Moonbeam to alter his attack mode (and language) to meet the billion dollar attacks of his rich republican foes. 

With California in poor shape, Brown will not be barking for more car lanes as he did in the 70s.  He will be facing a state with an unemployment rate of nearly 10% (if you go by the state's statistics), pitching Green Jobs, and a stealthy campaign that most likely won't take effect until this Summer.

Just like a veteran ball player who decides to show up for the pennant race.

He does lean too heavily on his green policies, without question a result of his hey-day he better ramp up.  He's somewhere in the $12-13 million dollar range as far as financing reserves, and it's clear he'll let his name brand carry him the balance.

Those who were conscious during his past leadership runs are hopefully looking past the name and looking at his failures, as these are the areas he'll need to prove he no longer supports or has drastically altered.  This is no time for nostalgia in California lest the job be taken for granted.

Rick Caruso, a local billionaire land developer supports Brown and says, "That’s what really got me focusing on the importance a mayor can make in a city. I think Jerry did a great job in Oakland. Great job. And that’s why I’m going to support him as governor. And I’m going to probably piss off a lot of my Republican friends, which is fine. But Jerry -- I’m eager to see him have a chance. He’s a great guy. He’s a fun guy. Very smart"

Election 2010: California Governor
Meg Whitman (R) 43%
Jerry Brown (D) 43%
Some Other Candidate 6%
Not Sure 8%
(Statistics based on polls before Brown's official announcement)

Brown is steadfast in his claims to save California from the brink of bankruptcy, which seems like political ass to mouth talk, but as Wonkette states, "in the 1970s he balanced the budget while expanding all kinds of social programs and the parks and education."

On his Facebook page he claims all the good stuff, such as fighting political ghouls,  health care, and protecting workers (while supporting CARB and bogus climate change legislation).  He will alter these positions as crunch time approaches, but waiting on these critical issues

Where Brown has failed thus far is his sleepy approach to California's budget puke.  Some claim he needs to leave the 70s behind for good, apply some of his 90s approach, and think more progressively to touch on the public dismay at current stands and the growing divide between power v powerless.

His name brand and chump change (compared especially to Emeg) will only go so far, and will the summer offer him enough time to reach the youthful voters especially getting screwed these days?

Some of his political malfunction is his whimpering about the prison system's overcrowding problem while not yet coming out in favor of marijuana legalization.  In fact he voted AGAINST it in 2008.

In case you were wondering, about other odds and ends, such as “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, Jerry Brown is connected to Bacon through Thomas Mann by way of Liza Minelli.  Emeg will have a tough time beating that one.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Dissing of a Sachole

I was absolutely mortified to learn that at a recent gathering of PTA members and other school officials that Senator Gloria Romero, (D – East Los Angeles), organized, took this opportunity to get on her throne and in her grandest queen of upper butt crack voice, told the whole crowd that John and Ken (of KFI talkradio) always stop the progress of California.

Really Gloria? these 2 guys from an AM radio talkshow are stopping California from growing? really? so you dont think much of voters do you? We all are just doing what they say, like robots.
Anyway, I took this opportunity to email Queen Douchey:

dateSat, Feb 27, 2010 at 8:46 PM

Dear,(cough, cough) Sen. Gloria Romero,

For someone who brags about having a bunch of degrees, you showed yourself to be another ignorant, evil, twisted, weasal Sachole and a poor example of what one supposedly reaps, with higher education, because of gas you expelled all over some PTA members and others who attended a recent education "outing/meeting".

These people were no doubt, expecting to hear something useful, intelligent and hopeful from a representative in government, and were, once again, confused and disappointed (but probably not surprised) at your overexaggerated, temper tantrum, about 2 men who merely come to work and rip off the cloak you and the other "mafiosa" of Sacramento cover yourself with, just so you are free to do what you want-like you have in all the years before.
Funny thing though, Glore, my tax money pays all your big salaries, and, because of this, I have a right to know what you are up to. This is where John and Ken come in.

You may NOT spend my hard earned money any damn way you want, like you have before in the name of "California Progress", and here's something you can take to the bank and cash- "I'm quite sure I'm not alone in this thinking."

Which by the by, I must remind you that you have been using my money since 2001 when you were (cough, cough) elected as senator to "progress California".

I have seen nothing that romotely can be construed as "progress in California" in the 50 years I've lived here,
as a matter of fact, I have not seen any progress in California in the many years that many foolish bills passed, I'm guessing those bills were suppose to "progress California" too, but really, they only served to take more of my tax money and did nothing to "progress California"..

What is your problem? What does John and Ken have to do with "stopping the progress of California"?
They just shine some light on your shenanigans - You don't like that, do you?

But we TAXPAYERS are sick and tired of all your nonsense, including, you guys thinking you can do what you want, any time you want with OUR money, OURS not YOURS-

Hey... John and Ken have one vote each, unless you know something I don't.
So, how can 2 people stop California from progressing, you ignorant bag?

This was taken from Josesph Vranich's (he's a relocoation coach) Blog about why California businesses are leaving for other states and I dont see John and Ken mentioned anywhere in here

the “Top Ten Reasons Why California Companies Are Calling the Moving Companies.”

#10: The Tax Foundation in their newest report lists California at No. 48 for tax fairness – ahead of only New York and New Jersey.

#9: The Rose Institute of State and Local Government reported in the latest "Cost of Doing Business Survey" that California cities continue to be some of the most expensive locations to do business in the United States.

#8: The Pacific Research Institute found that California’s labor performance in a recent five-year period is among the worst performing in the nation.

#7: The Civil Justice Association of California said the state ranks 44th in legal fairness to business. Los Angeles was again named the least fair and reasonable litigation environment in the entire country.

#6: A study by the consulting firm Bain & Co. found that an astonishing 60 percent of California business leaders said they have policies in place to restrict job growth in the state or move jobs to other U.S. locations.

#5: Again from Bain & Co. – they’re a busy group – they measured the cost, uncertainty and complexity of regulations and constructed a “regulatory hassle index” and "California is far worse than any other state by a very significant margin."

#4: The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council in Virginia found that California ranked 49th overall in terms of business friendliness.

#3: The Associated Press calculates what it calls a monthly "misery index" – California is close to the bottom of the list.

#2 Extravagant state spending continues and pollsters have found people are much angrier about California government – more than they've ever been in recorded polling history.

And the #1 reason why California companies are calling the moving companies” – Chief Executive magazine recently found California to be the worst state in the nation in which to do business. Texas was found to be the best.

I have a vote and a brain too,
I don't like what any of you stinkholes are up to, so you can partly blame me and millions of others in California and our NO FUCKING WAY vote too, for "stopping progress in California", Don't blame two men alone for this.

You are a laughable drama queen, Glore. Tell people the WHOLE STORY if you feel the need to blow a big fart out of your mouth.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Death and The Arnold Connection

By now, most everyone, has heard about Katie Tagle and her baby son, 9 month old Wyatt, who was killed by her maniac, insane, abusive, ex boyfriend and father of Wyatt, Stephen Garcia.

The fact that Katie had gone before Judge Robert Lemkau ten days before the baby was killed, with an armful of her crazy ex boyfriend's rambling, homicidal, violent emails that stated he was going to kill himself and the baby too so she could
request a restraining order and supervising visits, was denied, by lemkau because Lemkau deemed Tagle a liar in five minutes flat, is bad, real bad, but guess what?

Judgie poo Lemkau-San Bernardino County Superior Court, was appointed by none other than our own mentally challenged, freak and bad actor, Gov. Schnitzel, who evidently, was bored and was playing Terminator, the Governor's Edition.

It was doubtful that the judge even read the emails, and obviously, there was no court hearing that day because the judge's mind was closed.

And why was Schnitzel allowed to appoint a judge?
This wasn't illegal?
A dumb barbell lifting, frankenstein head, nitwit, foreigner who knows nothing about anything let alone who to allow to sit on a bench and make final calls on people's lives.
Well, why am I surprised?, look at the chunks who run our California government.

Oh yeah, Lemkau has the gall to be running for another term as judge for the San Bernardino County Superior Court.
No doubt he will be endorsed by Gov Schnitzel.

But Attorney, James Hosking was so angry and horrified by this nutcase judge that he put his own hat in the ring to run against Lemkau.

SB County Deputy District Attorney James Hosking is running for Superior Court Judge against Judge Robert Lemkau. Voters will decide between them on Election Day June 8, 2010. Hosking had not yet planned to run but after reading about Wyatt's murder, he decided he would run 'based in part upon being outraged by Lemkau' ruling that allowed this baby, Wyatt to be murdered by his psychotic father'.

“I feel comfortable calling Judge Robert Lemkau an asshole. … and am now running for Superior Court Judge against Judge Bob Lemkau. This man does not belong on the bench. “ — James Hosking

"I feel comfortable calling Arnold Schwarzenegger, a twat." - Merijoe

"Judge Lemkau not only ignored the fact that Mr. Garcia had made death threats against Ms. Tagle and her son by phone, e-mail, texts, suicide letters and even a short novel, but he also told Ms. Tagle that she was lying,"
wrote James Hosking on his website.