Monday, July 20, 2009

So, You Want To Be Speaker Of The House...

In USA TODAY this morning:

"California leaders are hoping for agreement this week on how to plug a $26 billion hole in the state's budget that has prompted it to issue IOUs to cover government bills.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger postponed a Sunday night bargaining session with the top four legislative leaders.

Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear said the Republican governor delayed talks until Monday because Assembly Speaker Karen Bass wasn't available until late Sunday.

Bass spokeswoman Shannon Murphy said Bass, a Democrat, was ready for talks and blamed the delay on the governor: "The speaker feels they are close to an agreement and is eager to sit down with the governor."

Buzz Cut is huffing, blowing and snorting, that she doesn't have the luxury of having a private jet at her beckoned call, like Arnold does.

Evidently, the Nelson Mandela wannabe, Big Mouth Bass, was in Los Angeles instead of being in Sacramento. Probably smoking a stogie in her jacuzzi.

Hey, Fishface, since according to you, the passing of the budget is life or death for all the poor people, especially, in los angeles, just how long would it have taken you to have driven from Los Angeles to Sacramento?

Typical Karen/Darrell/Noreen tactic, if you can't get your way, and throwing tantrums or holding your breath, doesn't work, do what you want, then, cry, shit your pants and blame someone else.

That'll show us doody faces that you mean business!

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