Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Change of Sachole Guards

Minority GOP Caucus Leader, Bob Huff of Diamond Bar is all set to replace the current office that is held by Bob Dutton of Rancho Cucamonga of GOP Senate Republican Leader,
Dutton announced Friday, December 23rd, that he was stepping down in January.

Huff still needs the minority caucus to vote (which he is the head of) but claims the office is as good as his (kinda of saw visions of flys rubbing their feet together)- way to be cocky, deceitful, knuckle dragging hack.

Bob Huff is one of the bucked tooth horses that voted with other Clydesdales under the Schwarzenegger regime to increase taxes in February of 2009, thinking this would stop Pterodactyls from swooping out of the sky and killing Californians.

Remember the John and Ken revolt in Corona in May of that year?
Huff was on the list to be recalled at that time -papers were served to him however, there weren't enough signatures on the petition to qualify this attempt to recall, so he stayed in office.

Huff is trying to redeem himself in 2011 by yelling "transparency in Government is needed"
(but I guess he didn't feel that way in 2009 when that eggplant secretly voted for tax increases)
He is now recently quoted regarding the upcoming budget, "There's always a role, even if we're outside the door banging on it. We're willing to work with him (Brown) if he's willing to."
And is the proud papa of senate bill 719 which will require State departments to show what was paid to them in database form for all to see.

Jerry Brown-holian and his gang of mental patients have shown little desire to reopen budget talks with republicans as under a new law Democrats can pass the budget on their own.

Friday, December 23, 2011

New Laws starting in January 2012

A new law inspired by last year’s city of Bell scandal, in which administrators awarded themselves exorbitant salaries, defrauding the city of millions of dollars:
In order for local officials to collect compensation for simultaneous or serial meetings, a clerk or member of the legislative body must VERBALLY announce any compensation or stipend an official will receive as a result of a second meeting.

I myself, would like this "town crier" approach to apply to everything they receive monetarily- "HERE YE, HERE YE, 199 DOLLARS COMPENSATED FOR WALKING TO THEIR CAR IN THE PARKING LOT LAST NIGHT"
It is now a misdemeanor to carry an exposed and unloaded handgun while in any public place.

Who was doing that?
so, kids under 6, put away those water pistols when you are going to the store for a candy bar

Tanning beds are also now barred to anyone under 18.

say what? put off any potential medical issues. That issue is now illegal in California since the parents allow it


It is now illegal to sell live animals along the street, highway, public right-of-way, in a parking lot, carnival, or boardwalk.

Does that include Nanny Goats?

NOW TAX DEDUCTIBLE- visit a local animal shelter, and make a contribution to spay and neuter services

The sale and possession of shark fins is now illegal except in permitted scientific and commercial purposes. But, restaurants can possess and sell shark fins purchased before Jan. 1, 2012 until Jan. 1, 2013


Impounding a vehicle at a sobriety checkpoint is now prohibited if the driver’s only offense is not having their license. The law hopes to combat the previous misuse of sobriety checkpoints set up in Hispanic communities targeting people ineligible to receive a license.

But, their immigration status will be checked and they will be deported if not here legally-whoops, sorry, that's my dream act.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who's Surprised That L.A Mayor Dingbat and Chief Ignoramous, Are At It Again?

Regarding a new policy to go into effect, perhaps at the beginning of the year -At this time, unlicensed Drivers, if stopped have to deal with the fact that it is authorized that the car can be impounded for 30 days.

But now, the vice president of Mexico, Villar (AKA Mayor of LA and ex union leader) and his Compadre, the human suppository -
Charlie Beck, secretary of state for Mexico (AKA-LAPD chief), under pressure from a favorite charity of theirs, "Advocates for Immigrant rights",

have devised some new policy which was created by these two fucksocks that will allow illegal aliens without licenses to call someone in the event they are stopped by police who has a license to drive their car home so it doesn't get towed, this way they won't have to pay thousands of dinaro to get it out of impound and they will be free once again to drive the streets without a license to a job they are working at illegally-
however, if someone with a license (like you or me) who has, say, gotten a few tickets but the license is suspended due to non payment of these, and is pulled over, well, that person is, oh, fucked.. the car will get towed.

Why bother getting a driver license? you dont need one if you are illegal-
In fact, why bother being legal?

who needs all that testing and paying of fees-
This is how we punish law breaking illegal aliens
You get in state tuition rates
You get your college paid for with American tax dollars
You get to drive the streets of LA without a driver license, unfortunately this policy change is completely dangerous and life threatening

what's next from these two buttlicking pukesticks? no more DUI
punishment for Illegals?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Douche of the month-Low-retta Sanchez, Congresswoman,Santa Ana

EEE-GADZ -Loretta "high speed rail -if you know what I mean" Sanchez-knower of nothing,yapper of gums, is fortunate..It’s NOT a crime to be STUPID.

Amidst ear's bleeding and car alarms screaming in the background, set off by Loretta's high pitched emission- is her rambling, sounding a bit Amy Winehousey, in defense of the high speed rail, something about how bad the congestion was when she got her license to fly a broom, I mean, a plane and some happy horse shit BS she made up about the freeway being backed up with traffic so bad and the wait was so long to move, women and children were shitting themselves and gnawing their toes off, because of that truck that caught fire the other day.

and with that, let me close with a couple of Loretta quotes:

"I try to support groups that are about educating people about different races, different religions, different cultures and different situations so that we can break down the barriers of prejudice and bigotry." -Loretta Sanchez

"the Vietnamese and Republicans" were trying "to take this seat from us... and give it to this Van Tran who is very anti-immigrant and very anti-Hispanic" – Loretta Sanchez

(a racist democrat? isn't that like an oxymoron or something?)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Shot at a Part Time Legislature

Squirm, high paid useless Sacramento Buggies...
looks like there's a new petition that's been sent and is pending to be qualified by the Attorney general for a part time legislation in California, authored by assemblywoman Shannon Grove of Bakersfield and backed by Ted Costa -of the Gray Davis Recall fame.

This would cut out the current 9 month a year shit we have now and make it 90 days every other year - but of course we wouldnt have to deal with gems written by armpit smelling bottom feeders, bills like, the Hotel Bed Sheet Bill, that replaces flat sheets with fitted ones so the housekeepers won't have back pain.

When one of these urinal cakes is termed out they would be banned from any job in government for 5 years-oh boo hoo-what will happen to all of california if one of these ragged assbreaths couldnt be a chairperson for the department of California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus- making 190 grand a year?

Shit, they're already working part-time and getting paid for full-time.

None of these power hungry baboons represent their constituents, they serve only their own private interests and those who scratch their backs.

They are ALL a bunch of stinking douchebags and should be kicked out of office.

Currently in office are ineffective, bone headed, pathetic ninny's who are unable to do the right thing at anytime-they are always late with budgets, and when they finally do get a budget together, its boogus and full of lies, they coverup for their friends, use kronyism, release prisioners early, spend thousands of tax dollars to fly anywhere they want to go, and, in order to get more "revenue", to foot the bill for more of this nonsense, they want to tax people, stating that extra money is needed desparately for (clutching their pearls dramatically), overcrowded classrooms. the poor and public safety.

Scoring, whoring and duty-bound only to their beloved, bribing lobbyists, they have left all Californians and the state in utter shambles.

Not only do they deserve to go, but these criminals should be getting their salads tossed in a shower stall at a federal prison.

The petition will need approx 808 thousand singnatures to qualify to be on the november 2012 ballot- where's my pen?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mo Money!

The head buffoon of California-Gov. Prune E. Brown wants to raise taxes another 7 billion-but its ok, its only on the rich, (except for that 1/2 cent sales tax -thats for everyone) well why don't they just raise the cost of a happy meal for Bill Gates and Brad Pitt?

Now, I'm not a rich advocate, but, I am for equality and fairness for all humanoids- seems to me that the rich who have accumulated wealth with an idea or talent had to start somewhere and I'll bet some had to sacrifice at one time or another before hitting it big-working alot of hours, putting things off, get proper paperwork and permits, even startup funds had to be obtained... Im thinking that personal computers would still be 10 grand like they were in the 80's, if new technology and new ideas weren't put into action by what are now, wealthy folk- Ipads are getting cheaper, so are flat screen TV's. I think everyone is benefiting greatly all around.

Call me nuts, BUT, and I'm quite sure Jeritol Brown and his TEAM of clusterfucks and trannys wont agree with this...
isnt LOWERING taxes the way to get more, as they call, REVENUES?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mario Hernandez Sets the 818 Back 20 Years

What a piece of shit.

San Fernando Has an Idiot Mayor

That was a couple months ago. Then THIS happened... if you've heard the audio, it sounded like quite the interesting night. Fuck all politicians, I mean seriously. From the LA Times: City Hall sex scandals disgust San Fernando residents Residents packed into a San Fernando City Council meeting Monday night to castigate their elected officials for turning the city into a laughingstock and a "reality show." It was the first council meeting after Mayor Mario Hernandez publicly announced last month that he was separated from his wife and in a relationship with a fellow council member, Maribel de la Torre. His wife was in the audience at the time. The city has also been sued by a police cadet who claimed she was sexually harassed by the police chief during a relationship she claimed included sexual acts in a city car, among other places. Many residents said they are furious that as the city faces a crushing budget deficit and a showdown with its police union over contract negotiations, San Fernando has instead become notorious for the sexual peccadillos of its leaders. "I'm sorry I voted for you," Dee Akemon told the council. At the beginning of the meeting, Hernandez told council members that he had taken "the extraordinary step of revealing information about my personal life" but that he had "always remained honest" about his life. That prompted jeers of "Yeah Right." De La Torre did not attend the meeting.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Scream Act

Ok-first, what does the word "ILLEGAL" mean to you?

Jeriatric Brown, our demented, lib, barnacle of a governor (and I shudder just having to say Governor), signed The Dream Act (AB131) in October that will allow the illegal children of illegals (yes, a second generation of them) - to grab tax payer money to pay for their college tuition in 2013-
mmm, heard that right.
You and I will be paying for illegal ailens to go to college for free-they aren't even eligible to work here-I smell amnesty.

Why not? we already pay for them to have welfare and heathcare.

Well, why don't we just let the bank robbers keep the money.

I have the biggest problem with the fact that they are "illegal" whether or not they were brought to California as whippersnappers is not my problem-that's the excuse they use.
I say if if you are old enough to go to college then you're old enough to go to one in your country-and you wont have to sneak your ass in there.

There is a petition going around right now to gather signatures that will allow a referendum to go on the November ballot to reject this assine bill.

Dream on-Illegals.