Tuesday, December 6, 2011

San Fernando Has an Idiot Mayor

That was a couple months ago. Then THIS happened... if you've heard the audio, it sounded like quite the interesting night. Fuck all politicians, I mean seriously. From the LA Times: City Hall sex scandals disgust San Fernando residents Residents packed into a San Fernando City Council meeting Monday night to castigate their elected officials for turning the city into a laughingstock and a "reality show." It was the first council meeting after Mayor Mario Hernandez publicly announced last month that he was separated from his wife and in a relationship with a fellow council member, Maribel de la Torre. His wife was in the audience at the time. The city has also been sued by a police cadet who claimed she was sexually harassed by the police chief during a relationship she claimed included sexual acts in a city car, among other places. Many residents said they are furious that as the city faces a crushing budget deficit and a showdown with its police union over contract negotiations, San Fernando has instead become notorious for the sexual peccadillos of its leaders. "I'm sorry I voted for you," Dee Akemon told the council. At the beginning of the meeting, Hernandez told council members that he had taken "the extraordinary step of revealing information about my personal life" but that he had "always remained honest" about his life. That prompted jeers of "Yeah Right." De La Torre did not attend the meeting.

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