Sunday, July 19, 2009

NUC: Quick 1,000

This site got to 1,000 visitors faster than any of my other personal blogs so that is very encouraging. Considering the amount of political chaos that is happening in the golden state of California, it would behoove the editors of this site to wait another minute and further delay relays of important breaking California political news, with insertion of colorful language.

But, in while we wait for tomorrow's Sac Bee, or latest Youtube of freaks who say "Stoooogggggiiiieee" when talking about our boy Benedict Arnold, make sure you readers take a quick peek at our links.

We will never ask you for any donations, but as many other sites like ours, we are fully integrated with Google adsense for a reason. Just click on one and if you don't like the ad, close the window and fo-get-abow-tit. This way, YOU, the reader have just done your civic duty and supported our venture. That is all it takes. Don't go to your Paypal account, don't whip out a credit card or pass your spare change, just click on our ads, which by the way, aren't all that bad. In fact I clicked on an ad for Douchebag Supreme, Gavin Newsome and had some good laughs because his site had some pictures of him with his whore girlfriend I would not have found elsewhere. Goes to show you that even Harvard produces some pure filthy trash too. Ahh, I feel better already.

Thank you for visiting the site, and remember, a click on our ads won't rape your computer with pop-ups or viruses and they will save the site in the end.


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