Monday, December 5, 2011

The Scream Act

Ok-first, what does the word "ILLEGAL" mean to you?

Jeriatric Brown, our demented, lib, barnacle of a governor (and I shudder just having to say Governor), signed The Dream Act (AB131) in October that will allow the illegal children of illegals (yes, a second generation of them) - to grab tax payer money to pay for their college tuition in 2013-
mmm, heard that right.
You and I will be paying for illegal ailens to go to college for free-they aren't even eligible to work here-I smell amnesty.

Why not? we already pay for them to have welfare and heathcare.

Well, why don't we just let the bank robbers keep the money.

I have the biggest problem with the fact that they are "illegal" whether or not they were brought to California as whippersnappers is not my problem-that's the excuse they use.
I say if if you are old enough to go to college then you're old enough to go to one in your country-and you wont have to sneak your ass in there.

There is a petition going around right now to gather signatures that will allow a referendum to go on the November ballot to reject this assine bill.

Dream on-Illegals.


jsm said...
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merijoe said...
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Anonymous said...

Have you ever paid attention to a bull with a ring in its nose? You feed him just what you want, you feed him just how much you want, and when you need him to do something all you have to do is hook a rein to his ring and just pull him along. Just look at our educational system. Almost all, if not all liberal teachers that are also following along just like lemmings; teaching a bunch of calves to become bulls. They have become so weak that they only fight for the easy things. Just look at Occupy LA. Most do not have jobs and most do not not go for the root of the issue. The root of the issue here is the California politicians cater to the illegals. Can't anyone with half a brain figure that out?