Friday, July 17, 2009

Fire and Water-The Jacuzzi and Stogie Chronicles

OMG, Here is an example of some hand wringing by those pesky dems- Steinberg,"Buzz-Cut" Bass, Noreen Evans, etc., gossiping like a bunch of Yenta's to anyone who will listen to their diarrhea, that Arnold is making statements that he is going to lay in his jacuzzi and smoke a stogie-apparently, that kind of talk makes them want to make poopie in their pants, they want him to agree to wear black, refuse to eat and not bathe until a budget is passed.

Note how the laughable video (below) has somebody's dramatic voice narrating and shows bombed out classrooms from dowtown Bagdad with glass on the table tops and smoke billowing around, with Schwarzenegger portrayed as Mr Burns of the Simpsons. EGadz.
They left out a picture of a black bear busting into houses and fucking everyone in the ass.
Is there anyone going for this happy horsecrap?

As I said before, Im not affliated with a "political party", at last, I made a decent choice.


"we at the Courage Campaign commissioned this video, "Up in Smoke," from noted political video producers Truth and Hope. It plays off Arnold's notorious "jacuzzi and stogie" comment to inspire our members to take action and call the governor to demand the budget not be balanced on the backs of the poor and working families"

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