Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If you N.U.C., you are a terrorist, says Buzzcut Bass

If you like Numero Uno Comedy, you don't like getting fucked with by YOUR politicians! You don't like to pay MORE taxes on your cars, your ciggies, your farts, your ear wax, your diamond studded boat you call "Numero Jubilee", you don't like it when asshole politicians, especially from your OWN state try to stymie your FREEDOM OF SPEECH rights! So we say N.U.C. em all!

So who else but the L.fuckin'.A. Times would be more suited to print their interview with Karen "Buzzcut" Bass this weekend in a style that reads like a drama that takes itself so seriously, it becomes a parody of itself... by accident. Yeah, I love those types of movies.

So when she refers to "conservative" talk radio... I think I know who she may have had in mind... here's a quote...

Q: How do you think conservative talk radio has affected the Legislature's work?

A: The Republicans were essentially threatened and terrorized against voting for revenue. Now [some] are facing recalls. They operate under a terrorist threat: "You vote for revenue and your career is over." I don't know why we allow that kind of terrorism to exist. I guess it's about free speech, but it's extremely unfair.

Clearly, she is calling KFI radio hosts John and Ken terrorists. John and Ken -who have claimed and shouted for years that they are not Conservatives or Republicans.

They have a "different" way of making their point, but I have never considered them to be "terrorists" (A person engaging in planning and execution of heinous acts intended to kill innocent people)-

Recalling an elected official is to her considered a "terrorist" act,(so anyone, not just "conservative radio" who takes part in recall actions is a terriorist in her mind)-
I consider recalling a political official "holding them accountable for their actions, and if they dont-get them out of office"

Heres something I had a feeling, Pirana or is it... Bass, and company, don't get: You and all the elected officials work for me.

My vote got you in office, and, my vote can get your ass out of office, so,you do need to be held accountable for everything you say and do while you are my government representative, you arrogant douche,you, or you will possibly be ousted out of office.

And by the way, since John and Ken aren't called out by name in her deplorable interview on saturday,in her opinion, ALL CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO is considered to be terrorists.

It seems to me she wants a California that is only obedient to her Nazi propoganda and will goosestep and Ya Voll her all the way to the ballot box and beyond.
If not, we are ALL considered "terrorists".
If it weren't for John and Ken or so called "conservative radio", I wouldn't know all the sneakery going on in Sacramento, and,
That's the point that's really got her knickers in a knot. Knowledge is power. Not according to Karen "Flounder" Bass, the opportunist.

Anthony Adams is up for recall because he was one of the turncoat republicans who voted for taxes in februrary-his office was called yesterday- his Chief of Staff, Bill Gatlin clearly stated, "Anthony Adams did NOT feel terrorized by John and Ken" and from my knowledge no one was standing next to Gatlin with a gun to his temple making him say that.

I don't want to steal any thunder from Brian Suites, today's DJ who was sitting in for the regular hosts of the Tax Revolt hour on KFI weekday afternoons from 3-7pm, (Go to KFI.com for a live stream) he was on the air today going over all of this in detail and offering his phone time to Bass for an explaining of what it all meant, but I don't think he ever got that call (I missed the rest of the show, so maybe I'm wrong).

Anyway, Suites read a really good blog post by Chris Reed who just seems as fed up as we are (only he types MUCH faster) at N.U.C.

Merijoe, the "other" blogger on this site even jumped on Chris' blog and dropped the kids off at the pool in the comment section:

The queen of the douchebags crawls out of her cave to speak. who takes that laughing stock seriously these days? She and her friend, Run DM Steinberg show up to freaking budget meetings wearing masks and holding chainsaws, and passing tax increases thinking they can get their agenda passed with a majority vote only and arent subject to the 2/3 vote.

If everyone voted her way, and J/K promoted her way, then they wouldnt be called terrorists.

J/K are doing something right and Big Mouth Bass can go to hell along with her tax increases or revenues or whatever she calls them these days. There is a nice warm place waiting for her.
Posted by: merijoe at June 29, 2009 03:28 PM

Hey, you don't have to threaten the lady any more than she already feels threatened by people who just simply have a difference of opinion, man. Reminding her of hell will only cement her theory that you might actually be a "terrorist"!

This big fish is constantly putting down voters in her "clever" politician ways. Ways that if you don't read, and don't get, you will get harpooned in the ass with a tax burden. She'll put you down for not understanding the rules as SHE knows them. You "terrorists" are the ones who rally against her riddler-esque PROP.A. You are the people she does not want to carry influential information to more people... so on and so forth.

When does all of this just get SO transparent? When people understand what is and what is NOT a state-given right... what exactly are their constitutional rights... and right now, the clock is ticking on some rescinding.

Yes, Bass, you moron- Republicans who vote for taxes will be recalled, and you nuty whale eyes, like you are next on the radar.
Hey look, Im an infidel and Im not even on radio.

The "terrorism" remark makes presumption that conservative talk-radio are the only reason there is anti-tax sentiment in California. Hey Douchebagget: Voters of all parties don't like tax hikes. Measure 1A failed in San Francisco too.

And, hey Karen, you caring socialist, aren't you the one who went along with blatantly dishonest ballot language on Prop. 1A hiding its $16 billion in new taxes,
who lets union leaders write legislation so it prevents fraud from being investigated in huge programs staffed by private union members?

whose party blocked attempts to make it easier for needy families to use the Internet to sign their kids up for free state health care because it might have led to the loss of jobs for clerks in county welfare offices?

whose party has blocked almost every last single education reform over the past decade except the one -- classroom-size reduction -- that vastly increased the size of the California Teachers Association. (And hasn't worked.)?

whose party blocked attempts to stop sleazy lawyers from extorting small businesses, especially those run by minorities with poor English skills, with nuisance lawsuits alleging violations of trivial state rules?

So now she and her party of Douchebags (including Noreen Evans) are trying to shame Schwarzenegger into doing their bidding, yes, I've heard some of the sound bits from newsconferences charging Arnold of making unreasonable demands (by saying no to taxes)

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