Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Manny, Moe, Jack and Company's New Deal for California

Here's your brilliant new budget-with absolutely no cuts in government spending(well, not absolutely, they did decide to do away with the Garbage Board-where old RETIRED incompentent,politicians, usually friends/family of legislators go to pick up a paycheck on the backs of us taxpayers), and there is borrowing as always (paying for a hamburger today and not worring about paying for it until Tuesday) enjoy.

Stay with me. Its boring but you need to know this.

(EXAMPLE OF A CUT -6 billion in cuts means if they were to receive 10 billion $ in august, they will now get 4 billion $ in august)

-- $6 billion from K-12 schools and community colleges over a two-year span.

-- Nearly $3 billion from the University of California and California State University systems. (Sen. Snivel, Mark Leno, is pissed about this, and cites some crazy rationale, what is wrong with this creep? other than the obvious)

-- $1.3 billion from Medi-Cal

-- $1.3 billion by retaining three unpaid furlough days per month for state workers.

-- $1.2 billion in unallocated cuts to the state Department of Corrections. Does not include Schwarzenegger's proposal to release some inmates early.

-- $528 million from CalWORKS, the state's welfare-to-work program, partly by increasing sanctions for families that fail to meet work requirements.

-- $124 million from Healthy Families. Lawmakers hope nonprofits, foundations and other groups can fill in some of the losses.

-- $226 million from the state's in-home supportive services program. Also includes Schwarzenegger's plans to require fingerprinting of caregivers and recipients, and would require caregivers to undergo background checks.

-- about $8 million from state parks, allowing the majority of state parks, beaches and attractions to stay open. Some parks are likely to close, however, based on popularity and use. (the water is being shut off and bathrooms are closed up in some of them already, they blame the furlough days-so be ready to stay sandy, stinky and if you cant hold it, pee in the grass)


-- Borrows about $2 billion from local governments' property tax revenue, money that would have to be repaid with interest in three years. (This pissed off the likes of Tony Villar so Arnold had to tell him "I will be back to repay this money to you in 3 years... and I will give you an autograph picture of myself)

-- $1 billion in redevelopment money from local governments.

-- $1 billion in transportation funding from local governments.

-- Speeds up collection of 2010 personal income and corporate taxes to bring in revenue earlier than anticipated. (huh? how? what? when?)

-- Sells off part of the State Compensation Insurance Fund, which the administration values at $1 billion. The fund is a quasi-governmental agency that is the state's largest writer of workers' compensation insurance

-- Allows limited expansion of oil drilling off the Santa Barbara coast, bringing in $100 million in the current fiscal year.

-- Eliminates the Integrated Waste Management Board and the Board of Geologists and Geophysicists, which Schwarzenegger had targeted as wasteful and unnecessary. (Yes )

-- Gives school districts the option of cutting the school year by five days. (Pot smokin teens everywhere are praying)

-- Defers state employee paychecks by one day for a paper savings of $1.2 billion, which has been criticized by some as a gimmick. Instead of being issued on June 30, 2010, the paychecks would be issued on July 1, the start of the 2010-11 fiscal year. (OMG)

-- Gives the governor authority to pursue the sale of about 10 state-owned buildings as a potential revenue source in future years, including the Orange County Fairgrounds, the Public Utilities Commission Building in San Francisco and the Ronald Reagan State Office Building in Los Angeles. (Big Firesale option)

-- Rejects Schwarzenegger's proposal for a surcharge on homeowner insurance policies to boost funding for emergency services. The surcharge would have averaged about $48 a year per homeowner. (Note how the sneaky bastard tried to tax homeowners with a SURCHARGE. dont trust em. watch these fuckers.)

Maybe this one will take this time and last longer than a month.

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