Monday, March 15, 2010

There's A New SacHole In Town

New Sachole Assembly Speaker, (put that burrito down), John A. Perez-the hefty, openly gay, cousin of genius Mayor Tony Villar, gave his top aide (Sara Ramirez) a pay increase of nearly $5,400 a month as he was sworn in on March 1st.

Sara Ramirez, Perez's chief of staff, saw her annual salary boosted from $125,256 to $190,008 effective March 1, according to documents obtained under state open-records law.

Ramirez, whose duties will expand (much like Perez's neck) now that Perez is Assembly speaker (she now has to fly to Mars to find him gay dates and grease up his ass), was one of eight Capitol staffers who received pay increases or promotions from the new leader, who succeeded Karen Bass.

All I can say to Johnny A. Fatso is to prepare your head to be jammed on a stick,
and my eyes will be on you Sara Ramirez, Ms. Top Aide/butt greaser to SEE what duties have increased to justify that increased salary.

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