Wednesday, July 8, 2009

You Want,Who, to Pay? LOL

Jackson’s memorial service comes at a tough financial time for the California City.

Last month when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championships, the city was unable to scrounge up enough cash for a victory parade, instead opting for a celebration at the Forum. Half of that $2 million tab was reportedly paid for by AEG Live.

3,200 officers were deployed to watch over the Jackson memorial, including Swat Teams. This was more than the city utilized for the 1984 Olympics. WTF? SWAT Teams? I guess they were afraid someone would steal his rotting body and play "Weekend At Bernies" with it or try to sell it on Ebay.

As a result, Ma-yor "Buffoon" Villar has asked MJ fans to give tax-deductible donations to the city of Los Angeles (the request attachment above was taken from his website) to help cover the roughly $3.8 million necessary to pay for the memorial service and all the security involved.

"The donations would help “the public safety resources needed to ensure his memorial remains safe, orderly and respectful,” the Mayor’s Office said.

Fans are asked to give money to a Paypal account established to help raise funds.
AEG Live who owns the Staples Center, decided that it would be okay for the family to use this venue for a memorial: AEG could have held a private memorial, but they chose to make it public even handed out free tickets.

So, why won't AEG and the Jackson Family pay? Why is Tony Villar begging for donations from us?


jsm said...

Kinda strange, right? The Michael Jackson Estate, after all is said and done, will make the Elvis estate look like chump change - in 25 years, when all the costs are gone all that will be left are future generations buying and downloading all the old Michael Jackson songs and memorabilia. Plus they are worth over a half-BILLION as it stands. YOU THINK those ungrateful fuckers could spring for the costs (a measly >4 million) or would it break the bank? NO! They want us to donate? It's really sick. Just ass-raping sickness. I love Michael's music, but I donated already when I purchased his early music. Call that an advance on his funeral costs.

jsm said...

hot milk.