Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Actual Signed Budget Leaves Karen & Co Pissed

Buzz Cut Bass, is going oragatang and just about flinging poo from her ass because of the additions added to balance the budget, by Arnold. Not because she cares, everyone, she doesnt, she's upset because it cuts into HER money. HER purse. HER bank account. HER luxuries.

Arnold cut some of monies for some programs including, Welfare, Healthy Families, Medi-cal eligibility, Child abuse investigation by the County (they didnt do the greatest job even with more money, just ask about that kid whose stepfather beat him to death-child welfare had been called many times before that happened-but they did nothing)

Yeah, the people that these cuts will effect will be the poor. Will this effect middle class or rich? probably not.
Who gets these services? middle class, rich people or the poor?

Middle class and rich just get taxed, and get nothing for it.

Oh, BTW, Crazy Karen is consulting with legal to see if Arnold's cuts are legal or if she can sue.

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