Friday, July 17, 2009

Bulldog goes after Boxer for racial liberalism

There is a point when being a eggshell tip-toeing liberal can really make an ass look like a genius by trying to be overly politically correct. This video is fun to watch because, as you will see, Black Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO Harry Alford, is foaming at the mouth ready to attack biatch Boxer and does a admirable job at checking her offer to reference the NAACP to support an energy bill. The only problem is she was quoting the NAACP resolution for "climate change" which was an out in left-field reference setup to try and build some sort of black coalition. Alford was having none of that.

Her "colored people study" just didn't seem to fit, and Senator Inhofe was not having any of it either.

Double woof-slap!

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merijoe said...

snap! who let the dogs out