Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Estrogen Monalogues

So now the whining fuck-tards of the Democrat persuation, are trying to shame Arnold into passing their budget ideas/taxes

This from Noreen Evans Blog-californiabudget.blogspot.com:
Monday, June 29, 2009
No Plan B, Governor?
"The Assembly passed three bills providing cash solutions to keep the state from issuing IOUs on July 2. Republicans in the Senate still refuse to support these solutions, which means that we will lose over $3 billion. We have 30 hours until California faces financial ruin. These are disappointing developments. The governor himself has imposed a July 1 deadline for passing a budget revision, yet he continues to throw roadblocks in our way."

And Karen "blowfish" Bass is heard on sound bites today saying:

"For the governor or anyone to reject these solutions and to exploit the crisis for political gain or to get unrelated reforms or pet projects would really be the moral equivalent of hijacking a am-ba-lance,"

Makes me want to start a line of VooDoo dolls and Booble heads in their likenessess.

If you N.U.C., you are a terrorist, says Buzzcut Bass

If you like Numero Uno Comedy, you don't like getting fucked with by YOUR politicians! You don't like to pay MORE taxes on your cars, your ciggies, your farts, your ear wax, your diamond studded boat you call "Numero Jubilee", you don't like it when asshole politicians, especially from your OWN state try to stymie your FREEDOM OF SPEECH rights! So we say N.U.C. em all!

So who else but the L.fuckin'.A. Times would be more suited to print their interview with Karen "Buzzcut" Bass this weekend in a style that reads like a drama that takes itself so seriously, it becomes a parody of itself... by accident. Yeah, I love those types of movies.

So when she refers to "conservative" talk radio... I think I know who she may have had in mind... here's a quote...

Q: How do you think conservative talk radio has affected the Legislature's work?

A: The Republicans were essentially threatened and terrorized against voting for revenue. Now [some] are facing recalls. They operate under a terrorist threat: "You vote for revenue and your career is over." I don't know why we allow that kind of terrorism to exist. I guess it's about free speech, but it's extremely unfair.

Clearly, she is calling KFI radio hosts John and Ken terrorists. John and Ken -who have claimed and shouted for years that they are not Conservatives or Republicans.

They have a "different" way of making their point, but I have never considered them to be "terrorists" (A person engaging in planning and execution of heinous acts intended to kill innocent people)-

Recalling an elected official is to her considered a "terrorist" act,(so anyone, not just "conservative radio" who takes part in recall actions is a terriorist in her mind)-
I consider recalling a political official "holding them accountable for their actions, and if they dont-get them out of office"

Heres something I had a feeling, Pirana or is it... Bass, and company, don't get: You and all the elected officials work for me.

My vote got you in office, and, my vote can get your ass out of office, so,you do need to be held accountable for everything you say and do while you are my government representative, you arrogant douche,you, or you will possibly be ousted out of office.

And by the way, since John and Ken aren't called out by name in her deplorable interview on saturday,in her opinion, ALL CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO is considered to be terrorists.

It seems to me she wants a California that is only obedient to her Nazi propoganda and will goosestep and Ya Voll her all the way to the ballot box and beyond.
If not, we are ALL considered "terrorists".
If it weren't for John and Ken or so called "conservative radio", I wouldn't know all the sneakery going on in Sacramento, and,
That's the point that's really got her knickers in a knot. Knowledge is power. Not according to Karen "Flounder" Bass, the opportunist.

Anthony Adams is up for recall because he was one of the turncoat republicans who voted for taxes in februrary-his office was called yesterday- his Chief of Staff, Bill Gatlin clearly stated, "Anthony Adams did NOT feel terrorized by John and Ken" and from my knowledge no one was standing next to Gatlin with a gun to his temple making him say that.

I don't want to steal any thunder from Brian Suites, today's DJ who was sitting in for the regular hosts of the Tax Revolt hour on KFI weekday afternoons from 3-7pm, (Go to KFI.com for a live stream) he was on the air today going over all of this in detail and offering his phone time to Bass for an explaining of what it all meant, but I don't think he ever got that call (I missed the rest of the show, so maybe I'm wrong).

Anyway, Suites read a really good blog post by Chris Reed who just seems as fed up as we are (only he types MUCH faster) at N.U.C.

Merijoe, the "other" blogger on this site even jumped on Chris' blog and dropped the kids off at the pool in the comment section:

The queen of the douchebags crawls out of her cave to speak. who takes that laughing stock seriously these days? She and her friend, Run DM Steinberg show up to freaking budget meetings wearing masks and holding chainsaws, and passing tax increases thinking they can get their agenda passed with a majority vote only and arent subject to the 2/3 vote.

If everyone voted her way, and J/K promoted her way, then they wouldnt be called terrorists.

J/K are doing something right and Big Mouth Bass can go to hell along with her tax increases or revenues or whatever she calls them these days. There is a nice warm place waiting for her.
Posted by: merijoe at June 29, 2009 03:28 PM

Hey, you don't have to threaten the lady any more than she already feels threatened by people who just simply have a difference of opinion, man. Reminding her of hell will only cement her theory that you might actually be a "terrorist"!

This big fish is constantly putting down voters in her "clever" politician ways. Ways that if you don't read, and don't get, you will get harpooned in the ass with a tax burden. She'll put you down for not understanding the rules as SHE knows them. You "terrorists" are the ones who rally against her riddler-esque PROP.A. You are the people she does not want to carry influential information to more people... so on and so forth.

When does all of this just get SO transparent? When people understand what is and what is NOT a state-given right... what exactly are their constitutional rights... and right now, the clock is ticking on some rescinding.

Yes, Bass, you moron- Republicans who vote for taxes will be recalled, and you nuty whale eyes, like you are next on the radar.
Hey look, Im an infidel and Im not even on radio.

The "terrorism" remark makes presumption that conservative talk-radio are the only reason there is anti-tax sentiment in California. Hey Douchebagget: Voters of all parties don't like tax hikes. Measure 1A failed in San Francisco too.

And, hey Karen, you caring socialist, aren't you the one who went along with blatantly dishonest ballot language on Prop. 1A hiding its $16 billion in new taxes,
who lets union leaders write legislation so it prevents fraud from being investigated in huge programs staffed by private union members?

whose party blocked attempts to make it easier for needy families to use the Internet to sign their kids up for free state health care because it might have led to the loss of jobs for clerks in county welfare offices?

whose party has blocked almost every last single education reform over the past decade except the one -- classroom-size reduction -- that vastly increased the size of the California Teachers Association. (And hasn't worked.)?

whose party blocked attempts to stop sleazy lawyers from extorting small businesses, especially those run by minorities with poor English skills, with nuisance lawsuits alleging violations of trivial state rules?

So now she and her party of Douchebags (including Noreen Evans) are trying to shame Schwarzenegger into doing their bidding, yes, I've heard some of the sound bits from newsconferences charging Arnold of making unreasonable demands (by saying no to taxes)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Those Pesky, Lowlife Dems

I was looking at the Bloomberg report this morning and there is a story about how this weekend in session:

"The Assembly passed a $23 billion package of tax increases, spending cuts and accounting maneuvers by a simple majority rather than the required two-thirds vote. The Democrats argued that the tax bills needed only a simple majority because they cut some taxes, while increasing others in equal amount and raised fees that don’t require the two-thirds approval requirement."

Oh, that must be the cuts they've been bragging about-but no one knew about.
Cut some taxes in order to raise others, but they must be in equal value...(And,how does that help the budget, you ask? read on for their dirty, underhanded agenda)

So, what I am hearing is, Chainsaw Steinberg, Karen Big Mouth Bass and the others dragged their asses into session yesterday (of which they get paid time and a half for) passed a $1.50 increase on tobacco, something like a 3.3% tax on oil production and a $15 additional increase on car registration with just a majority vote with the contention that, "we cut/eliminated the 12 cent a gallon gas tax in February so, because of that, all we need is a majority vote for these increases", then, before the majority vote was tallied, the sneaky snakes wrote in a 12 cent a gallon gas FEE. (didnt use the word TAX, so they figured it would fly, but its exactly the same thing as a tax and everyone knows that)-hows that for the government representation that you keep voting in office?

Schwarzenegger states he will veto this when it comes across his desk. Oh,yes he did. Dang-whats up with Arnold? he is definitely a flip flopper-isnt he?

Anyway, Put that in your pipe and smoke it for 1.50 more if the dems have their way.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shit, Here We Go Again...

Sorry to bore everyone to bits, but....

The Sacramento Bee and the Soup Nazi are still reporting that there is "NO budget for you" (as of tonight) yet.
Per the Sacbee.com -
"Democratic leaders left Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office Saturday without a deal to close the state's $24.3 billion budget gap, increasing the likelihood the cash-strapped state will begin issuing IOUs next week." booga booga... IOU's

Freddy Kruger Steinberg and his Mini-Me, Karen "Buzz cut" Bass are still trying to: push for those $11 billion cuts, the same, invisable cuts that no one knows what the hell are; plus $2 billion in higher taxes on oil drilling and tobacco; something about filling the hole with $5 billion in fees and accelerated revenue(Does anyone not know this is Sacramento for "Taxes" ?);through earlier collection of personal and corporate income taxes; and $5 billion in other solutions.(Shit,thats scary,WTF does "other solutions" mean?)- all of which were DE-NIED by Arnold "Brautwurst" Schwarzenegger.

Dang-what part of NO more taxes, doesn't Steinberg and his group of hired assassins, understand? they really think we, regular type folk, wake up thinking, "mmm...donuts" and walk into people all day long, teeth bucked out like a horse,chanting "I LIKE CAKE"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Next 10

Find the NEXT 10 link on our site - via Google Ads, to go take the California Budget Challenge! It's amazingly informative and nothing is being sold... it's just good information and NUC highly recommends readers go to their ad link immediately.

Next 10 is focused on innovation and the intersection between the economy, the environment, and quality of life issues for all Californians. We create tools and provide information that fosters a deeper understanding of the critical issues affecting all Californians. Through education and civic engagement, we hope Californians will become empowered to affect change.

A bad bill with money behind it - SB 250

From the SB250 - THE PET PERSECUTION ACT website.

SB 250, sponsored by a small but vocal and well-funded group (they also sponsored AB1634) is aimed at creating laws that will make it impossible for many people to be able to keep their cats and dogs. SB250 requires expensive sterilization procedures coupled with large fines (in addition to those already on the books) if a dog gets loose, if it is not wearing a collar, if it is a working animal that leaves the boundry of its farm or ranch, if it is a search and rescue dog off-leash in the pursuit of its responsibilities.

How did such a bad bill, and one that will cost Californians so much money, get so far?
  • When SB250 was in the Senate Local Government Committee, Senator Florez said there would be no costs to local government; at that point he was admitting that the bill would increase state costs through the State Mandate program.
  • When Appropriations put SB250 into suspense because of the high costs assigned by the Finance Department, Senator Florez modified SB250 to get it through appropriations, making all the substantial costs the responsibility of local governments. Florez says they can just raise fees to pay for it.

Read up on this bill by following the link to the website and use your vote to help the pets and learn what costs this incur.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hamburglar Avoids Agoura Hills, CA

In a whirl of madness surrounding California, there is a little city north of Los Angeles that has steered clear of economic woes, financial ruin and destructive over-spending that have plagued most cities within the county. Agoura Hills, has a population of just under 30,000 and boasts an average home value of $327,300 has achieved the rare status of having a balanced budget. This week the city's newpaper, The Acorn, reports that the city allocates most of its budget to capital improvements (39%) and public safety (12%), according to Nathan Hamburger, the assistant city manager.

The city was not immune to the weakened economic climate, as the city's sales taxes have been in decline and the budget was reduced by 5% from the prior year.

"We balanced our budget, but it was tight," Hamburger said.

Agoura Hills is surviving by keeping honest, knowledgeable leaders working for the people in what should be a microcosm for the rest of LA county. Little or no cuts were made to local schools, scholarships remained available to local schools and community programs and spending is limited to what is mandated through their annual budget.

Over eighty percent of the professionals in Agoura hold white-collar jobs. While the city ranks well above the national average in key areas such education, city contributions, gifts and household expenditure, the city ranks far below average in critical areas such as total crime, murder, rape, robbery and burglary risk, which makes it one of the best cities to live if you can handle a lack urban diversity, though recent growth in diversity is indicated in the city's demographics in the past 10 years.

Wiki Agoura

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

I forced myself to watch 40 minutes of Darrell Steinberg's press conferences on a proposed budget revision, today.
Listening to that boring honkey with the personality of a houseplant and that raging, holier than thou attitude of his, just made me want stab my eye with a fork. OMG, I don't know how anyone can take him for longer than 3 minutes.

Anyway his jest was that they (the dems) will NOT eliminate (according to Snoop Darrell, there is a difference in cuts vs elimination) what he calls "the safety net of California" - DMV, Healthcare for children, prisons, schools, inhome care for elderly, which was proposed by Schwarzenegger, but, "Fer sure" they will have a budget REVISION passed by July 1st.

Stinkbug went on to mention (In an arrogant and sarcastic way too, I might add)
The Repubs/Governor dont have any suggestions or other options to top their(the Dems) great plan of a tobacco/oil tax and street/road "fees" (sacramento speak for TAXES), "and, well dang, repubs have even rejected their cut suggestions."

I researched it-No One knows what these "cuts" that were supposedly suggested by Darrell and his show ponies and rejected by Schwarzenegger and his band of idiots, are. No One in Sacramento, No one in Riverside, No one in LA. No one. no one knows. not even the Bush Baked Beans dog. what cuts?

Darrell "Krusty Clown" Steinberg went on to say that the governor has not submitted a plan.

Excuse me-here it is-I found it -in the San Francisco news, SFgate.com, a plan submitted June 18th by Schwarzenegger that you rejected:

"the governor's plan included $15 billion in cuts to state spending. He also proposed billions in fees and one-time solutions, including a $48 surcharge on all residential and commercial property insurance. In addition, the governor wanted to borrow nearly $2 billion from local municipalities, which the Democrats rejected."

And poor DM Darrell was whining about how he was using toothpicks on his eyelids to keep his eyes open and that he and the others would be in session to pass a revision every day.

One question: if you knew this would take a while, why the hell did you wait until the 7th hour to convene? jackass.
Good try for the sympathy vote

Do you hear my gavel banging the desk as I declare-none given?
get to work and no taxes. genius

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cooking Tips by Arnold

Classic Arnold

Democrats DOA With New "Plan"

To the average reader of political news, the word coming out of Sacramental today is no where near as mouth-frothing as hypocritical South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's admission that he had an affair with a woman, but there is some importance to the recent nonsensical bullshit rising from the ink-blotted democrat print press.

Today, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who last week received a metal sculpture of bull testicles from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is hellbent on proposing a budget plan which includes over $11 billion in program cuts, restricting the state's shortfall by more than $21 billion "even if proposed tobacco and oil extraction taxes are killed," Steinberg said.

But nobody but his band of donkeys seem even remotely interested in his package of more than a dozen bills. The plug-plan also includes another car tax. Yes, you read that right. Another fucking car tax, which would fund the state park system. The proposal has no pull with the republicans, Assemblyman Roger Niello, R-Fair Oaks., Senate Minority Leader Dennis Hollingsworth, R-Murrieta, Assemblyman Chuck "Henley" DeVore, R-Irvine and Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Moorpark all peeped their heads out of their respective asses just long enough to voice their opposition on various grounds. All their opinions come as a collective "go fuck yourself" chant in opposition to the proposed $15 car tax, $1.50 per pack of cigs, and 9.9% tax on oil production. Nice. Just what the vulnerable California economy needs after it just slammed the doors on tax hikes by demolishing the prop 1 initiatives last month.

California has become the laughing stock of the nation (sorry Chicago) and we deserve to be. The bottom line is that the state spends 50% more now than when Arnold took office. Arnold got elected because people were tired of the spending. The problem is not limited revenue for the state. The problem is out-of-control spending. The only people who could possibly disagree with that are people dependent upon government cheese for their welfare and otherwise abusing the system. Unfortunately, that's a ton of people. The present model will fail, and people will continue to not get the jobs from companies that have been driven out of California without real change, such as decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana, getting unions to renegotiate their contracts signed during tech and real estate booms, and reform their (and CA government in general) unsustainable pensions.

Hypocrites and Dingleberries and KY Jelly-These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I heard today, Roy Ashburn-Senator of Bakersfield, refuses to take a voluntary 5% cut in pay, like some of his other peers have done so far.

Bakersfield.com -
Ashburn said he hasn't been told whether the sacrificed pay goes to the general fund -- the focus of California's budget drama -- or to the Senate's operating budget. "I will not turn over more money for the majority party," he said, when the Democrats "refuse to cut spending to balance the state general fund."
Good attempt to save face, Roy. And, no, Im not a bleeding-heart liberal democrat.

Hellllooo, Ashburn is the same guy, one of three republican senators who, in february, signed a new budget into law which raised taxes to the highest level in history, then promoted a special election that would result in keeping the increased taxes around another 2 years-running commercials that Hitler would rise from the dead and conquer and take over all of California, if we didn't vote Yes on these special propositions.

And now he's concerned where his money will go if he takes a cut in pay?
He didnt sound too concerned in february that money was going to be taken from law abiding citizens who may be single parents with no jobs and foreclosed homes.
He must think we're all dumbasses-much like him.

By a show of hands, how many think the only thing Mr Assburn is concerned about is being able to take his summer vacation in Brazil this year?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NUC'ing California's Politicians

N.U.C. is a new blog. If you found us, as some of you have, by entering your "keywords" into a search engine you may have landed here by entering some of these phrases and words as our tracker indicates:

Noreen evans living within means... *crickets*
Living within our means, means nothing
noreen evans living with our means is wrong
"noreen evans"
Noreen Evans living within our means, means you have a problem
noreen evans living within your means means you can pick your nose
darrell steinberg is fruity
noreen evans living within our means, means you can pick your friends
numerounocomedy is the best
noreen evans living within our means, means you can't pick your friend's nose
Noreen Evans living within our means means nothing
living within our means "noreen evans" is meaningless
living within our means, means "green goblins!"
"Barbara Boxer"
noreene evans living within means, means dinosaurs exist in remote areas of the African continent
"noreen evans" "living within your means" is meaningless
living within your means, means California should raise your car tax
Living within our means is a joke to Noreen Evans
lu parker
living within our means, means absolutely nothing
Noreen Evans "Living within Our Means" is just an expression
Noreen Evans living within our means, means "zilch!"
living within our means, means "zip"
noreen evans living in our means, means "nada"
California legislator Noreen Evans living within means is very, very funny
Noreen Evans living within our means in meaningless is impossible without illegal immigrants
"Tony Villar Sucks"
numerounocomedy.blogspot.com rules
Noreen Evans "living within our means, means hyperactive children need shock therapy
"chuck devore" vs. don henley
"noreen evans" living within our means, means "people who are out of touch" (also see Buzzcut Bass)

We thank you for stopping by here at the home of the holy. N.U.C. wants you to tell a friend or leave us a link.

Thanks for the Extra Credit, Sacramental

Teach em young.

Arnold wants a video

Every day is funny Arnold video day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Get Outta Here and Fuggetaboutit

Have you seen Im a Celebrity, Get me out of here? Celebrities volunteer to rough it in the jungle for charity-no frills, only given rations to eat and the immunity challenge usually consists of them eating something disgusting-such as Bull Testicles or live Stick Bugs. Normal challenges include pushing a big cart on high wires and collecting styrofoam groceries that are strung in the air or playing a game like Milton Bradley's "Operation" only if one person touches the sides with their tool it will send a shock to another celebrity who is wired up. HAHA

Here's a great new and improved version casted with Sacramento Politician and/or their wives,
I present to you, the contestants of the new, "Im a Smarmy,Jiveass,Crook... Get Me the Hell Out of Here"-

Arnold Swartzenegger:Flung, unceramoniously, into this group because of the absence of a "Nazi-Hummer Lovers" team member.

Seventh day, and already three people have been voted off the show. Happily, it was the three most irritating and juvenile little arrogant, narcisstic, twat-i-ticans ever to darken the jungle’s doorstep-Darrell Steinberg, Barbara Boxer and Anthony Villaraigosa.
Wait, there are no doorsteps in the jungle, just vines and moss and other assorted goodies.

Maria Shriver: wife of the steroid laden, lying, Frankenstein lookalike-Governor of California, she now looks precisely like a statue of a transvestite sculpted from a giant raisin, and the recipient of the highly religious, Noreen Evan's laughably impromptu prayer session yesterday (’Dear Lord, please stop all the bad people from being naughty to Maria and Arnold-they are pretty and nice and made of fairydust, and have lots of good stuff in their sofa-I know because I have been to their mansion in California twice, and consider them both my BFF's'). Maria is quiet, stoic, and likely to be around for a while because it looks like she's used to going without food.
*Little-Known trivia: when Arnold and Maria have sex- Arnold calls out his own name at the climactic moment, then Maria makes herself vomit in a baggie.

Karen (Buzz Cut) Bass: once a former instructor to crack ho's, Now, douchebag Speaker of the House/snake, who serves in the military on weekends. Always guaranteed to be controversial, Karen is known for her never being able to pass a budget on time, which makes everyone want to bite their fingers off and swallow them in the hope that we choke to death and never have to hear her harpy chant of "MORE TAXES".
*Little-Known trivia: the camp’s tent-like shelters were constructed from Karen's hair and the heating of the food is generated from the magnification from her thick glasses. The last time she got a hair cut, producers gathered up the old layer and used it to craft those sturdy tent structures.

Chuck DeVore: 70th District Assemblyman (republican in Irvine) Never heard of him and neither have you- unless you’re up on the two facts that he constantly brags about-resigning as republican whip and going against leadership(which consisted of throwing a magazine at Mike Villines), both in february. Oh yeah, he's trying to get a senator seat in 2010. Should be quite successful on the show, what with his personality of a dialtone and his two facededness. Caught on Secret Cam, sqatting and shitting right in camp at midnight and stealing one of the 3 granola bars that were allotted for the women,sneaking it somewhere in the jungle where he was alone, then eating it.
*Little-Known trivia: Republican Whip is Sacramento code for a Dominatrix

Anthony Adams: 59th District Assemblyman (Republican for San Bernardino) and former law clerk for Count Chocula, So worthless in office, is up for recall by his district-has been heard in the jungle yelling "RELEASE SOME JUNGLE MONKEYS IN CALIFORNIA - WE CAN TELL EVERYONE IN THE STATE, THEY WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND FUCK YOU IN THE ASS, IF WE DONT GET MORE TAX MONEY!"

Noreen Evans: 7th Distict (douchebag Santa Rosa) and part time social worker- genuinely, utterly, literally-a pointless waste of some perfectly good carbon and several trace minerals. Did I mention, Clueless-as well?
Noreen finally decided to quit the show for good, to enable her more time to search sofas everywhere in California for money to aid and care for the, (and these are her words-not mine), "black and mexican's" who are incarcerated...but not before she was baptised in the local river by Anthony Adams.

Next week we get to hear Arnold call Maria a "Whiner and girly man" as Maria sticks her finger down her throat after eating her high caloric rations on hidden cam.
And watch as a hungry Karen Bass, eats the skin she sheds

Shocker! Antonio Villaraigosa to Stay Moron in Charge of Los Angeles

Ok, let me be fair. Los Angeles mayor, Tony Villaraigosa, knows what he is doing when it comes to building a career.

To demonstrate how deft a promoter he is, take a look at how great a job he did when he made the swift name change from the not-as-hispanic friendly name Tony Villar (that sounds way too Italiano for L.A.) to the far more hypnotic, mellow-romantic, ethnocentric, Hervé Villechaize-ish Tony Villaraigosa.

The new exotic spin was as genius, if not more so, than the switch from Barry to Barack made by everyone's big boss, President Obama. Plus, he got to "big" office sooner than Barry. That is change you can believe in.

So it comes as little surprise that when Mr. Blitzer asked him today on national television about his thoughts about the future, Villaraigosa proudly announced his plan to stay here as mayor rather than take the chance of getting embarrassed by Jerry Brown or Gavin Newsome in the upcoming duel for governor of the golden state. Why the hell would he want to go from one big mess in Los Angeles, to one bigger mess in Sacramento? At least that is what Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked when Antonio declined the opportunity to run on today's show, just about 20 minutes ago. It was a mild, yet well-deserved tongue lashing. NUC wanted a little more, to be honest.

The decision to not run for governor makes sense for a lot of reasons. Not only is he slated to be re-sworn into office soon, and not only is Los Angeles in a world of hurt... but Sacramento, as he puts it, is "broken". Though he stated his daughter, Natalia Fe being 16, as being a concern for not running, there was no mention of his newest hot-anchor woman friend Captain Lu Parker factoring into the final call. "The answer is no."

Why chance it? Imagine in four years, even if all he does is keep crime at bay, and Barry gets re-elected, there will always be a spot waiting for him at the White House. Fuck Sacramento.

The Baffoons of Sacramento

Republican California Governor Schwarzenegger selling off state landmarks
another of many of his stupid ideas – do the repubs, more, does anyone in office, know what “of the people, by the people and for the people” even means? A state government is not a business just because we are donating the money, power and resources to get the job done

Stupid trolls. Its like the 3rd Reich here in California
as we circle the drain.
Both Democrats and Republicans don't seem to get that.
I don't realistically know what the correct balance between taxes and spending cuts may be; however simply holding onto an ideal for the sake of an ideal is ridiculous. That is the exact reason we are in this predicament! BOTH Democrats and Republicans have spent so many years and tax money being true to their ideals that they have forgotten to be true to the taxpayers. So many taxpayers are paying the price. Homes and businesses fail daily, the rest of us are feeling the pinch, while politicians worry about making someone in their "club" angry. I frankly don't give a rats ass about ANY political party and their stuffy, outdated ideals.
How about, making some decisions based on that reality?
Haven't they noticed the world has changed in the last 100 years?
The Democrats need to realize that they can't just keep taxing us. We don't have anything left to give and are already reverting to self preservation. Sorry, we can't go out and spend to stimulate the economy. We are down to keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table.
The Republicans need to actually sit down and tell us where, and how cuts could best me made, if they are so enlightened. Are our leaders so stupid that they actually think the federal government can help us?
And everyone needs to STOP spending taxpayer money on foolishness like cars-and everything involved with car ownership-ie registration, gas, maintenance or trips to Paris every 6 months
As of now, they are using monopoly money to pay for stuff.

Mike Villines- helped negotiate the deal that included taxes

Anthony Adams-helped negotiate the deal that included taxes and is a worthless/arrogant waste -period. up for recall

All the so called "outspoken" republicans- fuckin wimps, they just hang out quietly and write some passive shit against taxes and other politicians in blogs that no one reads, then take their baseball bat, go home to their non foreclosed homes and,so as not to make waves with their friends or risk loss of their high salaried job or possible seat in next years' election, privately make phone calls to these friends to say they are in support of them but have to make it seem like they aren't, really,as far as they are concerned, everyone else that they are "representing in government" can fuck themselves. (wont mention names-Chuck Devore)

Abel Moldonado-cast the deciding vote in february and passed the biggest single state tax increase in our nation’s history, and now finds himself the New Media Darling here in the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

Dave Cogdill-Senate Republican Leader okayed the deal that included taxes in february

and of course, the Godfather, Arnold Schwarzenegger-dont need to say much more about this lying, Laderhosen wearing, wannabee -Im guessing his favorite holiday is Octoberfest.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tony's Media Sock Slap

Tepid. Sinking. Souring. Plummeting.

Whatever way you turn the knob, L.A. Mayor Tony Villaraigosa's job approval ratings have been sinking deeper and deeper. Possibly, the fall began the day this examiner viewed Villar inside a school bus for an important photo-op refusing to even show his face around rabid inner-city children who just wanted to meet him. He refused. As we the teachers viewed the children returning to class, disappointed, we knew what had just happened. Another day, another lesson. He's a busy man.

But now, he's pissed off the president by taking stimulus money and claiming to have magically snuffed out the budget problem (uhm, read some Zuma Dog). That money was supposed to be used for job creation, and instead, it was used as a cork.

Then there is the news now he wants to be the governor.

His approach has been lackluster at best, and he is a true politician - his brilliant plan to auction off city parking lots and meters means one thing for L.A. drivers. More money in the form of harsh, strict parking measures that will stretch far beyond the short-term benefit of the state. A $530-million budget gap is nothing to laugh at, so measures like these are do-or-die scenarios this mental midget has not been able to muster. But Hispanic and black voters still like him. He is far from being a total loss, as he has made positive impacts, but remember, that deficit didn't just happen. Poor management and, dare it be said, honorary badge of empty-suit may be in the wings...

Anybody jonesing for former-mayor turned restaurateur Richar Riordan? His track record was old-school good. You rarely heard any "mayor-related" stories unless it was positive, you rarely heard about 100s of millions of debt suffered in our city. But those were the days of real politicians, and now California is stuck with two actors in major lead roles of mayor and governor. Having stood next to Villar on two occasions, this examiner can boldly state his makeup stood taller than anything positive he's done for the city crime rates are down, good job Tony. To keep that his legacy, he wants to triple the trash fees to bolster the over-staffed police force. Raising taxes to improve libraries is stupid. Libraries, while important and essential don't require more tax-payer money than they already receive.

Oh Tony, face it, you are just trying to fuck the hottest women (in their 40s) and support your inner-circle of cronies more than you are trying to get our city operating like the way ol' Riordan used to do. You just can't stand not being the talk of the town and for that, you are just a clown or jester.

Arnold says no to Air Traffic Control cuts

Gov. Schwarzenegger Tweets About Emergency Landing
7:30 PM PDT, June 19, 2009

Governor Tweets About Plane Problems
VAN NUYS -- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's plane made an emergency landing at the Van Nuys Airport Friday evening, reportedly because smoke had filled the cockpit.

The plane landed safely at about 6:15 p.m., and all fire units were called off.

On his Twitter page (@Schwarzenegger), the governor wrote, "A little adventure just now when my plane made an emergency landing. All's ok, though."

Schwarzenegger also posted a picture of the plane.

There was no information immediately available on what caused the plane's mechanical problems.
Arnold was said to have encouraged the other passengers by shouting at them to stop whining.
Schwarzenegger was seen leaving the airport with different pants on.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Captain Lu Parker

So, it is being told through various sources that the mayor of L.A., Antonio Villaraigosa is dating journalist/former Ms. USA Lu Parker. She has won a lot of awards...

Often times, on her insanely me,me,me blog (that in and of itself is not uncommon, that is what a blog is for), she adds quotes from famous, inspirational writers such as Longfellow and talks about her dog Monkey.

I picture them meeting in a bookstore, discussing life traveling around the world, sharing a special moment staring at one another in the eyes, Lu passing the mic over to the make-up faced mayor, and Villar softly saying: "Oh, you’re a poetry major. Maybe you could help me straighten out my Longfellow."

The breach of journalism's Code of Ethics (I know... WTF is that?!) is pretty ugly. When the old people watch when this shit gets airplay on tv, and trust me, these two will be on tv sometime soon for some photo-op, they will see this is say "Oh what a beautiful couple," take out their fake teeth and call it a night.

This Week's Douchebag Award

It's a Tie between her and Noreen Evans-which one forgot to take their meds?

And Futhermore..(beating a dead donkey)

Regarding Noreen Evans, (D-bag Santa Rosa)

As stated in the blog article below, this is the arrogant, clueless, airhead who is heard saying "Living within our means, though sounding good, is meaningless" she gives a mountain of political-ese excuses behind these words, to try to explain this, none of which explains anything and is nothing but political horsecrap double talk.
She also states that "we (Californians)are morally responsible to every poor person that lives here." Oh yes, she did.
I dont know about anyone else, but I am soooo offended by her trying to cram her views down my throat by guilting me into giving up tax money to pay for all the welfare-recepiants,illegal ailens and prisoners (etc.)

Well, I did read and comment on her blog-californiabudget.blogspot.com (shows me 1st amendment works for her too)

Here are a few comments from her "fans":

"Keep your greasy hands off my money you fucking cunt!" (my personal favorite)

"you dont understand what "living within your means" actually means.
I guess this would be because, my fine snotty hack, you never had to do it as a young person and especially now, you being a Nazi Politician-
so let me explain what is meant by "living within your means"...you and your friends in Sacramental do not use taxpayer money to

-buy freakin 50 thousand $ cars,the gas,the registration,the repairs, the maintenance-buy your own cars

-You dont fly to paris every other month-"on business" or to Madagasgar to get that vanilla bean you have been wanting to add to your gourmet coffee

-You dont re-decorate your offices every 6 months with $1500 umbrella stands, etc.

-You dont eat at expensive restaurants 5 or 6x a day with a group of your croonies that you pay for

No. I dont feel obligated to pay for every poor person on the streets of LA
unless, of course, I can write them in as dependants on my california taxes

Where is your so called compassion and tax money for the middleclass taxpayer who has lost their jobs, their homes are in foreclosure and has to "live within their means" because they have no money

do you get what "live within your means" is all about yet? no? it still has no meaning for you? pull the silver spoon out of your butt when you have time. If you want to support everyone, then you do it. Open up a charity-"THE NOREEN EVANS" FUND FOR CALIFORNIA
its tax deductible"

"Lets see.....don't live among my means.....I have 5 dollars and want to buy a pair of sunglasses for 10.....no problem...let me take from someone who has the extra 5....cool Now I'm happy because I got what I wanted. Hurray for the rich.
Living within your means is possible. You are not in touch with the voters in California. We understand everything that is going on and we are sick of having our money being robbed from us with taxes. We do not want to support the corrupt unions, illegal aliens or anything else. California has the highest taxes in the nation. Are you drinking too much wine up there in wine country? Get in touch with the people Evans!"

"Noreen Evans is the stereotypical "happy, rich white chick" who wants to "save the world" by SPENDING OUR MONEY."

"You don't know what "living within your means" entails? How about you try to fulfill your duties as an assemblywoman without a dime of taxpayer money, and then see if you can wrap your brain around the idea? It's easy to live outside your means when the means are provided by taxpayers.
How's the view up there on top of the stick?"

"It's not us taxpayers' responsibility to keep you and the illegal aliens in power suits and Pampers, respectively. In five years, reverse that. In the meantime, quit posing for those stupid official portraits w/ your signature "deer-in-the-headlights" panicky glare. Your time would be much better spent packing your designer bags and writing your letter of resignation before we show up at your door with our torches and pitchforks. Then kiss your pathetic political career BUH-BYE, BITCH-FACE!!!"

"Have you lost your mind!! Your means is my wallet!!! BACK OFF LADY!!! Get your mitts out of my paycheck. Take some money from your Union Thugs - they have gold plated retirements and I am sure they gave you plenty of money to get elected. If you really want to raise taxes...raise your own, just on you greedy government employees. RECALL, REVOLT, REPEAL!!!!"

"You Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your attitude will have every able bodied worker and profitable company leaving the state and California will be left with only overpaid public employees and welfare recipients"


Enjoy what's left of your last term in the legislature. You've obviously lost touch with the people of California, your employers, you know the people that pay the taxes that pay your salary.

Goodbye and good riddance.

A California Taxpayer"

My work is done. Good comments to add to the cover of her first book.

“living within our means, means nothing!”

With all due respect, Noreen Evans is a completely flaming pile of racoon feces spewing viper fluid and trying to make points that mean absolutely nothing. We here at Numero Uno Comedy don't claim to do much better... but....

As Evans puts it, "living within our means, means nothing," is just the type of blah blah blah we've come to have to learn to fight against.

Her blog is equally steaming and full of her blah blah blah... read here and send her a piece of your mind. It's HER quote and she's out of her mind if she thinks it is our destiny to continue this way in California and accept more taxes when we know the state already has plenty of money without our hard-earned dollars.

Contact Assembly Member Noreen Evans:

(916) 319-2007 and (707) 546-4500


Prior Buzzcut Bass Post Accidentally Lost

In all fairness, Karen Bass doesn't feel you, the voter, know what the hell you are doing.

Here are some partial quotes:
"Voters were very confused on what we were asking them to do"

"Voters were saying:

"It was quite complex"

"This is too complicated"

"We don't want to vote on it"

"We are fatigued with the number of elections we have had, especially Special Elections"

"We realize that there are going to be cuts but whatever needs to be done, you do it, and we don not want to participate in it."

In honor of her condescending tone to the you, the voter, here is a small collection of some comments made to her by commentators at Free Republic:


From bad to worse. California remains bass-ackwards in its direction.

NormsRevenge: I think Californians need to make sacrifices. Specificially, we need to set up an altar in Capitol Park and sacrifice our state lege one at a time until the budgets improve.

RichInOC: To a certain extent she is right. We all voted to hand the problem back to our elected representatives. It has really been up to them to raise taxes or cut spending. They now have to S=== or get off the pot. They will have to cut spending in a big way. They simply cannot cover the problem by further tax increases. End of story.

Oldexpat: Actually... I was quite surprised... pleasantly surprised to see the intelligence of the Californian voters when they overwhelmingly rejected all those propositions...

John123: To a certain extent she is right.

Maybe partially, but in the beginning of the video, she very clearly thinks that if she just could have explained it personally to everybody that it was necessary ya-da-ya-da-ya-da ... National recession.... not enough time to reach out....

She clearly thinks people didn't understand what they were voting to do. I contend they did.

calcowgirl: Apparently "Assembly Access" doesn't want to allow for any access to the viewers. Maybe they're afraid of comments regarding the stupidity of speaker Bass.

Sgt_Schultze: No confusion, just anger at our idiotic state government.

Inyo-Mono: Karen you are the one that is confused. You have no idea about budgets. You do know how to spend though.

Parley Baer: Typical elitist arrogance. The political elites know what’s good for you. You’re too stupid. In the case of Democrats,unfortunately it’s true. They are too stupid, thinking that taxing and demonizing productive people and rewarding degenerate behavior and laziness is good for society.

gorilla_warrior: The issues were so uncomplicated I spent a total of maybe 15 seconds to anaylize and make the decision to vote no on all of them!

I still think that F was a scam because they can raise their per diem, car allowance travel expense office expenses and actually give themselves a pay raise while crying about being imposed upon.

1A is too confusing. I'll vote no.
1B is way too confusing. I'll vote no.
I'm too tired to figure out 1C and 1D too. I'll just vote no.
Do they ever stop? 1E? No, no, no. I don't care what it says.
1F? Good think I just had a triple espresso to perk me up to read it and vote yes.

The voters in California knew exactly what they were doing. Ahhhhnold and gang told them the world would end if they didn't vote for 1A-1E and the voters didn't believe them.

KarlInOhio: Heh...it’s funny how the elite think that the voters are wrong when they vote against their ideals...hehe... Seems that the voters are way smarter that these idiots understand... Yep, us dumb voters will outfox you every time...heh...

Deagle: Hey Bass - You go girl. Y’all just keep pretending and deluding yersef.

Enterprise: Actually... I was quite surprised... pleasantly surprised to see the intelligence of the Californian voters when they overwhelmingly rejected all those propositions...

Actually, only 23 percent of Californians who were registered voted-- the real taxpayers. We're sick of being held up every time one of those so called legislators has a pet project.

notaliberal: The best quote of all was “When I walked into the room, the people would understand [what we are up to].” Sounds like another Messiah complex to me.

ProtectOurFreedom: No means no!!

Now, stop fondling my wallet.

dead: A pretty well done video by Reason.TV
Featuring Arnold, the Terminator, Tom McClintock...

Hasta La Vista, Arnold!: What California’s Budget Mess Means for America

I heard on radio that she and Arnold were down in LA talking to the folks in the black churches, encouraging them to vote yes. How’d that work out for ya Karen and Arnold??????

notaliberal: Yes, it’s amazing what happens in elections when ACORN isn’t involved, isn’t it?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Stooges That Represent Us

Buzzard Bass and her "suggestion" of an increased car tax? Does that mean that, along with us paying for the cars of those Nazi-aticians, we also get to pay for their car registrations, including the new higher taxed ones?

no wonder she doesnt mind adding that tax to the budget proposal... and is praying to budda or her sheet cake, that it passes.

And, did you catch Arnold's public faked outrage of any new taxes that are suggested in the budget.
The Arnold said, and on the news, so everyone could hear, that he told Karen Bass in february that he would let new taxes fly this time, but would not approve any new taxes after that.
Today, Hemaphadrite Karen said, "No, he di-ent say that in february" (the lying brautwurst)

If he truly felt that way in February, why was he was asked in April, to comment about the taxpayers protesting against more taxes, and told the media that "we all just need to stop whining"

Arnold, just save it-no one believes you.
You are a liar and a disgrace as a governor-and will always be thought of that way. from body builder, to actor, to greasy, lying political hack.

Is it a wonder we have fucked up "leaders" representing us in government, leading us would be that great all time role model, Obama, with national news of killing a fly in his office and then acting like he just tracked down Osama bin Laden
Not off the hook are the dumbass editors of the media that allowed this story to go thru, as if to say, American's are stupid morons who only care about the president of the united states killing a bug or doing the sham wow informercial.

Schwarzenegger and Karen Bass explain the California budget to an LA Times writer


Darrell Steinberg (AKA Darrell Stinkbug-pictured on the left ), of the democratic persuation and the pro Tem of the California State Senate-I didnt know this but, thats the second-highest-ranking official of the US Senate and the highest-ranking senator.
Anyway, he told the media that money to save California has to come from somewhere, and he is unwilling to cut programs.. his bright idea? glad you asked... he is suggesting, rescinding a handful of corporate tax cuts approved over the last two years, or increasing the tobacco tax as “a rainy-day builder.” (how about cutting yours and your staffs salaries? that would definitely aid in closing the deficit)

A little about this diabetic ulcer:

Steinberg was born in San Francisco on October 15, 1959. He earned a BA in economics from UCLA and a JD from UC Davis Law School. He served as an employee rights attorney for the California State Employees Association for 10 years before his work as an Administrative Law Judge and mediator. Steinberg served on the Sacramento City Council from 1992 to 1998.
Steinberg and his wife Julie have two children - a daughter, Jordana, and a son, Ari.

More taxes means more revenue for the craft stores to provide me everything I need to make tax protest signs-and also, more revenue for the makers of enema bags-I will be buying one for Darrell to send to his office-more revenue for the post office.

Blueberries and Pomagranates, Name Tags Oh My...

From Newsmax.com:

Calif. Collapsing as Lawmakers Debate Blueberries, Pomegranates
Thursday, June 11, 2009 11:50 AM

SACRAMENTO — What budget crisis?
As California faces what one official this week called a complete meltdown of state government, some lawmakers have their minds on other matters.
Such as creating a blueberry commission. Or standing up for pomegranate juice. And, in what passes for health reform in the nation's most populous state, ensuring that the name tags of medical workers are in an 18-point font.
Those are among the hundreds of bills being debated in the Legislature as the state faces a $24.3 billion deficit and the prospect of running out of cash by late July.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has urged lawmakers to act swiftly so the state can pass a budget before the fiscal crisis deepens.
The lawmakers' attention on less pressing issues — some of them much less pressing — earned a rebuke from the Republican governor. He even endorsed the idea of converting the Legislature to part-time status to focus lawmakers' attention on only the most important topics.
If lawmakers worked part-time, he said, "they would probably concentrate more on the serious work and not some of the bills that come down . . . for creating a blueberry commission and so on. There would not be time for that," he recently told the editorial board of The Sacramento Bee.
Among the more eyebrow-raising bills pending in the state Legislature are ones that would:
Ensure that juice sold as "pomegranate" is 100 percent pomegranate.
Teach ninth- and 10th-graders about the value of organ donation.
Ban toy cigarette lighters.
Require day cares to serve only healthy food to children.
Mandate 18-point font on health workers' name tags.
Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, a Democrat from San Francisco, is the author of the name-tag bill and another that would establish a commission to promote California's growing blueberry industry. The commission's $1.2 million annual budget would come from a surcharge on blueberries.
A spokeswoman for Ma declined to comment on her bills. In a written statement, she said the Legislature is working on measures to improve education, increase access to healthcare and keep jobs in the state. She did not mention blueberries or directly refer to the name-tag requirement.

** Merijoe's note:
WTF? I dont know all the nuances of politics too well, but the manager of my company usually decides if we need to change the font size of our paperwork-I dont think a report is generated, I dont remember being asked to send a special fee to the company and Im pretty sure a vote company wide isnt taken for this.
But, Im a dumb buck tooth nanny goat, who lives in a cave and washes my clothes on a rock.

Arnold's Legacy

Gavin Newsome - Schmuck Commie

Gavin gets his message overlaid brilliantly along with the wise-work of Heather Fong, douche-ette.

Where are we coming from?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arnold Ranks 19th Among Favorite Internet Politicians

Search results can pretty much measure anything in this fast paced world.

So when I looked to see how Arnold fares against other politicians in terms of search results, I found the site BING. Bing ranks Arnold at number 19 (not Numero Uno) for people using search engines to find out what tax he's trying to raise today.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Douchbaggery at Work in Sacramento

Another dumb-ass on my political radar is that hermaphrodite,hag,
"Speaker of the House"-Karen Bass
(The presiding officer of the US House of Representatives. The Speaker, a member of the House, is elected by a majority party caucus. In addition to being chief spokes-hole for the majority party-(democrat in this case), the Speaker runs the proceedings of House debate and voting, appoints committee members, refers bills to committees for research and development, and has an influential voice in all stages of a bill's consideration. One of the most visible and influential officials of the federal government, the Speaker is second in line, after the vice president, in succession to the presidency.)

OMG, I cant stand this slag known as "Buzz Cut" Bass thanks to her haircut

She is proposing an additional car tax from each person "if we want to keep public parks open." (threat)
WTF? You stupid beo-tchhh-we already pay for these parks and we are already taxed up the colon. Get in touch with Earthlings.

geh ahead. bring it wart-belly. I would love to protest right on your office lawn.

Why dont you propose that teachers and other state workers put a little money into their health insurance, like most of us do, and decrease their pensions?
Why don't you "propose" that some state workers get laid off, or maybe just get laid?
Why don't you and your "buddies" give up your tax payed $50 thousand dollar cars and the gas that goes with it? get your own damn car.

How come you want that we should pay an extra car tax yet you thugs should be allowed to own cars on the taxpayer dime and that means we also pay for all your gas, maintenance and probably the car washes too.
I even heard that taxpayers are paying when your relatives drive the car and smash it.

Oh BTW, state legislature says no to a state worker pay cut-city says yes to a lakers parade

Stick it in your whale hole, Karen Bass. and remember,you were voted in to serve us - dont fuck us over.