Thursday, July 23, 2009

Laughable Tony Villar, complaining and whining stating the budget needs to be thrown out, upset that Sacramento will be taking LA funds-declaring how unfair it is to do this on the backs of LA-this is concerning to this dumbass.

He wasn't very concerned about us being taxed. In fact,a few weeks ago, he said that we should be taxed. He's all for that.

Regarding his wanting the new budget to be thrown out and redone, due to him feeling it's unfair, Idiot, doesn't offer any ideas for a new budget. just tax us and leave LA alone. waa, waa.

Honestly, does anyone take this little brown munchkin seriously or is he just like the "No Cell Phone Useage in your Car" law, adopted 1/1/09, that has basically gone by the wasteside and ignored these days?

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