Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Actual Signed Budget Leaves Karen & Co Pissed

Buzz Cut Bass, is going oragatang and just about flinging poo from her ass because of the additions added to balance the budget, by Arnold. Not because she cares, everyone, she doesnt, she's upset because it cuts into HER money. HER purse. HER bank account. HER luxuries.

Arnold cut some of monies for some programs including, Welfare, Healthy Families, Medi-cal eligibility, Child abuse investigation by the County (they didnt do the greatest job even with more money, just ask about that kid whose stepfather beat him to death-child welfare had been called many times before that happened-but they did nothing)

Yeah, the people that these cuts will effect will be the poor. Will this effect middle class or rich? probably not.
Who gets these services? middle class, rich people or the poor?

Middle class and rich just get taxed, and get nothing for it.

Oh, BTW, Crazy Karen is consulting with legal to see if Arnold's cuts are legal or if she can sue.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Advertising on Twitter

Of interest, here are a few Tweets from Arnold sent 7/20/09:

"We'll actually be having a CA Garage Sale at the end of Aug to auction cars and office supplies, I just checked with my staff, and we will be using craigslist and ebay for the garage sale. Planned for Aug 28-29. I think I'll sign some items to bring in more $ at the auction."

Im hoping all toilet paper and toilet seat covers from the Capitol will be included so I can buy them all, then try to sell them back.

Wonder if that will include Darrell Steinberg's Pinto.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"And California's Still Standing" says douchebag

Senate leader Darrell Steinberg, D(ouchebag)-Sacramento really sounds proud of the newly passed budget that will hopefully plug up the massive butt leak that is otherwise known as the California economy.

Way to go, D to the A to the double R to the E to the double L.

The budget, which plans to shave off 60% of the budget by cutting a few useless things such as education, state parks and prisons. Ronald Reagan just called, he wants to grant kudos to the Republican efforts to force their opposition to decrease government's large arm being outstretched in places they don't need to be lurking.

But Darrell keeps whining. Just suck it up and move ahead.

Even Bigmouth Karen Bass had a jab or two, "This isn’t a budget we should be thrilled about, it’s not the kind of budget we should have but it ends the delay. It stops the pain being felt by Californians who have suffered because of the budget delay."

If you are not sure what the new budget entails, here is a decent breakdown of 25 of major areas of concentration.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Laughable Tony Villar, complaining and whining stating the budget needs to be thrown out, upset that Sacramento will be taking LA funds-declaring how unfair it is to do this on the backs of LA-this is concerning to this dumbass.

He wasn't very concerned about us being taxed. In fact,a few weeks ago, he said that we should be taxed. He's all for that.

Regarding his wanting the new budget to be thrown out and redone, due to him feeling it's unfair, Idiot, doesn't offer any ideas for a new budget. just tax us and leave LA alone. waa, waa.

Honestly, does anyone take this little brown munchkin seriously or is he just like the "No Cell Phone Useage in your Car" law, adopted 1/1/09, that has basically gone by the wasteside and ignored these days?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Manny, Moe, Jack and Company's New Deal for California

Here's your brilliant new budget-with absolutely no cuts in government spending(well, not absolutely, they did decide to do away with the Garbage Board-where old RETIRED incompentent,politicians, usually friends/family of legislators go to pick up a paycheck on the backs of us taxpayers), and there is borrowing as always (paying for a hamburger today and not worring about paying for it until Tuesday) enjoy.

Stay with me. Its boring but you need to know this.

(EXAMPLE OF A CUT -6 billion in cuts means if they were to receive 10 billion $ in august, they will now get 4 billion $ in august)

-- $6 billion from K-12 schools and community colleges over a two-year span.

-- Nearly $3 billion from the University of California and California State University systems. (Sen. Snivel, Mark Leno, is pissed about this, and cites some crazy rationale, what is wrong with this creep? other than the obvious)

-- $1.3 billion from Medi-Cal

-- $1.3 billion by retaining three unpaid furlough days per month for state workers.

-- $1.2 billion in unallocated cuts to the state Department of Corrections. Does not include Schwarzenegger's proposal to release some inmates early.

-- $528 million from CalWORKS, the state's welfare-to-work program, partly by increasing sanctions for families that fail to meet work requirements.

-- $124 million from Healthy Families. Lawmakers hope nonprofits, foundations and other groups can fill in some of the losses.

-- $226 million from the state's in-home supportive services program. Also includes Schwarzenegger's plans to require fingerprinting of caregivers and recipients, and would require caregivers to undergo background checks.

-- about $8 million from state parks, allowing the majority of state parks, beaches and attractions to stay open. Some parks are likely to close, however, based on popularity and use. (the water is being shut off and bathrooms are closed up in some of them already, they blame the furlough days-so be ready to stay sandy, stinky and if you cant hold it, pee in the grass)


-- Borrows about $2 billion from local governments' property tax revenue, money that would have to be repaid with interest in three years. (This pissed off the likes of Tony Villar so Arnold had to tell him "I will be back to repay this money to you in 3 years... and I will give you an autograph picture of myself)

-- $1 billion in redevelopment money from local governments.

-- $1 billion in transportation funding from local governments.

-- Speeds up collection of 2010 personal income and corporate taxes to bring in revenue earlier than anticipated. (huh? how? what? when?)

-- Sells off part of the State Compensation Insurance Fund, which the administration values at $1 billion. The fund is a quasi-governmental agency that is the state's largest writer of workers' compensation insurance

-- Allows limited expansion of oil drilling off the Santa Barbara coast, bringing in $100 million in the current fiscal year.

-- Eliminates the Integrated Waste Management Board and the Board of Geologists and Geophysicists, which Schwarzenegger had targeted as wasteful and unnecessary. (Yes )

-- Gives school districts the option of cutting the school year by five days. (Pot smokin teens everywhere are praying)

-- Defers state employee paychecks by one day for a paper savings of $1.2 billion, which has been criticized by some as a gimmick. Instead of being issued on June 30, 2010, the paychecks would be issued on July 1, the start of the 2010-11 fiscal year. (OMG)

-- Gives the governor authority to pursue the sale of about 10 state-owned buildings as a potential revenue source in future years, including the Orange County Fairgrounds, the Public Utilities Commission Building in San Francisco and the Ronald Reagan State Office Building in Los Angeles. (Big Firesale option)

-- Rejects Schwarzenegger's proposal for a surcharge on homeowner insurance policies to boost funding for emergency services. The surcharge would have averaged about $48 a year per homeowner. (Note how the sneaky bastard tried to tax homeowners with a SURCHARGE. dont trust em. watch these fuckers.)

Maybe this one will take this time and last longer than a month.

Monday, July 20, 2009

TMI, Arnold

So, You Want To Be Speaker Of The House...

In USA TODAY this morning:

"California leaders are hoping for agreement this week on how to plug a $26 billion hole in the state's budget that has prompted it to issue IOUs to cover government bills.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger postponed a Sunday night bargaining session with the top four legislative leaders.

Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear said the Republican governor delayed talks until Monday because Assembly Speaker Karen Bass wasn't available until late Sunday.

Bass spokeswoman Shannon Murphy said Bass, a Democrat, was ready for talks and blamed the delay on the governor: "The speaker feels they are close to an agreement and is eager to sit down with the governor."

Buzz Cut is huffing, blowing and snorting, that she doesn't have the luxury of having a private jet at her beckoned call, like Arnold does.

Evidently, the Nelson Mandela wannabe, Big Mouth Bass, was in Los Angeles instead of being in Sacramento. Probably smoking a stogie in her jacuzzi.

Hey, Fishface, since according to you, the passing of the budget is life or death for all the poor people, especially, in los angeles, just how long would it have taken you to have driven from Los Angeles to Sacramento?

Typical Karen/Darrell/Noreen tactic, if you can't get your way, and throwing tantrums or holding your breath, doesn't work, do what you want, then, cry, shit your pants and blame someone else.

That'll show us doody faces that you mean business!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

NUC: Quick 1,000

This site got to 1,000 visitors faster than any of my other personal blogs so that is very encouraging. Considering the amount of political chaos that is happening in the golden state of California, it would behoove the editors of this site to wait another minute and further delay relays of important breaking California political news, with insertion of colorful language.

But, in while we wait for tomorrow's Sac Bee, or latest Youtube of freaks who say "Stoooogggggiiiieee" when talking about our boy Benedict Arnold, make sure you readers take a quick peek at our links.

We will never ask you for any donations, but as many other sites like ours, we are fully integrated with Google adsense for a reason. Just click on one and if you don't like the ad, close the window and fo-get-abow-tit. This way, YOU, the reader have just done your civic duty and supported our venture. That is all it takes. Don't go to your Paypal account, don't whip out a credit card or pass your spare change, just click on our ads, which by the way, aren't all that bad. In fact I clicked on an ad for Douchebag Supreme, Gavin Newsome and had some good laughs because his site had some pictures of him with his whore girlfriend I would not have found elsewhere. Goes to show you that even Harvard produces some pure filthy trash too. Ahh, I feel better already.

Thank you for visiting the site, and remember, a click on our ads won't rape your computer with pop-ups or viruses and they will save the site in the end.


Sunday Paper: Pat Buchanan is Scum

The country has come far. 108 of the 110 supreme court justices have been white men. Pat Buchanan looks at this as a positive trend that should live on for eternity.

America deserves to have the best and brightest, but ol' Pat is really coming off ugly here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bulldog goes after Boxer for racial liberalism

There is a point when being a eggshell tip-toeing liberal can really make an ass look like a genius by trying to be overly politically correct. This video is fun to watch because, as you will see, Black Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO Harry Alford, is foaming at the mouth ready to attack biatch Boxer and does a admirable job at checking her offer to reference the NAACP to support an energy bill. The only problem is she was quoting the NAACP resolution for "climate change" which was an out in left-field reference setup to try and build some sort of black coalition. Alford was having none of that.

Her "colored people study" just didn't seem to fit, and Senator Inhofe was not having any of it either.

Double woof-slap!

Fire and Water-The Jacuzzi and Stogie Chronicles

OMG, Here is an example of some hand wringing by those pesky dems- Steinberg,"Buzz-Cut" Bass, Noreen Evans, etc., gossiping like a bunch of Yenta's to anyone who will listen to their diarrhea, that Arnold is making statements that he is going to lay in his jacuzzi and smoke a stogie-apparently, that kind of talk makes them want to make poopie in their pants, they want him to agree to wear black, refuse to eat and not bathe until a budget is passed.

Note how the laughable video (below) has somebody's dramatic voice narrating and shows bombed out classrooms from dowtown Bagdad with glass on the table tops and smoke billowing around, with Schwarzenegger portrayed as Mr Burns of the Simpsons. EGadz.
They left out a picture of a black bear busting into houses and fucking everyone in the ass.
Is there anyone going for this happy horsecrap?

As I said before, Im not affliated with a "political party", at last, I made a decent choice.


"we at the Courage Campaign commissioned this video, "Up in Smoke," from noted political video producers Truth and Hope. It plays off Arnold's notorious "jacuzzi and stogie" comment to inspire our members to take action and call the governor to demand the budget not be balanced on the backs of the poor and working families"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy Pension Reform

Disclaimer: This information is dry like dog crap that has turned white and, meant, by politicians, to bore the shit out of you, to keep you ignorant and let them have free rein, but the below is worth a read, so you know whats happening in California.

From Sacramento Bee:
Two-tier California pension proposal on hold

By Jim Sanders
Jul. 15, 2009

California will not impose a two-tier pension system promising lower benefits to future state workers as part of any wide-ranging deal to solve its $26.3 billion budget shortfall, The Bee has learned.

And check this out:

"Creation of a two-tier system was not expected to save money immediately, but it was hailed by Schwarzenegger as a long-term way of freeing about $95 billion in state funds over 30 years."

Schwarzy is trying to help Cal-i-fornia in the long term:

"The governor is not demanding that pension reform be part of negotiations, but the longer we wait, the worse it will be for the programs that Democrats are trying to protect"

But guess who is throwing feces at it-saying, in part, that its not the time to fix the fractured bone, just a bandaid will do, even though, we know logically, it could save California money over time. (this is just Darrell "Stinkbug's" way to stall for his crew):

"When the issue arose last month, Steinberg said pension reform "deserves real consideration in the Legislature, but it's not right to jam it into a budget agreement in (the final) hours."

Hey Steinberg, it only takes a few moments to read what it is and a few seconds to say "yes" to this-
But he is a jacknut- typical lawyer stall tactics.

**UPDATE-TODAY McSteinberg has announced that he is willing to go for a bill to repay the schools millions of dollars over the next few years to ensure they are repaid for any money that Arnold is cutting from the budget. (so, THAT is okay to jam into a budget agreement-note the snake-like performance of old Darrell "Clown-ass" Steinberg)

Here's what the Arnold Penision reform would do (hellllo-this isnt happening already?):

• Alter the pension formula to ensure lower benefits or longer public service. For example, most state workers who are not public safety employees now may retire at age 55 with a pension totaling 2 percent of their salary multiplied by the number of years worked. The new formula would pay that benefit at age 60.

• Compute pensions for peace officers, firefighters and Highway Patrol officers based on the highest three years of compensation earned, rather than the highest single year.

• Remove the current "floor" above which state employees must contribute to their pensions. For example, most state workers must contribute 5 percent of their salary to the pension system – but their first $513 of monthly earnings is not assessed.
• Provide lifetime health care benefits only for retirees who have worked 25 years. Currently, the state pays 50 percent of retiree health insurance costs for employees with 10 years of service. The percentage rises annually, to 100 percent for 20-year employees.

Shit,shit, shit... I dont care about GOP,PMS,DDS,LOL,OMG or any other BS party but I noticed, if the dems don't get their way, its, everybody is going to be eaten by bears that released prisoners carry, everyone who doesn't agree with them is a terrorist, whine to the Unions, Pass taxes illegally(or as they call it, revenues), or they take their bat and ball, go home-slam doors and fold their arms (won't mention names, Fish Face, Karen Bass).

Fire Up That Metal Bong

It's a mild sedative. A depressant. It is NO different than alcohol and the notion that Marijuana is a gateway drug is completely rediculous. It is not and by now everyone knows, or should know, then drug czar, Harry Anslinger demonized pot and a GREAT man Fiorello LaGuardia, former mayor of New York who wrote the truth about pot, back in the 1930s (it was already outlawed in 1914). What happened was Anslinger's tale got bought by the politicians, while LaGuardia's report got dunked on.

NUMERO UNO COMEDY is based on the Arnold t-shirt he wore while smoking a big, fat doobiliscious joint. Let us hope he does the ONLY thing California has left.

Here is the new Associated Press report on a stoppage from Sacramento on the further growth of the current blossoming pot markets scattered across the state:

Sacramento imposes 45-day moratorium on pot shops
The Associated Press
Posted: 07/15/2009 02:44:57 PM PDT

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Sacramento has joined several California cities that have imposed a moratorium on new medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Sacramento City Council voted Tuesday night to place a 45-day moratorium on new dispensaries or existing ones seeking to expand. They say they are considering stricter regulations on the businesses.

Several cities have opted for the moratoriums after the Obama administration recently announced that it would honor California's medical marijuana law and halt federal raids on dispensaries. The announcement prompted a spike in new-business inquiries to cities.

Sacramento officials estimate that there are about two dozen dispensaries in the city. Existing medical pot shops also have been ordered to register with the city within 30 days.

The basis of this moratorium is clear. The state needs more time while it devises a way where it will reap the projected 1.5 billion in annual revenues that legalizing the herb will make. The best theory I heard all day is that the state should lower their tax bill to $50 per ounce (currently the average prices are in the neighborhood of $60-80 for 1/8th of an ounce at your local pot dispensary) which would serve the state billions more in earnings if recommended.

Also, there are other sites such as Treehugger promoting the positive environmental aspects of legalization:

As you might have heard by now, there's legislation brewing in California to legalize marijuana. And no, the purpose of Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's bill is not to legally allow the entire state to get high and forget all about its budget woes—the point of the bill is to fix them. By making the sale of marijuana legal to those 21 and up, and taxing each ounce sold with a $50 fee, California could rake in an estimated $1.3 billion dollars a year. But what would it mean for the environment?

San Francisco Assemblymember Tom Ammiano has a winner with this one. Or will Sacramental drop another ball?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tony Villar Portrays To The City That He Is Really, Constipated

Is this the "look" that Mayor Tony Villar, was "born to raise hell" with ?? or does he need to poop? or is he just a puto? (spanish for male prostitute)

Ask Matt Szabo, (Tony's spokeshole), the Mayor bitched him out yesterday because of the website that he put up-calling it, "ridiculous". (Matt maintains/whines, the blog, begging people for donations to help pay for the MJ Memorial Concert, was the acting mayor's idea)

My favorite was Tony, "brain is optional", Villar's use of the word, "nonsensical", to arrogantly describe, how LA is a world class city and, with all the stubborness and anger of Al Bundy, proclaimed, that we (Angelenos) don't ask for payment for "funerals", announcing that if he died, we would have to pay for police etc, for the spectacular parade and service that will surely take place after his own demise. I dont see that as much of a problemo, Im sure since only 2 people would show to that-it wouldn't cost much. Did Villar just compare MJ with a political official? and a dumbass one, at that.

Hey, this "world Class City" is broke!

Obviously Villar said what he said, because he wanted to send a message to the exclusive few, proving to them, that their paid off buddy in City Hall still had their backs.

Comeon, lets do a little walking thru memory lane as we read how AEG paid to become one of those "exclusive few"-

From the archives of Mayor Villaraigosa's "Trolling For Dollars".

-$19,000 from executives and employees of Anschutz Entertainment Group (among other things, is the owner of The Regal Theaters, and brought David Beckham to the US). AEG received up to $270 million in financial help from the city to build LA Live, a complex in downtown Los Angeles that is slated to include a 54-story hotel.

-The fundraiser at L.A. Live was co-hosted by Tim Leiweke, president and CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group, according to an invitation filed with the city’s Ethics Commission. 3 years ago, Villar supported AEG’s plan for building L.A. with roughly $270 million in city subsidies (ie. corporate welfareism that former Councilman Joel Wachs fought against for the AEG's Staples Center and won).

-Since Villaraigosa took office, AEG has given $485,000 in contributions to various mayoral initiatives, from a telephone tax measure on February’s ballot to Villaraigosa’s ill-fated effort to gain control of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Suprise....AEG gets a free ride on the backs of the taxpayers, if Villar has anything to say about it.

We all know Villar is a Celebrity whore, so the Jackson's are automatically, in the exclusive few circle, Villar probably has his head so far up Joe Jackson's ass, Joe can taste Brill Creme. I smell a free ride here (among other things). Wonder how much Campaign money they gave?

But if Villaraigosa thinks that his visual and verbal theatrics still can instill fear in politicians and the average citizen, then he better read and listen to the comments on the LA Times, his Twitter account, his FaceBook account, phone calls to his office, emails to his office, etc.
Im sure his refridgerator is even telling him the cabbages inside there are smarter than he is.

The new City Attorney, Trutanich, knows all too well the "ways" of Tony Villar-I wonder what he has to say.

Tony was overheard saying to his staff:
"no seas puto no le digas a nadie que hice trampa." (dont be puto, dont tell anyone I shated.)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pelosi says NO HOT MILK for Michael Jackson

A big "we're so sorry" goes out to Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. Seems she wants Resolution 600 passed so Michael Jackson can get some congressional love. MTV reported this to be a "proposal honoring the singer for his humanitarian efforts" during a lengthy, loving speech about the singer.

Mourning fans sharing their love for MJ is one thing. Passing a bill granting him sainthood is insane. He was horribly hooked on drugs they wouldn't give rhino caught in a bear trap, and left a corpse riddled in puncture marks tracked up and down his emaciated, frail, boney ass. Yeah, boney.

As great of an entertainer he was, why not just go make a fucking stamp, make some money for the government, then make his family pay for his 4-million dollar death party in Los Angeles and let his child-loving peter-pan fantasy lay to rest once and for all. His charity spoke for itself, let it go Sheila.

No further "higher" recognition is needed, and speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi was having none of it when she said: "contrary views that are not necessary at this time to be expressed in association with a resolution whose purpose is quite different," clearly referring to the syringe hanging off his arm that had injected his last dose of "Godzilla" anesthetic into his 96 pound frame and rumors that he was gulping down anywhere from 10 to 30 (depending on what reports you follow) per day.

Sheila Jackson Lee (no relation to Bruce Lee) is thus nominated for douche politician of the week.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Wheelchair Protesters of California

This from the SacBee a couple days ago...

"CHP cited fifteen protesters, most of them in wheelchairs, for blocking the hallway outside Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Capitol office Tuesday in protest of proposed cuts to health and social service programs.

The demonstrators were cited for trespassing and failure to disperse after they refused to leave when the building closed about 6:45 p.m. They were allowed to leave the Capitol without being taken to jail.

The protest, called People's Day of Reckoning, began about 1 p.m. Organizers said the event drew about 120 people at its height, but had dwindled to about 30 people before the arrests were made.

The protesters' wrath was aimed largely at Schwarzenegger, who has opposed increasing taxes and has proposed deeper cuts to the state's safety net than Democrats have supported thus far.

"Without this service," I'd be in a nursing home or an institution," Nick Feldman, a wheelchair-bound, 33-year-old Berkeley resident said of in-home support services for frail Californians that are targeted for budget cuts.

Some demonstrators carried signs with slogans such as "No More Cuts" and "Tax Big Oil." Nearly 20 of the protesters parked their wheelchairs in a giant semicircle to help block the first-floor hallway."

Okay, first of all, if you block access to public offices or demonstrate in public places you are subject to arrest. Wheelchairs or not-you dont get a free pass regarding this.

Secondly, Arnold is asking for there to be ACCOUNTABILITY with these in home health workers, such as fingerprinting, to aid in finding any fraud that may be happening, because California doesn't have the money to pay theives. Any questions? I haven't heard the word ELIMINATION of any disablity program(s)... But Im sure, Bass, Steinberg, Evans and the SEIU, are spreading this lie as a tactic to get what they want, as usual.

So, they get 10 million instead of 11 million dollars. Arnold is trying to stop that 1 Million in fraud from happening.

And, last...there is something very wrong with a disabled family member receiving SSI and Medi-Cal and another family member living under the same roof is being paid to care for the other.

Doesnt seem to me, after reading and researching, that Arnold (and Im no Arnold fan), is attempting to steal candy from a baby, he is attempting to get Sacramento spending in control and cut the fraud down which is costing taxpayers, including disabled people, billions.

Bass and company (especially the greedy ass Unions) don't want this to happen because that would mean less mula for them, and they certainly don't want us, "regular" type folk to figure out they're pitiful sneaky snakes who get votes by licking each others ass cracks. Too late Bass and friends, we know what you're up to. The jig is up.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You Want,Who, to Pay? LOL

Jackson’s memorial service comes at a tough financial time for the California City.

Last month when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championships, the city was unable to scrounge up enough cash for a victory parade, instead opting for a celebration at the Forum. Half of that $2 million tab was reportedly paid for by AEG Live.

3,200 officers were deployed to watch over the Jackson memorial, including Swat Teams. This was more than the city utilized for the 1984 Olympics. WTF? SWAT Teams? I guess they were afraid someone would steal his rotting body and play "Weekend At Bernies" with it or try to sell it on Ebay.

As a result, Ma-yor "Buffoon" Villar has asked MJ fans to give tax-deductible donations to the city of Los Angeles (the request attachment above was taken from his website) to help cover the roughly $3.8 million necessary to pay for the memorial service and all the security involved.

"The donations would help “the public safety resources needed to ensure his memorial remains safe, orderly and respectful,” the Mayor’s Office said.

Fans are asked to give money to a Paypal account established to help raise funds.
AEG Live who owns the Staples Center, decided that it would be okay for the family to use this venue for a memorial: AEG could have held a private memorial, but they chose to make it public even handed out free tickets.

So, why won't AEG and the Jackson Family pay? Why is Tony Villar begging for donations from us?

68 and we'll owe you one

California banks soon will stop accepting IOUs.

Are you shocked? Where is the budget Arnold promised on several occasions?

People are even selling the script on Ebay and Craigslist, reports the LA Times.

Meanwhile, California continues to throw scares into bondholders...

California is in a serious Mayday situation. And Karen Bass decides to boycott. Wake up Bass Mouth, boycotting the budget meetings won't solve anything. Boycott your barber.

It has now been 50 days since California was due (overdue, actually) to turn over a budget but all we hear are owls... hooo hooo hooo....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paris Hilton's New BFF

Karen "Sea" Bass is throwing a complete hissy and pouting in her office.
Let's see,on 6/29/09-she and her buddies passed increased taxes by using a sneaky way to get their stack of shit past the 2/3 majority rule and advised Arnold to "trust them" (Arnold told them to fuck off and veto'd this),
then, on 6/30/09- Karen and company went on radio to try to shame and guilt Arnold into doing things their way (Arnold basically told them they're gonna like his nuts and ignored this),
now, Karen is huffing and blowing around Sacramento with her lip all stuck out, slamming doors,comparing voters to terrorists and getting all Lindsay Lohan on Arnold.
Oh, I can just imagine Noreen Evans and Darrell Steinberg high fiving her.

From Cox news today:
"(Sacramento, CA) -- Assembly Speaker Karen Bass says she will boycott future Big Five budget meetings because the governor is not focused. Bass says the most important issue is to close the deficit first, and then discuss reforms. Bass criticized the governor for "moving the goal posts" and continuing to cling to unrelated demands. Governor Schwarzenegger has said he will not sign a budget package that does not address the entire deficit and the reforms he is wanting. The state budget gap has grown to more than 26-billion dollars and the state has begun paying its bills with IOUs."

What I haven't heard from her or any of the politicians is why unions and the money they get from Sacramento are not being addressed.
Seems to me that Karen and company are pandering to special interests while refusing to cut expenses and "live within their means"- you know, actually making use of tax money, sensibly.

If Arnold is willing to work to reduce cuts to the majority's preferred spending in exchange for some reforms, why isn't the speaker in there negotiating or arbitrating?

Karen and her friends are afraid to "reform"- because that would mean no more living in the way that they are accoustomed to, you know, like Karen being able to buy the BEST bologna for her fried bologna sandwiches that her cook, Olga from Sweden usually makes for her.

Bass was appointed by the government unions - they scraped up enough votes for her from legislators wanting union money. Bass was picked because she is a lightweight and easy to control. Her only contribution to the budget debate is, "give unions what they want"
She's the vice chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, she was the leader of the California African Americans for Obama and she is on Obama's African American Leadership Council. Can you imagine the screaming and yells of racism that would be taking place if a white male was in the same positions in groups with the same name but with the word 'white' in place of 'Black' or 'African'?

oh, this is worth a mention, not alot of people know this-I didnt until recently, when they say "cuts" that doesn't mean they are going to eliminate a program or take away money they already have.
This is exactly what they mean by "cuts": Your job decides, at one point to give you a raise-oh, maybe lets say, 4%, then decide, before giving you this, instead of the original 4% increase they need to decrease the amount, that you haven't gotten yet, to 2%, instead.

Karen, I wouldn't take another minute of this, you should resign.
go back to your real jobs as a prostitute.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

You didn't know it but, you are Wealthy

Of interest to all you managers of In and Out Burger, Yogurt shop owners, hair dressers, office workers, mechanics, etc.,
is that according to the state of California and, those pillars of society, Noreen Evans, Karen Bass and Darrell Steinberg, who demand more taxes cause you don't pay enough to cover all the welfare receipiants and illegal aliens,
if your salary is $47,056 or more per year, you get to pay the second highest income tax as a punishment for making such a high salary.
Dont worry, the highest of the high tax bracket doesn't kick in until you're at $1,000,001-whew. that was close, makes me feel alot better. (see the tax table below)

The tax table below will show in detail the California state income tax rates by income tax bracket(s). There are 7 income tax brackets for California. Income tax brackets data last updated March 3rd, 2009.

If your income range is between $0 and $7,168, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 1%.

If your income range is between $7,169 and $16,994, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 2%.

If your income range is between $16,995 and $26,821, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 4%.

If your income range is between $26,822 and $37,233, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 6%.

If your income range is between $37,234 and $47,055, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 8%.

If your income range is between $47,056 and $1,000,000, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 9.3%.

If your income range is $1,000,001 and over, your tax rate on every dollar of income earned is 10.3%.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Freak in Sacramental

Though, I've heard the idiot spew this before in written form, I've never seen her sitting in that wizard of oz chair, saying it...
actually SEEING it on video, made me gag and vomit in my mouth, at the same time.

I see she didn't wear her hat made of tin foil that day.

Whoops, my bad, I forgot to add her name to the story below regarding nutter butter politicians.

Wonder if she will be one of the guests at ChildMolester-palooza on Tuesday at the Staples center-look for the chick wearing a tube top, pink striped leotards,a rainbow afro wig and pushing her cat in a baby carriage-it might be her.

Consider her officially added to the list of Sacramental politicans needing a severe NUC- ing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grumpy old men...and women

This from a Sacramento Bee article today (my sides are hurting from laughing):

"Steinberg and Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, D–Los Angeles, essentially asked Schwarzenegger to trust them. They promised the governor on Tuesday that they would work with him in the next two months on his proposals to change state government permanently if he'd back their stopgap plan.

Their concern was not only triggering the IOUs, but also losing the opportunity to cut the 2008-09 education budget. The deficit grew by $2 billion overnight when Senate Republicans and Schwarzenegger blocked their education cuts.

After Steinberg blasted Schwarzenegger's stance Tuesday as possibly "the most irresponsible act I have seen in my 15 years of public service," Bass was incensed Wednesday.

"He broke it, he should fix it," Bass said curtly after a meeting with Schwarzenegger. "I have nothing else to say."

The governor showed little love for Democrats on Wednesday, either.

He said they wasted the month of June – and then he tried to embarrass lawmakers for debating a bill that would prevent the amputation of cow tails. The governor not only highlighted the bill at his news conference but had an aide shoot video of lawmakers testifying on cow tails Wednesday, which he posted on YouTube.

"Right now, in the midst of a budget crisis, they are debating about cow tails, and I think that this is inexcusable," Schwarzenegger said. "I mean, how do they explain this to the California people, that in the midst of the biggest budget crisis we are having a debate about cow tails?"

Steinberg said Wednesday that "there have not been any breakthroughs, but there's certainly an urgency, and it's obvious that sides have put their flagpole in the ground."

In the absence of good will between the governor and lawmakers, all the state may have left is the sense of urgency created by IOUs.

"There was a certain amount of denial," said Assemblyman Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber. "Reality should have hit May 19th (after the special election), but if it didn't, the second train just smashed through the Legislature last night. I hope that gets everybody's attention."

Democrats felt the same way about their Republican counterparts and particularly Schwarzenegger. Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Newark, said, "I hope the IOUs sober the governor up. He's going back to his old tricks, leveraging major policy changes into budget negotiations."

Karen "balding" Bass, according to her, "has nothing else to say"... really? you gonna shut your gaseous,lunatic hole? I'm crying. (in laughter)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quick, Get the Papers in Order.

California needs a conservator.
The people who are running the poor state now, are completely, m/m's missing from the bag, nutter butters.
I won't mention the obvious-Tony "Jethro" Villari-gag-ossa, who thinks he's Mayor McCheese , Karen "fuzzy top" Bass, who thinks she's the musilim ruler of the world and, just throwing this one in for shits and giggles, Michael Jackson's dad (love old guys who wear earrings) who thinks he's Bugsy Malone.

But here's more yummy shit flavored air directed at us in California:

Someone, from SEIU (Service Employees International Union), was spotted, wearing baggy old shorts, parading around Sacramento today with a sign "I Cant Make it, Tax Everybody" (see my photo below).

And, the bastard whore politician bats, get a tax free stip-end of $350-400 a day for leasing their car(s), all on taxpayer money, in case you didnt know.

They get a total of $36,000 a year, free and clear, above and beyond their salaries-that they use for "whatever" and they don't need to fill out expense sheets.

Why? What do they do? beside running the state into debt and demanding more taxes.
Whoops, a light just went on, this is why they demand more taxes. My ah ha moment. Guess you can say, they are crazy, like a fox.