Sunday, February 5, 2012

ZD Helps "Outing" L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich

Our boy Zuma Dogg looks horrible these days. In a recent photo on his blog, the city's premier political truth-out agent of fear, has a long scraggly beard and is basically looking malnourished.  His twitter posts spark genuine concern whether this guy will make to December 21st.  Anyway, he currently works FOR YOU by helping spread stories of political corruption.  Most recently he elaborates on an L.A. Times article exposing the 2012 mayoral front-runner in the City of Angels.

Seems Trutanich is acting like a bitch, and recently in publicly naming his official sponsors, it came out that said sponsors were not even aware of their status as "sponsor" of Trutanich for Mayor of Los Angeles. In other words, there's some pissed off folks who are calling this fool out.

GO READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE.  (ZD also provides the link to complete LA Times article)

Carmen Trutanich, liar, thief, whore.