Monday, June 29, 2009

Those Pesky, Lowlife Dems

I was looking at the Bloomberg report this morning and there is a story about how this weekend in session:

"The Assembly passed a $23 billion package of tax increases, spending cuts and accounting maneuvers by a simple majority rather than the required two-thirds vote. The Democrats argued that the tax bills needed only a simple majority because they cut some taxes, while increasing others in equal amount and raised fees that don’t require the two-thirds approval requirement."

Oh, that must be the cuts they've been bragging about-but no one knew about.
Cut some taxes in order to raise others, but they must be in equal value...(And,how does that help the budget, you ask? read on for their dirty, underhanded agenda)

So, what I am hearing is, Chainsaw Steinberg, Karen Big Mouth Bass and the others dragged their asses into session yesterday (of which they get paid time and a half for) passed a $1.50 increase on tobacco, something like a 3.3% tax on oil production and a $15 additional increase on car registration with just a majority vote with the contention that, "we cut/eliminated the 12 cent a gallon gas tax in February so, because of that, all we need is a majority vote for these increases", then, before the majority vote was tallied, the sneaky snakes wrote in a 12 cent a gallon gas FEE. (didnt use the word TAX, so they figured it would fly, but its exactly the same thing as a tax and everyone knows that)-hows that for the government representation that you keep voting in office?

Schwarzenegger states he will veto this when it comes across his desk. Oh,yes he did. Dang-whats up with Arnold? he is definitely a flip flopper-isnt he?

Anyway, Put that in your pipe and smoke it for 1.50 more if the dems have their way.

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