Friday, July 24, 2009

"And California's Still Standing" says douchebag

Senate leader Darrell Steinberg, D(ouchebag)-Sacramento really sounds proud of the newly passed budget that will hopefully plug up the massive butt leak that is otherwise known as the California economy.

Way to go, D to the A to the double R to the E to the double L.

The budget, which plans to shave off 60% of the budget by cutting a few useless things such as education, state parks and prisons. Ronald Reagan just called, he wants to grant kudos to the Republican efforts to force their opposition to decrease government's large arm being outstretched in places they don't need to be lurking.

But Darrell keeps whining. Just suck it up and move ahead.

Even Bigmouth Karen Bass had a jab or two, "This isn’t a budget we should be thrilled about, it’s not the kind of budget we should have but it ends the delay. It stops the pain being felt by Californians who have suffered because of the budget delay."

If you are not sure what the new budget entails, here is a decent breakdown of 25 of major areas of concentration.

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