Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paris Hilton's New BFF

Karen "Sea" Bass is throwing a complete hissy and pouting in her office.
Let's see,on 6/29/09-she and her buddies passed increased taxes by using a sneaky way to get their stack of shit past the 2/3 majority rule and advised Arnold to "trust them" (Arnold told them to fuck off and veto'd this),
then, on 6/30/09- Karen and company went on radio to try to shame and guilt Arnold into doing things their way (Arnold basically told them they're gonna like his nuts and ignored this),
now, Karen is huffing and blowing around Sacramento with her lip all stuck out, slamming doors,comparing voters to terrorists and getting all Lindsay Lohan on Arnold.
Oh, I can just imagine Noreen Evans and Darrell Steinberg high fiving her.

From Cox news today:
"(Sacramento, CA) -- Assembly Speaker Karen Bass says she will boycott future Big Five budget meetings because the governor is not focused. Bass says the most important issue is to close the deficit first, and then discuss reforms. Bass criticized the governor for "moving the goal posts" and continuing to cling to unrelated demands. Governor Schwarzenegger has said he will not sign a budget package that does not address the entire deficit and the reforms he is wanting. The state budget gap has grown to more than 26-billion dollars and the state has begun paying its bills with IOUs."

What I haven't heard from her or any of the politicians is why unions and the money they get from Sacramento are not being addressed.
Seems to me that Karen and company are pandering to special interests while refusing to cut expenses and "live within their means"- you know, actually making use of tax money, sensibly.

If Arnold is willing to work to reduce cuts to the majority's preferred spending in exchange for some reforms, why isn't the speaker in there negotiating or arbitrating?

Karen and her friends are afraid to "reform"- because that would mean no more living in the way that they are accoustomed to, you know, like Karen being able to buy the BEST bologna for her fried bologna sandwiches that her cook, Olga from Sweden usually makes for her.

Bass was appointed by the government unions - they scraped up enough votes for her from legislators wanting union money. Bass was picked because she is a lightweight and easy to control. Her only contribution to the budget debate is, "give unions what they want"
She's the vice chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, she was the leader of the California African Americans for Obama and she is on Obama's African American Leadership Council. Can you imagine the screaming and yells of racism that would be taking place if a white male was in the same positions in groups with the same name but with the word 'white' in place of 'Black' or 'African'?

oh, this is worth a mention, not alot of people know this-I didnt until recently, when they say "cuts" that doesn't mean they are going to eliminate a program or take away money they already have.
This is exactly what they mean by "cuts": Your job decides, at one point to give you a raise-oh, maybe lets say, 4%, then decide, before giving you this, instead of the original 4% increase they need to decrease the amount, that you haven't gotten yet, to 2%, instead.

Karen, I wouldn't take another minute of this, you should resign.
go back to your real jobs as a prostitute.

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