Friday, June 26, 2009

A bad bill with money behind it - SB 250

From the SB250 - THE PET PERSECUTION ACT website.

SB 250, sponsored by a small but vocal and well-funded group (they also sponsored AB1634) is aimed at creating laws that will make it impossible for many people to be able to keep their cats and dogs. SB250 requires expensive sterilization procedures coupled with large fines (in addition to those already on the books) if a dog gets loose, if it is not wearing a collar, if it is a working animal that leaves the boundry of its farm or ranch, if it is a search and rescue dog off-leash in the pursuit of its responsibilities.

How did such a bad bill, and one that will cost Californians so much money, get so far?
  • When SB250 was in the Senate Local Government Committee, Senator Florez said there would be no costs to local government; at that point he was admitting that the bill would increase state costs through the State Mandate program.
  • When Appropriations put SB250 into suspense because of the high costs assigned by the Finance Department, Senator Florez modified SB250 to get it through appropriations, making all the substantial costs the responsibility of local governments. Florez says they can just raise fees to pay for it.

Read up on this bill by following the link to the website and use your vote to help the pets and learn what costs this incur.

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