Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tony Villar Portrays To The City That He Is Really, Constipated

Is this the "look" that Mayor Tony Villar, was "born to raise hell" with ?? or does he need to poop? or is he just a puto? (spanish for male prostitute)

Ask Matt Szabo, (Tony's spokeshole), the Mayor bitched him out yesterday because of the website that he put up-calling it, "ridiculous". (Matt maintains/whines, the blog, begging people for donations to help pay for the MJ Memorial Concert, was the acting mayor's idea)

My favorite was Tony, "brain is optional", Villar's use of the word, "nonsensical", to arrogantly describe, how LA is a world class city and, with all the stubborness and anger of Al Bundy, proclaimed, that we (Angelenos) don't ask for payment for "funerals", announcing that if he died, we would have to pay for police etc, for the spectacular parade and service that will surely take place after his own demise. I dont see that as much of a problemo, Im sure since only 2 people would show to that-it wouldn't cost much. Did Villar just compare MJ with a political official? and a dumbass one, at that.

Hey, this "world Class City" is broke!

Obviously Villar said what he said, because he wanted to send a message to the exclusive few, proving to them, that their paid off buddy in City Hall still had their backs.

Comeon, lets do a little walking thru memory lane as we read how AEG paid to become one of those "exclusive few"-

From the archives of Mayor Villaraigosa's "Trolling For Dollars".

-$19,000 from executives and employees of Anschutz Entertainment Group (among other things, is the owner of The Regal Theaters, Examiner.com and brought David Beckham to the US). AEG received up to $270 million in financial help from the city to build LA Live, a complex in downtown Los Angeles that is slated to include a 54-story hotel.

-The fundraiser at L.A. Live was co-hosted by Tim Leiweke, president and CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group, according to an invitation filed with the city’s Ethics Commission. 3 years ago, Villar supported AEG’s plan for building L.A. with roughly $270 million in city subsidies (ie. corporate welfareism that former Councilman Joel Wachs fought against for the AEG's Staples Center and won).

-Since Villaraigosa took office, AEG has given $485,000 in contributions to various mayoral initiatives, from a telephone tax measure on February’s ballot to Villaraigosa’s ill-fated effort to gain control of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Suprise....AEG gets a free ride on the backs of the taxpayers, if Villar has anything to say about it.

We all know Villar is a Celebrity whore, so the Jackson's are automatically, in the exclusive few circle, Villar probably has his head so far up Joe Jackson's ass, Joe can taste Brill Creme. I smell a free ride here (among other things). Wonder how much Campaign money they gave?

But if Villaraigosa thinks that his visual and verbal theatrics still can instill fear in politicians and the average citizen, then he better read and listen to the comments on the LA Times, his Twitter account, his FaceBook account, phone calls to his office, emails to his office, etc.
Im sure his refridgerator is even telling him the cabbages inside there are smarter than he is.

The new City Attorney, Trutanich, knows all too well the "ways" of Tony Villar-I wonder what he has to say.

Tony was overheard saying to his staff:
"no seas puto no le digas a nadie que hice trampa." (dont be puto, dont tell anyone I shated.)

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