Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Estrogen Monalogues

So now the whining fuck-tards of the Democrat persuation, are trying to shame Arnold into passing their budget ideas/taxes

This from Noreen Evans Blog-californiabudget.blogspot.com:
Monday, June 29, 2009
No Plan B, Governor?
"The Assembly passed three bills providing cash solutions to keep the state from issuing IOUs on July 2. Republicans in the Senate still refuse to support these solutions, which means that we will lose over $3 billion. We have 30 hours until California faces financial ruin. These are disappointing developments. The governor himself has imposed a July 1 deadline for passing a budget revision, yet he continues to throw roadblocks in our way."

And Karen "blowfish" Bass is heard on sound bites today saying:

"For the governor or anyone to reject these solutions and to exploit the crisis for political gain or to get unrelated reforms or pet projects would really be the moral equivalent of hijacking a am-ba-lance,"

Makes me want to start a line of VooDoo dolls and Booble heads in their likenessess.

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